L.A. Bound!!

Finally, the time has come and on Wednesday, I’m joining a #Team of S&Bers for a fantastic, whirlwind trip to L.A.!! We are going on a set tour and having a few days together! I’ll be full of stories, a recap and tons of pictures next week for you all to enjoy… I also have a stow-away with me and her name is Alberta Wubs! You may know her if you ever check out the Wub Queen’s web page: http://wubtub.blogspot.com/ Be sure to click on her spoiler page and hit one of the ads, you needn’t buy anything…. Just so you know, Karen is giving proceeds to Gagoo Jammies this month.

ANYWAY… Goin’ to L.A. and I’d like to thank you all for helping me out in going… It never would have happened without you all helping me. I really appreciate it and I will do my absolute best to absorb everything and share every moment with you. Love you all… xoxox

I hope Robin’s funeral is written with respect of history , compassion for the fans and gives everyone a sense of closure or maybe will open up a new storyline for the future. This may not be an ending of sorts, but may be a new beginning that may lead us to a happy ending down the road. You all know me, I’m an eternal optimist…

Have fun this week, I’m sure I’ll tweet some….

TTFN xoxo~Ro


One response

  1. the only one that does belong with sonny is brenda for ever and always together and married to. brenda needs to come back on gh to big time now it would be so great to see her with sonny right now to. they have so much chemistry together. sonny really does need her right now to. i sure hope that sonny will call her and tell her to about robin this sucks not seeing robin any more now, i sure hope that some one can be there for patrick to his father has to stay and be with him to.

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