Vanessa is BACK!


Last night, the news broke that Vanessa is on her way back with Ingo Rademacher. While it is unclear if Jax and Brenda will come back as an item, it was hinted that there will be a “revisit” of the triangle that made all 3 characters and actors famous.

Vanessa’s first appearance as Brenda will come before April 1, as per the article below.

Go to this link for full write-up about their return: 

General Hospital is celebrating their 50th anniversary in a HUGE way! Luke, Laura, Duke, Anna, Frisco, Felicia and now with our beloved Sonny and Brenda…. I believe that S&B are endgame, I believe that with my whole heart!

It’s unclear how long Vanessa’s “visit” will be. The article states that it will be longer than a few weeks. My advice is to enjoy the “visit”, let’s have some fun and see how Sonny can make amends to Brenda… Hopefully in the meantime, ConKate can die or be shipped off to Siberia for treatment never to return again!

There will be updates to this site and the board in the days to come!

Don’t forget to stop by the board and show your Brenda/S&B loveeeeeeeee!!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to some good, angsty times ahead!

Put on your seatbelts, the S&B Bus is on the road again!

xoxo~Ro 🙂


8 responses

  1. Yipeeeeeeeee!!! Such great news! Can’t wait to see V back and hope for lots of S&B interaction and that their done better this time around. Excited either way! :))

  2. sonny & brenda belong together they have alot of chemistry together alot more than sonny has with kate to, the only one for sonny is brenda they are my Fav couple on Gh to Jax belongs with Carly for sure,

  3. And I’m back in the game baby! Bring on the “triangle”! Bring on my S&B! Woot woot!! We all know there really was no true “triangle” Brenda always loved Sonny more. EEEEEEKKKKKK!! I’m giddy!!

  4. i hope that this time brenda stays on gh & with sonny to i miss them together on gh they belong together & they have alot of chemistry to alot more than sonny does with kate so please brenda stay big time, sonny & brenda are my fav couple on gh long with some others to

  5. I know Jax and Brenda will both be back in Port Chuck…but I do not believe they come back together. I’m not sure where this story will lead, but I am psyched to have a reason to watch GH again!! Vanessa and Brenda are back!! We’ll get to see that adorable twinkle in Maurice / Sonny’s eyes when he sees Brenda, the true love of his life! I do hope that wakes him up from the coma he is in, gets him in the saddle and in fighting mode. Kate / Connie needs to go away, for good and Sonny needs to return to form. He needs to fight for Brenda and show that he is that man that she’s loved from the moment they met…that he is a better person because of her. I firmly believe Sonny and Brenda are the endgame….this is just the first stop. I don’t want to see Brenda romantically paired with Candy Boy, but I do love a jealous Sonny!

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