#TeamLA part 1

My journey this time started with a DM on Twitter from my friend Sue, who asked me if I’d like to come back to L.A. for a GH set tour. It was a very early Sunday morning and I didn’t hesitate with my response, it was an immediate “EEEEEEEEEE and YES!!” I then embarked on raising the funds so I could go and because of my #Team and many of you, I was able to join 14 of my friends, who are now like sisters to me, on a trip of a lifetime. I cannot even properly express my gratitude to any of you who helped me go. I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. It was an incredible few days and my memories will last forever. xo

Our road was not always easy but looking back on it, with everything we went through to get there, we had fun planning, the time flew by and we bonded in a unbelievable way. I also realized through these past 5-6 months that no matter how you plan and want things to go, things rarely work out that way, especially when 15 people are involved! But, everything happens for a reason, even if we are never to know or understand the reasons behind things.  Our trip was worth it in so many different ways. It was amazing!

I decided that I would only be gone 4 days. 2 days of travel and 2 days there. I’m never in LA long enough to REALLY experience it or even see any of the touristy things. But, it’s all good. I’m usually on a mission! Because of all my work with the board, twitter and my blog, it almost feels like a business trip. Weird, but true!  

Almost 2 weeks ago I received a package in the mail, a very precious package mind you, from my friend, Karen. You all may know her as The Wub Queen, @Wubsnet or maybe just Wubs. http://wubtub.blogspot.com/  I opened the box to find a marvelous lobster, named Alberta, who has had many GH adventures in the past. My trip was finally becoming real now that my travelling companion arrived!

My husband took the week off from work and his parents arrived from North Carolina on the Sunday before I left for reinforcements. You know, some men just can’t be alone for too long with their own kids… Makes me wonder how I survive some of my endless days.. Oh well! Anyway, everything was falling into place and I just had to pack. I took a few shirts and pants along with me and packed a small duffel bag. Ready to go!

I left Newark Airport at 10:30 am on Wednesday, March 14 and flew across country, very few clouds in the sky that day. I could see land almost the whole way! Crazy, right? It was really quite surreal to see all that I did along my way. Almost always when I get to travel,  it’s cloudy and there’s some sort of weather everywhere or it’s dark.

I landed 30 minutes early and met Samara at LAX. We had met one other time at Vanessa’s FCW Gagoo Bash over the summer. Can I just tell you all this, I absolutely ADORE all my girls. I just LOVE them and I felt that way BEFORE I met them.. So, anyway, before I continue the love fest, Samara and I got to her rental car and drove to  Hollywood where our hotel was located. I had stayed at the same hotel last summer http://www.ramadaweho.com/.

We met up with some of our friends who arrived earlier or just after us and drank some wine in our room. The energy of everyone, all my Twitter friends (well, not all.. I think we’d all fill the hotel and maybe a second one if ALL my Twitter friends were there, hehe… We should try that one day!) had a fantastic time getting to know each other in person. One of the BEST things was the fact we did know so much about each other and we behaved as if we were all old friends who get together once or twice a year. I suppose it’s the same type of feeling sorority sisters must feel when they get together. Also, I must say it is quite exhilarating to be with a group of people and talk about GH/S&B from morning until night and all over again the next day with not one person rolling their eyes or having their eyes glaze over due to the subject! Yes, we spoke about other things, too but somehow, we always got back to GH and of course, our FAVORITE topic, S&B. ❤

We all went out for dinner to http://www.srrestaurants.com/sunset Saddle Ranch Chop House, where after many drinks and celebrating Britni’s birthday, both Melissa and Britni rode the bull. hahaha… This bull was featured in Desperate Housewives and in Sex and the City. Our Twitter friend, Michelle, aka, @Dimplesfan, lives out there so she met us out! It was really great to see her again, too. We all had an amazing time together!  I must say, those two on the bull had to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life! Well, ok, there is something funnier, actually and I’d have to say it would be about my friend Melissa and her crazy bangs. FYI, they are removable and hysterical. Someone famous we met during our trip even wore them! haha

I must tell you all about my girls! They are all unbelievably beautiful, smart, very funny, creative and just simply amazing! They just blew my mind with how incredible they all are. You know, we all get to know each other through the gift of Twitter but, to be with everyone in person is special for sure. I hope each one of them knows how much I love them and appreciate the time we spent together. I look forward to seeing them all again! I will never, ever forget our time together and cannot imagine experiencing what we did with anyone else. We worked very well together as a huge group and it was great!! So proud of every one and very honored to call them my friends. xo

I bet you’re wondering when I’ll get to the “good” stuff.. Don’t worry, it’s coming. You always have to start somewhere and I chose the beginning. Sometimes it’s really good to look back to see where you’ve been so you can see how far you’ve really come, especially after just a few days of mind-blowing experiences!

Tomorrow’s blog will be all about:

TTFN xoxo~Ro


#TeamLA consists of: Nikki, Mandy, Benal, Sylvia, Amanda, Melissa, Rachel, Samara, Sue, Anna, Michelle, Lisa, Julie, Britni and me. 🙂

I will also put up our pictures through out the blog(s) and in a separate just pictures post later in the week. 🙂


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  1. sonny and brenda are really missed on gh alot together and married to, they belong together and forever and always. they have alot of chemistry together alot more than kate has with him now, brenda needs to just come back right now to it would be so great to see her back with sonny to, the only one who will always have sonnys heart is brenda and the same with brenda, will always have sonnys heart big time

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