That’s what I call this visit of Brenda’s…. Bittersweet. From start to finish her visit held promise and we had very high hopes from the start.


What I loved, absolutely adored was how Brenda burst back into Sonny’s life and gave him a meal and a half to think about… Not like the looney tunes happy meal in Shadybrook, but a real meal fit for the man he is. First, Brenda scolded Sonny about not reading the letter. THANK GOD that was addressed! I swear, if they left that out, I think S&Bers everywhere would have had a fit! So, it was covered and Sonny felt like a dumbass for not reading it. Then Brenda had asked him to be with her…. Oh, Brenda. But, hey, it wouldn’t be S&B if they didn’t have this push/pull, I’m ready/you’re not thingy going on between them. As for Sonny, he had a lot on his plate when Brenda showed up. The week before ConKate was breaking mirrors and screaming at herself while Sonny was in a coma up stairs sleeping. Now, she was in Shadybrook, finally getting treatment for her crazy personality disorder. Sonny was kind of expecting her or one of her alters when he opened the door to Brenda. Sonny was knocked for a loop when he saw his beautiful & very sexy Brenda on his doorstep. This kicked off a whirlwind of emotions between S&B and all their fans. Our fire for them began to burn once again.

I’m not gonna recap the whole stint, I’ll be here for days, analyzing the nuances and every little beat that passed between S&B and everyone in between.


Loved the Nurses Ball red carpet with Sonny, Brenda and Carly. I loved how feisty Brenda was and how she wasn’t gonna let Carly win this time. I do think the red carpet could have been a little better but I loved it and it’s cheesiness anyway. I won’t get into the Nurses Ball on a whole because I did it already here:

I didn’t love what happened between Michael & Brenda but I thought that it was fun and interesting. Brenda’s motives were not to hurt Michael. She tried to help him. Then came in the Carly factor and it was too tempting for Brenda to pass up. While it was a little juvenile, it was much better than Brenda sobbing in a corner over both Sonny and Jax. Right?

The truth came out and Brenda left with her head held high…. Then she ran into Sonny at the airport.

Sonny was still at the airport after Dante/Lulu/Luke/Laura came back from Greece. Olivia disappeared and Sonny was just still standing there. In walked in Brenda. It started out like they were walking on eggshells but then it blossomed. Yes, Brenda did tell him she loved him. She said she thinks she’ll always love him. They talked about her loving him but how he still had Kate. Sonny replied with, “There is no Kate.” Then Brenda said “How is it we always wind up here? Running into each other? Maybe it’s a sign we’re meant to be together.”  She talked about trying again and even asked him to join her in Rome.. All the while at this point. they were standing close to each other, so close they could feel each other’s breath on their faces. In hushed, sexy whispers she spoke of all the wonderful things they could do together… Sonny was torn, still confused and reeling from the last few weeks of mind-blowing information. Honestly he’s in no position to go anywhere, imo. But, he said this lovely piece: “Maybe someday we’ll have a shot, but in order for us to have that shot we need time to heal.” Yes!! I’ve always said since she left last time that they need to find a common ground again to start their healing process and here it is. The healing from their broken relationship will begin and he can heal from being dumped by ConKate.


Finally, Michael remembered what happened and that Brenda wasn’t lying.

As Brenda gets called to board the plane, Sonny reaches out, grabs her arm and pulls her into a hungry kiss and full embrace.


How do I feel about our Brenda’s visit?

Honestly, I had a lot of fun with it for a few reasons…

  • She was not weepy B sitting in the corner crying her eyes out.
  • She was not on the run.
  • Brenda didn’t need protection.
  • Brenda showed up right away, not hidden away for a few months in a forgein country.
  • Brenda was strong, knew what she wanted and had a lot of spunk!
  • She didn’t let Carly win. I chalk this one up for a win on B’s side for getting one over on that bitch, Carly.

I didn’t love every second of it. The whole Michael thing was a bit squicky and I tried not to focus too much on what it all really implied. Perhaps I really just knew in my heart that Brenda would never touch him. Thank God that feeling was right!! I would have loved more interaction with Sonny, maybe a scene or 2 with Lucy, Patrick, Emma and maybe Max & Milo. But, I can’t nitpick too much about anything. I am way too happy that she came back and Vanessa really looked like she had fun this time and that’s what matters. The next visit I think will be more about our S&B journey.

