SKater’s Paradise!!!

 made a HUGE decision and we’ve weighed this very heavily for the past few days.

As of today, The S&B Haven will become SKater’s Paradise.

The reasons we have are these….

SKate ROCKS (Have you seen their connection? WOW)! SKate brings in AWESOME ratings (ok, they are working on this), SKate are ENDGAME and SKate are LOVE. SO AMAZING!!! We are LOVING SKate and SCONNIE!

We know some of you are confused and have questions but, we assure you, this is the right direction for all S&Bers! We hop on the bandwagon, we toot the horns of others who have tried in vein to get us to come over to their dark side and we have some fun! Maybe take up some trumpet lessons or learn to ice skate this year! It will be FAB!

Sonny has inspired us tremendously to just go with the flow and take whoever comes our way and change the board as he changes true loves! Why not? We keep hearing about how Kate came first, so now we can honor that!

It will be great! We can campaign and gush over the hotness! Which character do you like best? Connie or Kate? Who do you think Sonny would love more? Safe Kate or WILD Connie? Should Sonny persue the trumpet again or take more ice skating lessons? These are things we can discuss on the board in GREAT detail! I can’t wait!!!




Still with me?……….






Don’t worry, everything will remain the same…This was a JOKE…. The Sonny and Brenda Haven will continue for as long as you all are still interested in our beautiful couple and for as long as you all wish to talk about them, remember them and gush about their chemistry. We will never, ever become any type of SKate anything. Happy April Fool’s Day a day early and we hope we didn’t give anyone a heart attack! 🙂

TTFN xoxo~Ro and Lo…. #RoLoForever


hahhahahahhahahha… We know it was not nice but we couldn’t resist! hahahhahahhaha


16 responses

  1. PLEASE DO NOT EEEEEEEEEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Almost gave me a freakin’ heart attack there. Seriously, I was about to withdrawal my subscription.

      • i sure do hope that brenda comes back soon on gh big time, we all miss our fav couple on gh sonny and brenda together and married and happy with a good storyline to. sonny and brenda togther and forever and always. sonny will always have brendas heart big time. and brenda will always have sonnys heart to, so we hope that brenda comes back soon

  2. You crack me up, Ro! You almost had me breaking out in hives for a second there! Too funny 🙂 SnB til the wheels fall off!

  3. You got me! LMAO I was almost about to call 911 on you. You must know my now I would follow you and the “bus” anywhere…but never to the dark side. HAPPY APRIL FOOL ‘S DAY!

  4. First, I thought it was a joke but the dialogue never stopped and then my mouth was hanging open. I have this board as one of my daily visits and panic for a minute. You got me!!

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