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Soaps have always been a big part of my life. While growing up I was enthralled in the glamour, adventure, love and backstabbers galore. Luke and Laura, Frisco and Felicia, Lucy and Doc, Erica Kane and any of her husbands, Angie and Jessie, Nina and Cliff, Trisha and Trucker (Loving), Ryan and Rick (Ryan’s Hope), Jake and Megan and on and on… I was captured by the complete essence of each show and their fantastic couples. Some couples and characters were created to just be them against the whole world, while others schemed to blow their worlds to smithereens.

I, at one time, I think it was junior and senior years of high school, wrote my own soap opera. It took up 6 or 7 notebooks, I wrote everything long hand. It was called “Beach Town” and it was such fun to create my characters, especially from a 17 year old’s point of view. It was about high school kids, kind of like 90210 but before 90210 ever aired. I wish I had those notebooks now! My dad had renovated our house and somehow all my wonderful stories wound up in a dumpster in the driveway and now is probably dust at the bottom of a landfill somewhere. It’s too bad… I’d love to read what I had written so long ago, when I was still somewhat innocent and not jaded by what has happened to the genre. I wish while I had my head buried in those notebooks, someone, a teacher or parent, anyone, would have pointed me in the direction of writing. It’s a shame they didn’t. I would have loved to have followed my passion for writing long ago, instead of trying to make time that I just don’t have to squeeze out a few words here and there. But, alas, everything happens for a reason and it’s all ok. Opportunities happen at every turn, it’s all about what you make of your journey and where you ultimately want to go. We’ll see where my path takes me, but I do know where ever that may be, it will be a fantastic adventure!

Life sometimes is like a soap opera. Things happen, road changes course, families begin and families end. But, there’s always opportunity for a brand new day, a brand new beginning. That is the beauty of life, even when things are bleak, not going your way, remember this; you are the writer of your very own life. You choose the amazing experiences and the path to take. Everything is a choice, even when it goes sour, you chose how it the story would twist and turn. It is also within your power to change the course at any time.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what my rambling has to do with Sonny and Brenda… Well, actually, it doesn’t, well maybe a little in a round-about way.  It’s more about GH.

The writers, our new headwriter, whom I love, I feel is doing an amazing job with what he has inherited. The show has been screwed up and awful for quite some time. It will take some time for them to get it back on track, soapy, crazy and wonderful again. There are things I absolutely LOVE and things I’m not crazy about but that’s ok. The good for me outweighs the bad right now.

Am I thrilled with every aspect about Robin’s demise? No, BUT, I am so, so thankful that the door is left open to Kimberly if she chooses to return, even for a day. That is a gift! If the other writer, GW, had his way and could complete the tale, Robin would have died of AIDS. Thank goodness she didn’t succumb to that deadly disease! I just like that Jason, Finola, John and soon, Tristan and Emma will have such amazing, meaty material to work with. Finally!

I’ll say it, I want Brenda back. I’d like her to be mentioned and called about Robin’s death. I’d like her to come home for the funeral. Personally, I’d like her to shove Kate off the dock into the water, followed by Carly. But, right now, I’ll take what I can and pray the writers choose a creative, interesting path that keeps us tuning in each day. I am excited to be excited about this show again. It’s my only one. I support the cast, crew and the writers. I think they can make this show into the crazy, wonderful, goodness I remember so fondly. I hope somehow, GH can slide into the 2pm EST time slot and really have a go at getting the ratings and TPTB see our loyalty and devotion.

I want my Sonny and Brenda together. I want AMAZING things written for the couple I fell in love with and have loved for 18 years and counting now! I want my friends online and off to be excited for GH and to see their beloved S&B again. I dislike being stabbed in the back by the writing and false leads. I want the real deal. I hope RC can deliver and make the show come to life and bounce into our hearts and minds again in a positive way.

Positivity is such a huge part of what makes me, me. I am a hopeful, positive, trusting person. My trust has been broken in many ways, but that positive person inside me always looks to re-trust and fix things. I hope our show gets better. I hope that some young girl in high school, who loves to write is recognized and pushed in the right direction for her… and that her soul gets fed with the passion she feels when she writes a kick-ass story!

I will always seek the good, faithful, hopeful and loyalty in people, no matter what. Growing up with all my stories and characters taught me a lot. Taught me about being creative, smart, loyal, happy and passionate. For me, it always comes back to how the stories are told and how the characters exude their electricity from the studio sets and into our homes. Those things create a powerful tale, but if one of those things are missing, the story is boring, falls flat and people tune out. No matter how powerful & amazing the cast happens to be, the story behind them needs to be equally amazing, smart and passionate.

I miss All My Children and One Life to Live tremendously. They were my companions through my days, even if they were just on and I just listened while I did work. I miss the voices and the familiar tales that were once told. The history was amazing and rich… To bad it wasn’t ever valued by TPTB. It should have been.

Our lives are woven around as a soap opera is written. Maybe not as over the top as some of them are but I bet if each one of you examined your lives, you could pick out at least ONE soap opera moment. Everyone has them… I, for one, have several gorgeous and not so gorgeous moments in my history that would be soap worthy. Some hilarious, some passionate, some sad & heartbreaking and some just CRAZY!! But, it’s all good! It’s life and it is wonderful.

Have a sublime Sunday, full of everything fun and soapy…

TTFN xoxo~Ro 🙂 ❤


2 responses

  1. Awesome post, Ro! You always find a way to say what I’m already thinking. I’m excited about the new stories and new/old characters returning to GH. I hope that VMG’s new work conflict means that she is returning to her role as BBC, but I will continue to watch with or without her and give the new-powers-that-be a chance to turn things around. Don’t even get me started on the soapy moments of my life history! I hope someday we can all meet in person and maybe we’ll share some of our own stories 🙂

    • the only one that belongs with sonny is brenda they are my fav couple on gh i sure hope that brenda comes back as of right now to sonny sure needs her right now, just please give them a really good storyline together to, i sure miss sonny and brenda alot just like every one else does, have them be married and always and forever and be happy raising brendas son together to.

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