Bye B… Safe travels!! 163913_642401615787014_122158807_n

With this all said, this has been very bittersweet for me in many ways. I know some S&Bers have hopped off the bus along the way this time. I can’t help that but what I hope is that you’ll all come home again when Brenda comes back to Port Charles again maybe this summer. Tune in and see their story unfold again, perhaps you’ll like what you see, maybe not… Who knows but you’ll never know if you don’t check it out.

Thank you all for coming along for the ride during this short stint. I had an amazing time with you all and love you girls & guys!! #TEAMS&BALWAYS

Here are the SnB scenes only from today! …

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Vanessa and Ingo’s NY/NJ/CT PA Tour

Vanessa Marcil and Ingo Rademacher have a handful of tour dates in the tri-state area during the first weekend of June.


Coastal Entertainment has the events listed on their site:

Friday, June 07, 2013
Vanessa Marcil, Ingo Rademacher & special guest Suzanne Whang

6540 Main Street
Trumbull, CT
Showtime: 9 pm, VIP after party 11 pm -12 am
Tickets: $125 for 25 VIP tickets, $75 regular
Saturday, June 08, 2013 ***** 10 Tix left!!!*****
Vanessa Marcil, Ingo Rademacher
Private Dinner, Astoria, NY

(718) 728-8581
Showtime: 7 pm – 10 pm
Tickets: $200 event, dinner & complimentary glass of wine
Saturday, June 08, 2013
Vanessa Marcil, Ingo Rademacher & special guest Suzanne Whang
Brokerage Entertainment Club

2797 Merrick Road
Bellmore, NY
(516) 781-5233
Showtime: 1 pm, 4 pm VIP event
Tickets: $134 VIP for 40 people, $78 regular
Sunday, June 09, 2013
Vanessa Marcil, Ingo Rademacher & special guest Suzanne Whang
Uncle Vinnie’s

520 Arnold Avenue
Point Pleasant, NJ
(732) 899-3900
Showtime: 11 am
Tickets: $125 to 40 people with VIP after show, $75 show

Lisa and I are attending the Point Pleasant show together and look forward to seeing many of you again!

I live near Point Pleasant so if anyone has any questions about where the venue is located, hotel information, airports and such, please don’t hesitate to ask.

A couple of good sites to look at for information about the area are these:

Point Pleasant is a family friendly area that is wonderful fun in the summertime. The boardwalk is open, its beautiful, fun and a Jersey Shore staple to go to each summer. So, if maybe you were thinking of coming but you have a family or hubby wants to come but not to the event, there’s plenty to do in the area for all.

Also, please let me know if you are coming to the Pt. Pleasant show. I will be putting together my own give away like I usually do for these events. I need a head count for what I make. 🙂 DM me at @SonnyandBrenda so I can start my list.

Hope to see you there, even though it’s not a S&B/M&V event this time… Ingo/Jax is important to S&B’s history and I bet he’d be really great to meet. I know I’m excited to see Vanessa again and to meet Ingo, who helped make the triangle of Sonny/Brenda/Jax so amazingly wonderful & soapy good.

TTFN xoxo~Ro

*********OH! Just so you know, Suzanne Whang is the BOMB, so funny & one of Vanessa’s best friends, Riley Weston is an amazing writer and singer… She wrote The Nanny Express, a movie we all love, with our beloved Vanessa as the star… COME MEET THEM, TOO!!! YAY

2013 Nurses Ball


April 2, 2013 saw the return of the long-awaited Nurses Ball. The history of the ball is simple:

The first Nurses Ball was in 1994. The brainchild of flighty but well-intentioned Lucy Coe, the ball was a gala celebration where Port Charles’s best and brightest came out to raise money for AIDS charities. The event was a collection of musical performances starring doctors, nurses, and other PC luminaries. Lucy would always emcee the event, often joined (however reluctantly) by her archrival Katherine Bell.

In the early years of the Ball, the AIDS charity was a huge component, since these years coincided with Stone Cates revealing he had AIDS, and later, Robin Scorpio’s HIV-positive status. So many memorable moments in the Robin/Stone storyline took place at the Nurses’ Ball, including Mac presenting Robin with Stone’s patch on the AIDS memorial quilt.

