2013 Nurses Ball


April 2, 2013 saw the return of the long-awaited Nurses Ball. The history of the ball is simple:

The first Nurses Ball was in 1994. The brainchild of flighty but well-intentioned Lucy Coe, the ball was a gala celebration where Port Charles’s best and brightest came out to raise money for AIDS charities. The event was a collection of musical performances starring doctors, nurses, and other PC luminaries. Lucy would always emcee the event, often joined (however reluctantly) by her archrival Katherine Bell.

In the early years of the Ball, the AIDS charity was a huge component, since these years coincided with Stone Cates revealing he had AIDS, and later, Robin Scorpio’s HIV-positive status. So many memorable moments in the Robin/Stone storyline took place at the Nurses’ Ball, including Mac presenting Robin with Stone’s patch on the AIDS memorial quilt.

For more information go here: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/general-hospital/blog/all/the-story-nurses-ball

Many, as well as myself have had high hopes for RC &FV’s vision of what their ball would really be like. We’ve wondered and had thoughts fly through our heads, tweets on Twitter and posts on boards… Unfortunately for us, our visions all fall under the vision of what Claire Labine and Wendy Riche would put together. I know I had faith that history would be honored, not just the Lucy in her underwear history, but the history of the quilt, Stone’s journey, Robin’s journey and legacy. Unfortunately for me and so many others, those were not honored enough.

I know, I should be grateful they had the ball, and yes, I am. I loved last week’s beginning, I even enjoyed Rick Springfield’s performance. But things fell short, imo, on Monday’s episode.

The breakdown on the good, the bad, the ugly… Now, where to start…

The Bad….. (let’s get this goody out-of-the-way first..)

  • Richard Simmons——– Look, I watched in the late 70’s early 80’s when he was featured regularly. I loved him… Now? Holy moly, nice to see him but does he have to be so combative and mean to Lucy?
  • Cutting/deleting important scenes, like the scene between Sonny and Brenda after she was kicked out of the ball by Carly. First, Really Carly? Robin hated you and you hated her. Sonny and Brenda were Robin’s best and longest friends and you kick out Brenda and Sonny follows her? Poor, poor.
  • Lack of HIV/AIDS awareness talk. Why exactly is everyone all dressed up, having a great time in one room? Where is the heart, the information and the nod to the actual history of what the Nurses Ball means? Why didn’t they have on red ribbons?
  • Too much Sabrina the ugly becoming Sabrina the beautiful swan who captures the fair Patrick Drake’s heart and soul. TOO MUCH, especially at an event to honor his “DEAD” wife. Oh PLEASE!
  • Ah, Sonny and Brenda. Where to begin…. I think this will eventually, probably toward the end of the week, be a separate post about the fuckery we will be subjected to soon. But, for what we’ve seen thru the Nurses Ball, Sonny is stand-offish and distant, while Brenda is most like herself in years! Okay, I can understand because he is in a relationship with the skank with 2 personalities, or is it 3? hmmm… Sonny isn’t a cheat. He really never has been. He’s usually pretty true in a relationship, even if he does have feelings for someone else. Like when he was with FrogFace and Brenda said she’d be his mistress… Anyway, I digress… I get Sonny keeping B at arms’ length. If he allows her to be any closer, he’ll be kissing her for days until all hell breaks loose…. Was happy to see Sonny stand up to Carly when she threw out B. Glad to see Sonny walk out and join Brenda. Extremely disappointed S&B were not able to stay and celebrate Robin. Happy, however to see the fire back within Brenda. It’s clear she wants Sonny back, thank goodness no overseas 3 months beating around the bush and she walked back into PC and into Sonny’s life all in one day.
  • Britt, her momma and the wickedness that is about to follow. Faison is Britt’s pappa and she’s got evil & ugly running thru her veins. She wants payback & will go to great lengths to get it… I hate to say it but they bore me. Hope they spill something about Robin and soon. I hope Britt knows about Robs being alive. That might save this idiocy.

The Good…..

