More pictures from Vanessa’s NY Launch of Baby Gagoo

Thank you again to Lisa, Mandy, Mandy, Nora, Rachel and Raquel for their images!

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Random images from Vanessa’s NY Gagoo Launch

Thank you to my friends and family who took such great pictures and shared them with me. I wish I had been able to run around and take pictures of everyone. xo


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Vanessa’s NY Baby Gagoo Launch Party!

I’m not really sure where to start here with a recap, so please bear with me a bit, I might be all over the place.

I brought my husband, kids, some family and a bunch of real life friends to this event of Vanessa’s for the NY launch of Baby Gagoo. So, perhaps, I will talk about how I viewed them and their excitement of the evening.

We arrived in Staten Island, at Jimmy’s Fine Jewelry Too, for the event and got the kids ready. All the parents (mom’s, dad’s & grandparents) helped in choosing the clothing the children modeled. Let me tell you how ADORABLE all the children were! My goodness! The sweetness and amazing thoughts these kids had when they saw the clothes! One little girl, Kira exclaimed “Wow, these jammies are so comfy and nice, I feel like I’m at home!” Truly, this melted my heart.

We got all the kids dressed in insane cuteness and they got down to business… It was okay for them to be and do whatever it was they wanted to do. They each added their own unique personalities to Vanessa’s event. I saw the joy on their faces, their parents’ or grandparents’ faces as they played and made new friends.

My Lisa-Lo and Cam ran the door for me since I wound up to be quite busy with the kids and running around, helping to set everything up for the event. They did a fantastic job making sure everyone got in and had their nice blue wristbands on. They also fielded a ton of questions from those passing by on the sidewalk. So many people were interested in what was going on and all about the red carpet and the gorgeous red roping all around the event site.

I adored walking around and talking to everyone while I put buttons and magnets on all of the tables. there were hightop tables to stand at and then there were a bunch of regular tables with chairs for people to sit at. So many people were mingling and they were talking about how excited they were to be at the event.

The Mob Wives (Carla and Drita) arrived and there were quite a few of their fans who were thrilled to meet them. They were so kind and gracious to talk with fans, have their pictures taken and sign autographs. Thank you to them for taking time out of their busy schedule to take part in such a worthy cause and event!

The drinks were flowing, food was being eaten and the kids were dancing and running around. Now we were just waiting for Vanessa and Maurice to arrive.

A little after 9pm there was a huge commotion… Maurice had arrived with his lovely wife, Paula and their children. All of them mingled and posed for pictures. They had a very warm reception and were quite gracious with all of the Sonny/S&B fans in attendance. Both Maurice and Paula had on leather jackets, mind you it was about 94 degrees when the arrived and quite humid! Maurice looked amazing with his fedora on and well.. Maurice is just one beautiful man, enough said! Paula looked gorgeous as she always does. The two of them really make one beautiful couple.

A short time later, Vanessa arrived with Kassius. They arrived to fabulous fanfare and in a surprise, Jimmy had a costumed, life-sized Gagoo arrive.. Let me tell you this, that Gagoo was incredible, amazing and a HUGE lifesaver with some of the little ones, like my little Noah who was melting down but after Gagoo showed up, all was well with my little!

Vanessa and Maurice posed together for a bunch of pictures for all the fans and friends in attendance.. They each made time to pose with everyone who wanted pictures with them. I had one friend, Scott, who took pictures with both Vanessa and Maurice.. I know he was a Sonny and Brenda fan, loosely but now, I’ll consider him part of the #SnBTeam 🙂

Kassius got to know some of the kids and told them all about Gagoo, Fat Kat and the company. They were so cute talking and running around. I was so proud of all of the children. They did a great job in the heat, humidity and the late night!

Nicholas met both Vanessa and Suzanne and loved both of them. I think Nicholas was impressed with Suzanne because I told him she had once been the host of House Hunters, one of his favorite shows he likes to watch with us on weekends. Of course, he adored Vanessa to pieces! He really loved both ladies and loved his experiences with both of them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taking any pictures so I don’t have one of Nicholas and Vanessa or Nicholas with Suzanne. I’m a bit bummed I couldn’t fit in taking pictures, too.

Suzanne Whang ran the auction and we had some really great bids. I was still running around so I did miss some of the items and who won what. I was really happy and excited for my friend, Kristin, who won a lunch with Vanessa, Maurice and Nancy out in LA. I know some of my Twitter friends, Mandy and Hilary each won a phone call one with Nancy Lee Grahn and the other with Vanessa. Kassius won a golf outing with Carmine (I think). My favorite item however, was a special creation of Jimmy, the owner of the jewelry store.. a custom Gagoo bracelet. Just gorgeous! Suzanne did an awesome job with the whole evening. She is such a lovely person and fabulous friend to Vanessa.

I finally got to speak to Vanessa, about 15 minutes before the party was over when she pulled me into an impromptu interview Hilary was conducting with both Vanessa and Suzanne. I was so happy to finally see, get to hug her and thank her for allowing me to be a part of her beautiful Gagoo launch.

It was so my honor to work on this project with her and couldn’t do any of this without her uncle Jimmy or Victoria’s help. they were AMAZING and I so appreciate them. Vanessa, her family and Deb are such special, generous (in all ways) and beautiful souls. I’m grateful to know them. I’m humbled by my whole experience with Baby Gagoo, Vanessa, her friends and family.

Gagoo is an amazing company because of all of the meaning behind it. Gagoo and Fat Kat are about acceptance, love, friendship, being yourself and remembering “It’s okay to be…..” It’s okay to be feeling however you are feeling, be whatever it is YOU want to be in your life and to be a good person with a giving heart. Just be you and it’s okay to be…

The proceeds of Saturday’s event are going to Nkosi’s Haven. It is a safe haven for orphans, children and their moms who live in South Africa. Many of the children and mothers have HIV or AIDS. When you buy a pair of the Jammie Project jammies, another pair would be made and sent to the children of the Haven. Of course, you can purchase a pair of jammies and have both sent off to the children. They need every little bit of love and support they can get. You can go to www.babygagoo for the jammies and other SUCH CUTE items of clothing or you can go directly to Nkosi’s Haven and make a donation: A donation of even just $10 or 20 US dollars will make a huge difference for these kids and moms.

Here are a few pictures of my family and friends with Maurice and Vanessa. Mandy, Nora, Cam, Raquel, Toni and Lisa took these pictures. So grateful to them and my S&Bers who took pictures because I really couldn’t. (Makes the photographer in me quite sad!) please click on the link……

TTFN!! xoxo~Ro 🙂