S&B: The Trust Issue


A lot of water has flowed underneath that Sonny and Brenda bridge. Both have hurt the other and have done so numerous times. Both have been left in the rain, figuratively and literally. They have both come back together more than once because of their deep love and friendship. 

How can they find their way together this time if Brenda comes home?

I have mulled this over and over. How can the writers repair the damage that was done in July? Brenda left on a plane with Alec and Jax. Jax has been back about 3 times. Obviously they are not together. Jax is loyal and wouldn’t leave Brenda if they were together. If they were together, they would have sued Carly for custody of Jossyln. Thank goodness they are not. We also know that Diane saw Brenda, dressed beautifully, in bright colors and was positively glowing, which means Brenda was happy & feeling good about something.

My dream reunion:

S&B see each other on the docks, baby in Brenda’s arms, Alec holding her hand and Sonny just can’t believe his eyes. Kate falls off the dock when Sonny pushes her out-of-the-way as to get a better look at his beloved, Brenda. Then all the hurt of the past year melts away between them and they come together for a family group hug and a sweet, hot, longing  kiss. Oh, and by the way, this happens on their anniversary where they decide to renew their vows on the spot. Kate perishes in the cold, icy water. Coleman fishes her out, mourns then uses her as a huge ice-cube in his beer cooler. S&B go home, restart their lives and plan to move to Positano.  Ok, so I’m grasping. A girl can hope, can’t she? heheh 

Ok, reality…. I just hope that when they do come together, it is done with thought, respect and love. They deserve a great conversation. They deserve some intimacy and they deserve some time to rediscover each other. It needs to be very thoughtful. Get everything out on the table, deal with hurt feelings & honesty, move past it and make up. I also hope that when they DO make up, we have a fantastically gorgeous, passionate and amazing love scene… 90’s style. I’d like a kiss that rivals the Alley Kiss and a love scene that shows everyone what chemistry really is. I also hope that Sonny accepts Alec and maybe there’s a S&Bbaby. But, I’m ok with no baby. I really just want S&B together at this point.

I’m not sure how so many hurts can be healed between S&B right away, though. Both were so hurt when Brenda went away. Sonny choose Carly over Brenda. In return, Brenda choose herself and her child. Now they must set aside some of the hurt and communicate with one another and allow the water to flow and the bridge to be rebuilt. Luckily this is a tv show and that bridge is very likely to be rebuilt after a few days or so of true angst.

Real life is so different when trust is broken. In so may cases it can’t be repaired. Thank goodness this is tv and a soap opera. I can suspend belief for a bit and watch my S&B do their dance, heal the hurt and build something new, stronger and better between them.

We have so much hope that Vanessa/Brenda will be back. We project into the future and get excited very easily. We get somewhat past our trust issue with GH in hopes for a better outcome. We get set up quite a bit when it comes to a S&B happy ending. But, because we believe we are willing to give them another shot at getting the story right.

Let’s all hope for Brenda to come home, pray that Vanessa is healing & feeling better, the writing gets better and they respect the true history of the show.

TTFN xoxo~Ro



6 responses

  1. RO! I loved this!!!! Crying and laughing at the same time. Crying in the hopes of a reunion and laughing about the Kate stuff. xoxo, Julia (SnB Corinthos).

  2. i want to see sonny and brenda together they have alot of chemistry together and they are missed on gh alot, they belong together big time, we as fans of them we love them together. so please bring our brenda back and with sonny, sonny and brenda together and always and forever. sonny will always have brendas heart, and the same for brenda to she will always have sonnys heart.

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