  • The red carpet…. While a little cheesy, I loved seeing everyone walk in and the set up for attitudes and fun. It was a fun touch to the festivities.
  • Brenda/Sonny/Carly scenes…. especially the Brenda/Carly ones in particular. They were hysterical and this is as close to the real Brenda we are gonna get unless Claire Labine comes back and specifically writes for the character of Brenda. LOVED when Brenda beaned that roll at Carly’s head.. It was PRICELESS!!!
  • Little Emma. (She brightens up the whole show with her cuteness)
  • Remembering Robin by Lucy and Patrick at the end of Monday’s show. Wish the remembrance was longer and throughout but, it was nice to finally hear something.
  • Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield singing… ALWAYS!!
  • Spinelli and Ellie’s skit was really cute.
  • Duke and Anna’s tango.
  • Loved seeing Lucy in all her dresses (I didn’t love the dresses but it’s been fun to watch) I’ve really missed Lucy and the fun she brings. The show needs her and I hope she stays.
  • LOVED seeing Audrey last week and Steve’s portrait. Nice touch.
  • Nice to see Patrick take the interns around the hospital, telling the story along the way.
  • Magic Milo… Was cute & suggestive but fun and a crowd pleaser. lol
  • Sam and Anton’s jive, was great. It’s nice to see what Kelly has learned w/DWTS and use it on GH.


The Ugly… (oh, where to start, where to start… ugh)

  • Frisco and Felicia…. along with Mac. I’m not gonna lie, I am a Frisco & Felicia fan from waaaay back in the beginning. From the moment Frisco took off that cap off her head, I was hooked. Yeah, Frisco screwed up more than once by leaving Felicia and their girls, Felicia screwed up by leaving her girls with Mac. Yes, Mac cared for those girls and loved them as his own. Unfortunately, good or bad, those girls were Frisco and Felicia’s. They both made mistakes and were not there for them. I get Mac’s bitterness about him being stable & raising the girls. The thing here is, F&F are soulmates, regardless of anything else, F&F belong together. It could be written. They could have asked Jack to stay. I understand it must be hard between Jack & Kristina but that sparkle & chemistry is still there, you can see there’s no love lost between them. They still care. Anyway, Frisco and Felicia parted ways and Frisco left his daughter yet again. It could have been handled with care, but instead, Frisco did what he always does & Felicia proposes to her “safe choice.” Safety isn’t what it’s always chalked up to be, especially when you’ve thrived on adventure & danger most of your life, but that’s just me. F&F fans deserved better. Some of us have loved them for 30 years. Why couldn’t JW come and go? Why couldn’t they work out something to make it work? What was with All I Need? BTW, if you didn’t know, it was a song Frisco sang for Tania back in the day, it wasn’t a F&F song. While I would have loved Lady of My Heart, maybe a new song or another one would have been more appropriate. Yes, I loved JW singing, always had, sang along and loved it, but I knew at the first note, this wasn’t going our way as fans because of the song choice. I was deeply disappointed. Disappointed from the start of his return, I was hoping for much more, even if Frisco was not Felicia’s choice. there could have been much more interaction, possibly dates & reconnection. Show us WHY she would choose Mac. Show us WHY Frisco is the worst choice. Show us Frisco, Felicia and Maxie together as a FAMILY and allow them to bond. I give GH a D for this story. It would be an F but, I am still happy JW came back for GH50. I’ve missed him.


I am a GH fan. Yes, I ship my couple, S&B but for about 36 years of my life, I have loved the show itself. I’m grateful tptb brought back the Nurses Ball. I feel bad for being critical of it but it’s falling flat for me right now. Maybe it’s my disappointment for S&B and F&F.

Hope the next couple of days bring some happiness to some couples/characters and their fans. Really, this is a celebration for not only the cast, crew, writers & producers through the years; but for the fans who have fought hard to keep the show on air and who care enough to watch daily. 50 years is nothing to sneeze at, 13,000 episodes, scripts everyday, stories that have evolved from the beginning. Like, love, dislike or hate the stories keep the show going. The more people chatter about the show, loving or hating keeps the show alive and keeps us tuning in to see what our favorite characters are up to. Some seasons of the show are easier for certain fans than others… S&Bers, hold on to your hats, we are about to hit pot hole after pot hole…..

