Brenda Returns!

ABC's "General Hospital" - 2010

Our beautiful Brenda is finally back in Port Charles again and I, personally couldn’t be happier!

Where we left off last was a huge mess of crazy emotions and a lot of WTF moments given to us from Sonny. Let’s look at their ending this last time…

This “end” imo, could have been handled much better by the writers. There should have been a plan or something behind this. A clue, a bit of hope… Something.. But instead, Guza & GW used their poison pen and wrote something from April to August that just didn’t jive with the wedding and rescue we had just watched. In fact, most of March was lost (all honeymoon scenes cut, which I am still very bitter about!) and lot’s of happy times for my beloved couple were left on the cutting room floor and what we were left with was misery and anger. Then it came down to the fact that Sonny cannot trust or share his life with her in the way in which he needs to let her in. Sonny needs to come to terms with the fact that above anything else, Brenda loves him. She is impulsive, spontaneous and passionate. She needs to be needed and included. She wasn’t included in the rescue of her own child, Carly was. She was not included in Sonny’s children’s lives and she should have been. You can say a lot of negatives about Brenda’s last visit, there were quite a few but, we tend to overlook how insanely brave and courageous she was to come back to Port Charles in the first place and reconnect with Sonny. She opened her heart and trusted him to do right by her. In between all the tears & jitters, she allowed herself to open up her self to Sonny once again. Sonny started to do the same. He was so broken over what happened with Dante and Kristina and how his life was spiraling out of control and found his touchstone, his soulmate and oldest, true friend again. Yes, Sonny and Brenda are FRIENDS over everything else. They share history and love. They have memories together— Good and bad. It’s a tie that binds them and always will. No matter what ever happens between them, the love always shines through.

Rome reunion:

Now, almost 2 years into the future, she’s coming back. Sonny’s life is completely out of control, he is back in a relationship with a woman with 2 or more personalities and it is a co-dependant style relationship that has no where else to go but to explode. The past year and a half of this relationship has dumbed down the character of Sonny tremendously. He has lost his edge, lost his spark that made us love him in the beginning. He’s lost within himself and his idea of a relationship with his second choice. The writers did Sonny no favors in this time in between. No therapy, no growth, no discovery as to why he protects Brenda to the extremes he does but allows everyone else in his life to carry on like normal. Why does he not let Brenda in but allows Carly to act like an idiot all the time? Why is it it’s okay for Connie to act like a common whore with his son and body-guard and be a first class bitch to both Kristina and Molly? Why are those things okay? I won’t even get into all the wrongs Sonny allows her to get away with. There’s no love story there. It’s about a once charismatic man trying to hold on to a piece of his youth with a very sick woman who cannot grasp on to her own, true life again.


What will Brenda come back to? I hear several rumors thrown around. One is that Sonny is shot and she comes to save him. If that one is true, we come full circle.


I also hear that Brenda has a secret or secrets, depending on whom you’ve heard it from. What was in that infamous letter Brenda gave to Robin to give to Sonny? Was our Brenda pregnant? Is there a child? What about the divorce? Did it ever go through? Was everything signed and FILED? Perhaps Brenda is still Mrs. Corinthos after all. Maybe there’s a beautiful dark-haired curly-haired tot somewhere in Italy.

Robin gives Sonny the letter:

All I know is this, our Sonny and Brenda love story is far from over. There’s much healing that needs to be done, many tears (I give them 2-3 days of tears MAX for this) and let the love shine thru and heal the rift between them. They need to reconnect as friends & let the trust grow between them. I hope we see Sonny work hard to get his sweetheart back. I hope for lots of longing stares, dimpled smiles, HOT KISSES against any wall, dates, flirting and hopefully a hot love scene!

This would be good:

I hope this:



This go around, I hope Brenda comes back feisty, strong, brave, secure within herself, HAPPY… I’m sure she will be hurt, broken and pissed off. It’s a far better combo than weepy, scared and skittish, imo. Let’s hope her spirit shines thru and we see our true Brenda looking back at us thru our tv’s. We need THAT GIRL back! Our spitfire firecracker known as Brenda Barrett who wasn’t afraid of anything and went after what she wanted.

There’s no information yet as to how long Vanessa’s contract is. All I hear is it’s for longer than just a few weeks. I’ve heard 6 weeks or 6 months. I truly do not know, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Vanessa/Brenda’s first airdate is supposed to be before the end of this very month and before April 1, GH’s 50th anniversary. As soon as I know a firm date, I’ll let everyone know.

Until then…. AgTmDyOCAAAUrNE

TTFN xoxo~Ro 🙂


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PS…. THe Vent Scene:


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  1. sonny & brenda are my Fav couple on gh along with some otheres to , sonny & brenda belong together forever & always, i miss them on gh they fit together to so please have sonny & brenda together on gh please

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