Robin’s Death

“Hi! I’m Robin!”

I remember the very first time I saw Robin I was about 12 years old. I could not believe how cute she was with her brown curly hair, big brown eyes and how she just fit in without missing a beat on GH! I loved how Kimberly just worked with Tristan, Emma and eventually Finola.. So naturally, as if she truly belonged to these people. I watched this little spitfire grow up into a beautiful woman, poised, graceful, smart and respected by her peers.

One of the best parts of the character of Robin is the fact she was never recast, never replaced, always original recipe. For a soap opera character, that is amazing! The history Kimberly carries, as Robin, is a treasure trove of the very rich past she has had on the show. Not many people can carry all those memories with them of a show that has gone through many transitions, on-screen and behind the scenes!

The death of the character of Robin Scorpio-Drake was a turning point in the show. It marked the end of one regime; Kimberly’s exit was being planned for quite some time; and the beginning of another. Originally, Robin was to die of AIDS. Lisa had changed Robin’s meds and the cocktail was no longer working. That was what GW & his team wanted for Robin. But, when RC & crew took over, things were changed for Robin’s fate. Robin’s meds were working again, she was happy and healthy. She was working on a new drug protocol for Jason. Unfortunately, due to interruptions and a mistaken flip of a switch by Maxie, a tragedy occurred in the lab Robin was working in. Patrick had passed out because of escaping fumes and also knocked something over as he stumbled and fell. Robin came upon him and pulled him out of the room. Patrick came to and Robin told him she loved him before she ran back into the lab to rescue Jason’s completed protocol. Unfortunately, the door locked behind Robin, to contain the fumes and any fire that may happen with Robin, stuck in that room. We had a tearful goodbye between Robin and Patrick before Robin was overcome by the fumes, smoke and eventually, the fire.

We never saw Robin’s charred remains. We don’t know what happened in the few moments the room was filled with smoke. There could have been a switch of some sort. Maybe our brave, heroine is still alive somewhere, being held hostage by an enemy of her parents or maybe it’s someone else…

All I know is this, since Robin died, we have had amazing, powerhouse scenes from Anna, Robert, Mac, Sonny and, of course, Patrick. They have done amazing work with those fall out scenes! Finola, Tristan, John, Maurice and Jason have played their bereavement very realistically and their interactions have been as if they’ve worked together daily for the past 10 years. Bravo to the cast!

I did wish someone would have brought up Brenda in all of this, but I understand, this is not a Sonny and Brenda story. this is about Robin and her family. I hope at some point Brenda’s name is brought up, even just to say that someone spoke to her off-screen.

I have hope in my heart that in a few months, our Robin will be found, safe and sound… somewhere.. Maybe being held by Faison? Maybe Casey the Alien needed her again? Hehe, who knows… But what I do know is that Kimberly is an amazing spirit and will be missed tremendously by all of us who have loved her and the character of Robin, whom she brought to life all those years ago.

Thank you, Kimberly for all your amazing years. Thank you for helping to keep Robin true to her character. Good luck on your new ventures, good luck with your future! I know you will do great!

TTFN xoxo~Ro


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