Happy Birthday, Sonny!!!

Today is Sonny Corinthos’s birthday!!

The Sonny and Brenda Haven wishes our favorite mobster a very happy day, full of champagne toasts, great food, awesome company and maybe a bit of cake! We hope his new year ahead is full of amazing things.. Like therapy, taking meds, being happy and content with himself and going to find his wife and start making amends.

Sonny has been a long-time favorite character of mine. Even throughout icky relationships, I have always loved HIM. He is charismatic, charming, complex, loveable, sexy, interesting, bold, brooding & unstoppable. He keeps me watching the show and interested in what happens next.

Sonny Corinthos just isn’t a character, he is a soap opera legend! He is the King of fictional crime families, he is a force of nature who escapes law enforcement/jail and always lives to see another day in Port Charles. No matter how ridiculous the story, for us, our group, he will always be 1/2 of our supercouple and we will always love the magic he brought to the screen when paired or pursuing Brenda.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Sonny! Hope you have balloons, love and contentment on your special day!! Hope you DON’T get some!!! (hehe)



xoxo~Ro 🙂


3 responses

  1. Happy Birthday Maurice you have a good day with your family we love you on gh, we all miss you & brenda together & married on gh every day

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