If Brenda Comes Back….

 Just supposing here..


If Brenda comes back soon…

I’d love to have her back now. Not for Sonny. No way, no how. Sonny needs to finish his time with ConKate and figure A LOT of things out about himself. I want her back to be strong, sexy, confident, happy and very secure within herself. I want her to not be a model anymore, either. I’d love for her to be a business woman of sorts, possibly running a children’s charity or maybe something in the fashion/make-up industry. I’d like more about Brenda this go around when it happens. I don’t want her scared or stalked, just normal and okay.

Brenda should come back maybe to help Lucy with the Nurses Ball. It would make sense. She could “bail” out Lucy’s company. This would put her in Lucy’s orbit and by that happening, she would be in the Quartermaine orbit and she would have AJ as a friend for starters. Not saying they need to be involved at all. Brenda could have a boyfriend. Alec should be in school somewhere, maybe with Julia’s kids. If Ned is back, B would have Nedly to confide in and they could talk about Lois and the past.

Editing to add a quote from the Haven where KJWrites05 put in her input and I FLOVE this idea :

I actually want it be revealed that she learned Alec was not hers after all. Alexander was indeed his father and Suzanne knew Brenda was not the mother, but hid him from Balkan. But I want Brenda to be okay with this, to have it be known that she and Alec’s mother are friends and that she remains part of his life.

I want Sonny to pine for Brenda. I want him to be fascinated by her as he watches her from a distance. He would see how happy and confident she is while she barely gives him the time of day. He should struggle and try to figure out what he should do to capture her attention again. In the meantime, ConKate should be run over by a steamroller and be as flat as a pancake.. Forever gone and pothole filler after this long, snowy, icy winter in upstate NY.

Brenda should not allow the power of flashing dimples affect her judgement. It would be amazing for him to flash them at her and watch her walk away from him to someone else or just on her own without allowing him to melt her resolve. She needs to remain strong and about herself.

Kevin Collins should be back at this point. Sonny should contact him asap and get himself some therapy. Plus it would give him someone to discuss his feelings about Brenda and even ConKate and why his did the idiotic things he’s done this year. There must be some insight as to why he has lost his way and backbone.

What I’d like to see:

Longing…. first by Sonny and then by S&B separately.

Stolen glances… at a party… Both S&B sneaking peeks at each other.

Hot kisses… Sonny coming on to Brenda and cupping her face as he says “You know you miss me and you can’t continue to resist me…” Then… kiss… Hot and SEXY. Similar to Alley Kiss or after Nurses Ball kiss..

Sonny needs to grovel. He needs to gather his backbone and his balls, put everything firmly into place and talk truthfully to Brenda. He needs to express his fears and pain of her leaving him. He needs to explain why he put Carly first. Sonny needs to be not only honest with Brenda but with himself. He also needs to talk about his relationship with ConKate. It’s a mess and very unlike Sonny to continue this rollercoaster of a disaster. It is demeaning for a character of his caliber. I’d rather see him alone then in a relationship like this.

When S&B come together, I’d like a Vent Day type of reunion. Maybe where they might be forced together or set up where they have to talk. They need to hash out so much that happened between them before she left. He also needs to ask her how Alec is and possibly say that he has missed him. He must show her his compassionate side. Then, and only then should they talk about possibly trying again or at least really allowing the ice to be broken between them. Then the healing can happen and then they can come together as their adult counterparts and be united. Unity was not a strong suit last time. This time it should be their signature.


Just thinking out loud and putting my fingers to my keyboard. 🙂

TTFN… Ro, xoxo


Dusting Ourselves Off…

New year 2013

Happy New Year! It’s been  while since I’ve updated my situation after Superstorm Sandy. I’ll give you a basic rundown as to where we are in renovations and our personal recovery.

We are roughly 2-3 weeks away from being able to return home. We started our journey on October 28, 2012. It is now, January 3, 2013. We are closing in on 10 weeks post-Sandy.

Currently, we are still living with my parents, in their 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom ranch. We are one of the lucky ones who had family to go and stay with during and after the storm. Nicholas was able to go back to school 9 days after the storm hit, even while we continued not to have power at my parents’ house. It’s been pretty tight here but, we’ve been able to make it work as best as we can. I’m very grateful to be with my family.


About 2 weeks ago, Cam was on his way to Home Depot. While sitting at a light, a woman behind him didn’t notice the cars were stopped in front of her and she drove into our Mazda and pushed it into the car in front of him. There’s major damage to both the front and back of it. <sigh> It’s now in the shop getting fixed as of yesterday. I’m surprised they didn’t total the car. We should have it back in 2-3 weeks.. Maybe we’ll have it back around the time we go home.

Cam and my dad have made incredible strides in the house. The floor is down, kitchen& bathroom are in and mouldings are going up. My dad did a lot of work refinishing our stairs and they look gorgeous! I love our new floor and how everything is coming together. The appliances are beautiful and our downstairs looks amazing! (Especially once you look past all the tools and mess everywhere.)


I figure we have about a week of pure clean up and undoing what we took upstairs. The upstairs of my house looks like who did it and ran! I become overwhelmed each time I have to go up there to look for something. It’s that bad… Trust me, it makes you want to run away!

Over the Christmas season, we were blessed with good friends and family visiting and sending beautiful cards. We were also blessed by very generous friends and family who gave us monetary gifts and wonderful Santa gifts for our children. It means the world to us to be remembered and helped during this difficult time. The kind gestures made Christmas even more special for our kids. Our family was adopted by a family in Minnesota, a family from a sister church to St. Jerome. I’m beyond grateful to everyone and their kind generosity. My friend, Mary, submitted my blog post about Sandy to the Two River Theater in Red Bank and we won a very special evening out to see a live performance of “Wind in the Willows.” It was wonderful for my mom and I to get out and for my boys to see a live performance. There were several families who were invited to see the performance who were displaced, too. It was a very special evening.

So, we are doing okay, now it’s getting back on our feet and getting our house clean and us home. In the springtime, we have incredible clean up in our back yard. It was completely trashed in the storm. A new swing set will need to be purchased for the kids, too. I hope my raspberry bushes survived.. Time will tell and I hope the upcoming weather is kind to us here in the NY/NJ shore areas. We need the weather to stay calm and clear. We also still need help. There are people who are still in hotels, people who have not yet begun their rebuilding. Please keep those people in your thoughts and prayers. If we all didn’t have some assistance, many of us would be living in our cars… Some are anyway, I see them on the news. Anyway, thoughts and prayers are always encouraged and welcomed. 🙂

I hope everyone has a blessed and happy New Year. I hope that those in need continue to receive help and things start to get better for them. To be displaced is a very unreal feeling. It’s uncomfortable, you feel helpless, suddenly you have to swallow your pride and accept help from others and it takes more than a long weekend to recover from something this catastrophic. Our journey has been one of lessons learned, finding out who our true friends are, family will help you overcome and life is not easy…. You can lose what you have in an instant. Be thankful for today and have hope for the future. May we never have another catastrophe like this ever again in this area.


Ro… 🙂