For more information go here:

Many, as well as myself have had high hopes for RC &FV’s vision of what their ball would really be like. We’ve wondered and had thoughts fly through our heads, tweets on Twitter and posts on boards… Unfortunately for us, our visions all fall under the vision of what Claire Labine and Wendy Riche would put together. I know I had faith that history would be honored, not just the Lucy in her underwear history, but the history of the quilt, Stone’s journey, Robin’s journey and legacy. Unfortunately for me and so many others, those were not honored enough.

I know, I should be grateful they had the ball, and yes, I am. I loved last week’s beginning, I even enjoyed Rick Springfield’s performance. But things fell short, imo, on Monday’s episode.

The breakdown on the good, the bad, the ugly… Now, where to start…

The Bad….. (let’s get this goody out-of-the-way first..)

  • Richard Simmons——– Look, I watched in the late 70’s early 80’s when he was featured regularly. I loved him… Now? Holy moly, nice to see him but does he have to be so combative and mean to Lucy?
  • Cutting/deleting important scenes, like the scene between Sonny and Brenda after she was kicked out of the ball by Carly. First, Really Carly? Robin hated you and you hated her. Sonny and Brenda were Robin’s best and longest friends and you kick out Brenda and Sonny follows her? Poor, poor.
  • Lack of HIV/AIDS awareness talk. Why exactly is everyone all dressed up, having a great time in one room? Where is the heart, the information and the nod to the actual history of what the Nurses Ball means? Why didn’t they have on red ribbons?
  • Too much Sabrina the ugly becoming Sabrina the beautiful swan who captures the fair Patrick Drake’s heart and soul. TOO MUCH, especially at an event to honor his “DEAD” wife. Oh PLEASE!
  • Ah, Sonny and Brenda. Where to begin…. I think this will eventually, probably toward the end of the week, be a separate post about the fuckery we will be subjected to soon. But, for what we’ve seen thru the Nurses Ball, Sonny is stand-offish and distant, while Brenda is most like herself in years! Okay, I can understand because he is in a relationship with the skank with 2 personalities, or is it 3? hmmm… Sonny isn’t a cheat. He really never has been. He’s usually pretty true in a relationship, even if he does have feelings for someone else. Like when he was with FrogFace and Brenda said she’d be his mistress… Anyway, I digress… I get Sonny keeping B at arms’ length. If he allows her to be any closer, he’ll be kissing her for days until all hell breaks loose…. Was happy to see Sonny stand up to Carly when she threw out B. Glad to see Sonny walk out and join Brenda. Extremely disappointed S&B were not able to stay and celebrate Robin. Happy, however to see the fire back within Brenda. It’s clear she wants Sonny back, thank goodness no overseas 3 months beating around the bush and she walked back into PC and into Sonny’s life all in one day.
  • Britt, her momma and the wickedness that is about to follow. Faison is Britt’s pappa and she’s got evil & ugly running thru her veins. She wants payback & will go to great lengths to get it… I hate to say it but they bore me. Hope they spill something about Robin and soon. I hope Britt knows about Robs being alive. That might save this idiocy.

The Good…..

  • The red carpet…. While a little cheesy, I loved seeing everyone walk in and the set up for attitudes and fun. It was a fun touch to the festivities.
  • Brenda/Sonny/Carly scenes…. especially the Brenda/Carly ones in particular. They were hysterical and this is as close to the real Brenda we are gonna get unless Claire Labine comes back and specifically writes for the character of Brenda. LOVED when Brenda beaned that roll at Carly’s head.. It was PRICELESS!!!
  • Little Emma. (She brightens up the whole show with her cuteness)
  • Remembering Robin by Lucy and Patrick at the end of Monday’s show. Wish the remembrance was longer and throughout but, it was nice to finally hear something.
  • Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield singing… ALWAYS!!
  • Spinelli and Ellie’s skit was really cute.
  • Duke and Anna’s tango.
  • Loved seeing Lucy in all her dresses (I didn’t love the dresses but it’s been fun to watch) I’ve really missed Lucy and the fun she brings. The show needs her and I hope she stays.
  • LOVED seeing Audrey last week and Steve’s portrait. Nice touch.
  • Nice to see Patrick take the interns around the hospital, telling the story along the way.
  • Magic Milo… Was cute & suggestive but fun and a crowd pleaser. lol
  • Sam and Anton’s jive, was great. It’s nice to see what Kelly has learned w/DWTS and use it on GH.