TTFN xoxo~Ro



11 responses

  1. Completely agree with everything you said.
    My biggest problem right now is S&B and possible spoilers that I’ve read about who Brenda might end up in bed with. If this story line happens it will destroy Brenda and Sonny for SO many fans. I’m hoping what I’ve read about Brenda’s next story isn’t true.
    I especially won’t be happy if they make Brenda look terrible and then have her leave for Rome again – it’s not fair to the viewers and not fair to the character!
    I’m hoping desperately that they keep Vanessa on contract – her and Maurice have SO much chemistry. Obviously, I don’t want them back together immediately (that would be so boring) but maybe a triangle (or square??) with Sonny – Brenda – Kate&Connie?
    I think this could be interesting! But if Vanessa’s FOR SURE going to leave, a part of me doesn’t want the writers to put them back together, only to have Brenda leave again and piss off more fans!
    If she’s staying, do a triangle. If she’s going, bring her and Sonny closer together, as in friends so they’re on good terms if she returns again!

    Another thing for me is the fact that Sabrina’s so involved with the Robin stuff. That should be Patrick and Emma, NOT Sabrina. If there were to be anyone else involved in honoring Robin, it should be Anna, and Sonny&Brenda saying a few words about her. I think Sabrina and Patrick giving each other gushy eyes the entire Ball is gross. This is to honor Robin, have some respect.

    Thanks for the blog post, loved reading it. S&B FOREVER!!

  2. I loved the Nurse’s Ball from the very first time it came on. I loved what it symbolized and I loved how in these few moments, even with other stories echoing in the background, the citizens of Port Charles came together to raise awareness for AIDS and HIV and to raise money for research into treatments and cures. I loved how Robin and Stone’s story came through the NB and how each year we saw it after Stone’s death, he was remembered, as were other real people. The NB had heart and soul. It made me laugh and it made me cry and it made me appreciate this incredibly talented cast that much more.

    When I first read the NB was coming back…I was psyched, especially because it was tied into the 50th anniversary. I only watched Friday and I can honestly say, by and large, I was disappointed. I agree with so many of your points Ro. I don’t understand why Lucy did not talk about the meaning of the NB from the start, why it wasn’t mentioned that it was begin held in Robin’s honor. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how Sonny and Brenda were not there for the whole event, Robin’s best friends! So they leave, yet Carly, a woman who hated Robin, who in the past made fun of her HIV status, remains? What the hell is that?

    I was severely disappointed that when Mac was on stage to do his act, that he said absolutely nothing about his niece, but only poked at Frisco. It was so unlike Mac and completely turned me off. I didn’t watch during the Felicia / Frisco days, so I do not have an opinion on the pairing, but in that moment, I wanted Felicia to dump Mac’s ass for being a jerk. I do remember Frisco singing Lady of My Heart to Felicia and was surprised that that was not the song used…but if there is personal meaning behind it from the actors, I get it. As I understand it, Felicia chose Mac over Frisco. I’m guessing the primary reason is because Jack Wagner is done filming….but really, why? And then you have Frisco leave his daughter, after fighting to get her to talk with him? Whey do writers insist on trashing a character before they exit? It’s the 50th anniversary and you attack Frisco???

    The Spinelli / Ellie routine was cute. I never realized that Bradford had such a tremendous voice!

    I only started watching again with the return of Vanessa / Brenda, but have read all the commentary on Sabrina. It all makes sense to me. Patrick is supposed to honor his wife at the ball, yet he’s not there on time because he’s making out with Sabrina? Really? When characters need to be propped up by everyone around, there’s a problem. In my opinion, all newbies should have taken a back seat to the vets. Sabina should not be the focus of the ball and all of her Cinderella fantasies coming true. It turns me off to a character that I just met..and where I’m not a Scrubs fan, it made me feel bad for all of their fans.

