Sonny and Brenda Always: Campaign Project

Our friend, Sylvia has a great idea to send a scrapbook to TPTB. (The scrapbook shown was a gift to Maurice & Vanessa last year)

She would like to receive 100+ letters (paragraphs, images or quotes) from S&Bers to put into her scrapbook to show TPTB why and how much we LOVE Sonny and Brenda.

Her email for this project is:

Let’s make this work and get as many letters together as possible. You don’t have to write something long and drawn out, it can be something simple as:

Sonny and Brenda Always (hehe, use of campaign slogan)
and underneath and awesome picture of our couple.

Or you could list some of your favorite quotes.

Or you could write out your favorite scene…

Or if you make art, make a beautiful banner for TPTB.

Just do something and participate however you can in making our New Year Wish come true..


Let’s do THIS!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro


One response

  1. “You know to this day I’ll be walkin’ by her billboard and see some guy staring up at her and I’m thinkin’ this guy’s an idiot..w-what does he know?..he’s doesn’t even have a clue to how beautiful she really is, not even Jax knows..only me.” S

    Why settle for the spark when you can set the whole world on fire? S

    “We were something else together you know, we were like a force of nature” B

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