Sonny and Brenda

Sonny and Brenda….

Why I fell in love with Sonny and Brenda and have STAYED devoted to them for all these years is fairly simple: I fell for them because of their natural chemistry and the natural pace of their courtship and subsequent relationship.

They were brought together as a semi-good girl and the bad, bad but very sexy guy. They had a few encounters but one day they “met” on the docks. Hands touched, eyes locked and all over the country, thousands of girls and women were wanting much more from Sonny and Brenda. We were ripe for falling in love, ripe for a romantic, bumpy ride.

We sat back and identified with Brenda. She was our heroine, our beautiful spitfire who captured our imaginations. We saw her hot chemistry with Jagger and were amazed he would pick the boring, insipid Karen Wexler instead of our siren. Brenda was smart & feisty! She was sexy and amazing. Brenda needed a man to set her world on fire.

Then Sonny happened upon the scene. He was suave, sophisticated (in a mobster kind of way), unafraid, strong and very sexy. He stole all our hearts in the flash of his sexy smile with dimples flashing all over the place! We were completely hooked on this character and what he could offer.

When Sonny and Brenda were together and things were good, things were out of this world FANTASTIC! They made the world sing and set our hearts ablaze. We fell in love with their story, which was told in real-time. It was not rushed, not stalled, not played around with. Their story rolled out in a steady pace. Some weeks 2 days a week other weeks 3 or 4 days a week. Not too much, not too little. It was just right, balanced and whole so other stories could play out and be amazing right along with theirs.

I’ll admit it, just like all my S&Bers will, The Wire tore each and every one of our hearts out. We cried and sobbed, just as we still do to this very day. We knew that Brenda was making a mistake in going about learing the truth. We knew that Sonny was making a mistake by not sharing. It all blew up in Brenda’s face, Sonny was distraught, our Brenda was devastated. Our couple imploded in probably the most destructive break-up I’ve ever seen. It was heart wrenching and scarring!

As the loyal viewers and S&Bers we are, we hung out for the ride. We watched the hurt grow and the ridiculous mess of Miguel & Lily. We watched Sonny and Brenda learn to deal with each other through Stone’s illness. Once he passed, the healing began. Sonny and Brenda came to an understanding and found themselves coming together, wanting each other again. Unfortunately, Sonny had married Lily in the meantime to stay out of jail.

Then Sonny left our Brenda standing in the rain. He had to choose Lily because she was pregnant. He couldn’t choose Brenda. She told him to “Be a good father. Make it worth it.” We cried with her as he rushed to the airport to stop Lily from leaving to be with her father. We watched Jax walk up and scoop up Brenda out of the rain. He rescued her from her intense sadness and helped her heal.

Brenda and Jax were on a yacht in the moonlight; she was bound to marry Jax. It had been a bet and she lost, so she was going to marry him and be safe. She thought she would be happy and set her sorrow behind and live a good life with Jax. 

Back in Port Charles, Sonny and Lily were celebrating their new life growing inside of Lily.  There was much for Sonny to celebrate but behind his happiness, you could see his sadness in having to let Brenda go. He set his feelings for Brenda aside and decided to really make a go of things with Lily. Sonny had a little too much to drink and Lily offered to drive home.

 Jax and Brenda exchanged vows and were toasting each other. ******CLINK******

At that exact moment in time, Lily approached the car and as she put the key into the door… ****BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!**** (Best.Day.EVER.)

This was the birth of the greatest triangle in soap opera history! Emotions were running high for the characters and for the fans at home.  We were all either TeamSnB or TeamJnB. No matter what, we were all TeamBrenda and wanted her happiness and wanted her with our favorite hot man.

Of course, I am a true blue S&Ber. I ALWAYS want Sonny with Brenda, Brenda with Sonny. I understood however, WHY Brenda chose Jax the times she did. Jax always saved her.. from her hurt and from herself. She was so hurt and damaged from her relationship with Sonny. It really stemmed from a trust issue. She didn’t trust her daddy, he always sent her away… I bet it rained each time she left for a new school or he left her after stopping for a visit- if he ever visited her. then Sonny wouldn’t let her in. He didn’t tell her what he was up to or in to. He left her to the pitfalls of her imagination and allowed her to fall prey to those wanting to take Sonny down. Sonny set her up for that in my eyes. He set the whole wire incident up by not trusting her. BUT, maybe he was right for not trusting her. Maybe she was too young and naive at that point. Maybe she wouldn’t have gotten “it.”

The Wire set off a firestorm of waves to follow. It even still carried through to last year. Sonny didn’t learn from The Wire. He still didn’t let her in to that place in his soul. It’s not pretty there and it gets messy. Sonny wants Brenda happy, uncomplicated, he wants her to be safe and loved. But, what he doesn’t get is this: Sonny needs to trust all aspects of Brenda. He needs to see that she is a grown up, not the young woman he lusted after passionately but now she is a worldly woman of substance. She is not a slut, she is not weak. She is strong and independent. She only goes away because she believes she is not wanted, not trusted and an outsider.

Both of them have issues. Both of them struggle to be their best Sonny, best Brenda daily. I just want to see their ride go ’round one more time. I want the dance to begin and fall in love with them again. I wish for them to get past the pitfall of The Wire. I know they “resolved” those feelings but with the way they ended, and how Sonny treated her, I believe they really didn’t heal those wounds. They just used a band-aid and a few kisses to mask the hurt.

I hope that when S&B find their way back together, the walls of trust come down on both sides. Sonny needs to allow Brenda to help him, let her into that not pretty place and be a man about it. Brenda needs to stop shrieking and crying and listen for a minute. She needs to open her heart to tha fact that Sonny won’t leave her crying and broken in the rain. That awful rain of some of our youths and our adulthood. I think we all think of S&B when it rains.

We want the car dealership, stolen alley kisses, hungry looks, sexy banter, fun dates alone and maybe a double date along the way… We want that passion to build, happiness to abound, maybe an adventure or two– where S&B work TOGETHER– and we want trust to be built between them. Trust is their issue. Always has been. Maybe RC can mend that and bring our S&B full circle…. Maybe we’ll have a sexy bubble bath scene that will take our breath away… All leading to a fantastic private wedding, full of candles, a simple white dress, a handsome suit and true, trusting love to flourish and grow in front of a minister and God.

The best part about their ride and ours, too, is this: Over the past 18+ years, on and off, only Vanessa and Maurice have played S&B. We watched both actors “grow up” thru the better part of 20 years. They have shared themselves in so many amazing ways with us! We are so fortunate in this fact. Our S&B have a true history, one that we cherish and remember. Now we just need TPTB to honor that history and bring S&B back, full circle and have them actually learn from their past, repair their mistakes and allow them to fully love & be together again. There’s so much to work with considering the history RC can weave into their story. He can make it full and round, with joy, angst and creativity. We just need Brenda back for a bit and soon!!

I hope someday soon we have our wish, our possible last go of their ride. I suppose we all must stay tuned and see where the show takes us.

TTFN xoxo~Ro


3 responses

  1. Dear Ro, You had me at Hello…I love your blog and the ebb and flow of emotions throughout the entire recap of one of – if not THE Best love stories in Daytime TV History had me smiling and in tears all at the same time. I will never give up hope that one day soon, this couple will be reunited as the Soap gods smile down on all of us SnBers.
    Thanks for continually keeping that hope alive with your blogs.
    Looking forward to more,
    Barb Del Regino

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