April Celebrations!


This week celebrates a number of things.. First being the anniversary or birthday of General Hospital on April 1. GH started in 1963  and is now at its 50 year mark. Not sure how much longer my beloved show has on ABC, but I wish it another 50 years! I hope several other generations of viewers are able to watch and have the amazing memories of watching the soap with their moms and grandmas, just like I have. It’s a pretty special thing!

Second, and this is a BIGGIE! We are celebrating the return of our beloved, Brenda Barrett Corinthos today! Our ride is not over, not by a long shot and no matter how long or short Vanessa’s “visit” is, it’s another chapter in the Sonny and Brenda’s book, “Moths to a Flame.” No matter how they leave things or how it “ends,” they find their way back together because they are each other’s home.

We have a live posting thread on the board, scoops and rumors, a thread for working links to live feeds and more: http://z11.invisionfree.com/SonnyandBrendaHaven/index.php

If you get a chance, please drop a note to Vanessa, welcome her back to GH and please send some love to Maurice, too! I’m sure V&M would appreciate some mail from us!

Vanessa Marcil and/or Maurice Benard
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027


Come hang with the S&Bers and me on Twitter, daily and specifically today, at 2pm est to have fun, welcome our girl back and enjoy GH once again! @sonnyandbrenda


TTFN xoxo~Ro



3 responses

  1. sonny & brenda belong together to & they also fit together to in so many ways, they are my all time fav couple on gh & the otheres to, after seeing todays show it made me so up set to big time & some otheres to who love sonny & brenda together & always will so please just have our sonny & brenda together again & forever always


    I read two possible spoilers: one saying that Carly walks in on Brenda and MICHAEL in bed together (ew wtf) and one saying that Carly and/or Jax walk in on Sonny and Brenda together.
    If the one about Michael is true, I will be disgusted – PLEASE don’t give us the Rick-Alexis-Sam triangle all over again, this would destroy the relationship between Sonny and Brenda even more.
    I would LOVE if the spoiler about Sonny and Brenda was true but of course, it’s not going to be that easy!!
    I honestly hope they start off Brenda’s weeks or months (HOPEFULLY she comes back permanently), with Sonny and Brenda becoming friends … nothing more YET, but starting off getting along at least and confiding in each other and getting closer. Then eventually, put them in a relationship again.
    When they got married, she had barely JUST came back and then the writers proceded to destroy the relationship.
    Dear writers: DON’T put Michael and Brenda together, even for one second, much less one night. Make Sonny and Brenda friends again (closer than Sonny and Carly) and eventually put them back together. We all know their love for each other never died.
    Give us Sonny and Brenda please!!

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