The Ugly… (oh, where to start, where to start… ugh)

  • Frisco and Felicia…. along with Mac. I’m not gonna lie, I am a Frisco & Felicia fan from waaaay back in the beginning. From the moment Frisco took off that cap off her head, I was hooked. Yeah, Frisco screwed up more than once by leaving Felicia and their girls, Felicia screwed up by leaving her girls with Mac. Yes, Mac cared for those girls and loved them as his own. Unfortunately, good or bad, those girls were Frisco and Felicia’s. They both made mistakes and were not there for them. I get Mac’s bitterness about him being stable & raising the girls. The thing here is, F&F are soulmates, regardless of anything else, F&F belong together. It could be written. They could have asked Jack to stay. I understand it must be hard between Jack & Kristina but that sparkle & chemistry is still there, you can see there’s no love lost between them. They still care. Anyway, Frisco and Felicia parted ways and Frisco left his daughter yet again. It could have been handled with care, but instead, Frisco did what he always does & Felicia proposes to her “safe choice.” Safety isn’t what it’s always chalked up to be, especially when you’ve thrived on adventure & danger most of your life, but that’s just me. F&F fans deserved better. Some of us have loved them for 30 years. Why couldn’t JW come and go? Why couldn’t they work out something to make it work? What was with All I Need? BTW, if you didn’t know, it was a song Frisco sang for Tania back in the day, it wasn’t a F&F song. While I would have loved Lady of My Heart, maybe a new song or another one would have been more appropriate. Yes, I loved JW singing, always had, sang along and loved it, but I knew at the first note, this wasn’t going our way as fans because of the song choice. I was deeply disappointed. Disappointed from the start of his return, I was hoping for much more, even if Frisco was not Felicia’s choice. there could have been much more interaction, possibly dates & reconnection. Show us WHY she would choose Mac. Show us WHY Frisco is the worst choice. Show us Frisco, Felicia and Maxie together as a FAMILY and allow them to bond. I give GH a D for this story. It would be an F but, I am still happy JW came back for GH50. I’ve missed him.


I am a GH fan. Yes, I ship my couple, S&B but for about 36 years of my life, I have loved the show itself. I’m grateful tptb brought back the Nurses Ball. I feel bad for being critical of it but it’s falling flat for me right now. Maybe it’s my disappointment for S&B and F&F.

Hope the next couple of days bring some happiness to some couples/characters and their fans. Really, this is a celebration for not only the cast, crew, writers & producers through the years; but for the fans who have fought hard to keep the show on air and who care enough to watch daily. 50 years is nothing to sneeze at, 13,000 episodes, scripts everyday, stories that have evolved from the beginning. Like, love, dislike or hate the stories keep the show going. The more people chatter about the show, loving or hating keeps the show alive and keeps us tuning in to see what our favorite characters are up to. Some seasons of the show are easier for certain fans than others… S&Bers, hold on to your hats, we are about to hit pot hole after pot hole…..

TTFN xoxo~Ro


April Celebrations!


This week celebrates a number of things.. First being the anniversary or birthday of General Hospital on April 1. GH started in 1963  and is now at its 50 year mark. Not sure how much longer my beloved show has on ABC, but I wish it another 50 years! I hope several other generations of viewers are able to watch and have the amazing memories of watching the soap with their moms and grandmas, just like I have. It’s a pretty special thing!

Second, and this is a BIGGIE! We are celebrating the return of our beloved, Brenda Barrett Corinthos today! Our ride is not over, not by a long shot and no matter how long or short Vanessa’s “visit” is, it’s another chapter in the Sonny and Brenda’s book, “Moths to a Flame.” No matter how they leave things or how it “ends,” they find their way back together because they are each other’s home.

We have a live posting thread on the board, scoops and rumors, a thread for working links to live feeds and more:

If you get a chance, please drop a note to Vanessa, welcome her back to GH and please send some love to Maurice, too! I’m sure V&M would appreciate some mail from us!

Vanessa Marcil and/or Maurice Benard
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027


Come hang with the S&Bers and me on Twitter, daily and specifically today, at 2pm est to have fun, welcome our girl back and enjoy GH once again! @sonnyandbrenda


TTFN xoxo~Ro