Suzanne Whang Update

Here’s an update from Suzanne Whang:


Hey caring cockwaffles ~ thanks for celebrating my great health news. And now, for the not-so-great money news. In my ever-evolving journey of throwing all pride and ego out the window, I still need help. The donations made from my big September fundraiser last year have kept me alive until now, but my bank balance is back to zero. My solo show went great, but after all the money that was spen…t in preproduction, I made very little money from it. I have multiple projects in development, I continue to audition, sell merchandise online and at gigs, and I think my money flow is about to surge, but until that happens, I need $7,500 to get through the next month (mortgage, monthly bills, weekly cancer treatments and supplements). So if any of you can spare any amount at all, I will be tearfully grateful. You can donate to me at or if you want to give me a loan instead, send me a private FB message. For 20 years, I was always the big shot with lots of money who paid for everything and was generous and gave to charities, so this situation is bewildering to me. I know it is part of my life lesson to be humble and ask for help when I need it. I’m also open to any job leads, and creative ideas for bringing in more money. I can TV host, act, do stand-up, emcee, keynote speak, radio host, write, edit, proofread, type 100 wpm, happy endings massage…. wait — what?

Humbly yours,

~~~~If there is any way you can help Suzanne, please do so. Any dollar amount would help, any job leads would be fantastic and she would absolutely appreciate anything & everything any of you would do for her.
Suzanne is such a source of inspiration for me. I am beyond happy she is doing better health-wise. Now we need to help her get herself together financially back on her feet. If any group of women can help her, I bet we can make a dent into her concern.
If you have any questions, please tweet her, FB her or contact me & I’ll try to find out what I can for you.
Thank you,
Ro xoxo

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