    I get that Luke and Laura are out searching for Lulu…but I really felt they should be at the NB. Luke and Robert were best friends. Luke watched over Robin for Robert when all believed he and Anna were gone. This wasn’t just any NB, but one that celebrated the 50th anniversary…the Spencer’s should have been there.

    Brenda and Sonny…I’ll end with them. I do love this couple and am thrilled that Vanessa is back and that the S&B chemistry is alive and well. Like you Ro, I get why Sonny is acting the way he is. I think he wants Brenda and is in love with her, but he’s also processing all that she told him. He believed she was lost to him, so he moved on to crazy, now he knows Brenda waited for him in Rome and wanted to stay his wife. It is a game changer, one that I’m not sure he knows what to do with right now. I’m thrilled that he left Carly at the ball and went after Brenda (the scene should not have been cut) and they shared a hug. I’m trying not to freak out about the spoilers, because spoilers are often misleading, but seriously show, this is Sonny and Brenda. They are each other’s soulmates. I don’t want to see them instantly back together because Sonny’s got some splaining and apologizing to do, but I want to see them working through stuff, talking stuff out. I want to see Sonny return to the character we all know he is, not this weak man chasing after the lunatic with two or three personalities. I need Sonny to kick Carly out of his life for good. Without Robin or Mike around, maybe little Michael will be the S&B cheerleader. He knows his dad was the happiest when he was with Brenda and if he learns that Brenda is still very much in love with Sonny…maybe he’ll be in their corner. I know I am, regardless of what ugly may be about to be seen.

  3. Wow!!! Your words were on it. I agree wholeheartedly with it all! I was a GH fan at the age of 8, which was a few years before the arrival of S&B. F&F were my favorite GH couple pre-S&B. I feel like a traitor sometimes because I never missed a single episode of GH. It was not until they paired Sonny with the most wicked bitch in daytime tv, Carly did I stop watching! I felt so betrayed that GH didn’t think to do better by Sonny. You don’t go from a Porshe to a Pinto and if you do, well let’s just say you’ve fallen on some serious hard times. Bob Guza ruined GH for me. It literally pained me to watch Sonny with her. I know that VM left and MB was still there and as GH’s leading man, I could have accepted him moving on with someone, but not that dreadful bitch! Sarah Brown played Carly convincingly as a trailer-park, slut who slept with get mother’s husband, got pregnant and ruined Tony Jones, plus destroyed AJ! I despised her. 2 actresses later, this version of Carly looks less trashy than the first, but is the most insecure, tacky, evil and shrewish cunt I have seen on tv. She’s classless and pathetic. A dead fly has more sex appeal than she does. The fact that Carly is once again front and center in S&B’s relationship just irks me to my core. I can’t watch it and won’t watch! I am an S&B fan for life, but I will not watch them destroyed. The shows writers have no respect for the fans or preserving history. They spit in history’s face time and time again. I love seeing Vanessa’s beautiful face light up the screen, but these bullshit rumors about Brenda are just unacceptable and I am not going to be part of that madness! Happy 50 years GH! That’s a great accomplishment, but shame on you for the destruction of characters and history. Seeing my faves last week was a treat and very nostalgic because I was painfully reminded of what GH is no longer!

    • You just summed up EVERYTHING I feel about Carly and the *Possible* upcoming S&B story line. Can’t stand Carly.
      Hope that if VM isn’t staying permanently that they would at least have her on good/friendly terms with Sonny so that when she comes back next time they’ll already be friendly 🙂

  4. Oh, Ro…(hug)…I can’t even watch today’s show.

    I’m gonna admit that I have not seen one full eppy with Frisco. He was scattered so sparsely throughout his short 10(?) day visit, that I knew it would be something I would be working to forget. And, I knew these writers wouldn’t handle it well at all. They’re really trying to shovel this down viewers throats and it’s not making any sense at all, so yeah, I’m also kinda scared about SnB.

    The only nugget I can hold onto is that Vanessa is still taping, so Brenda has story. I’m prepared to wank it away when it’s over though, because I’m betting this is gonna be mostly about Sonny getting his long-wanked triangle/square, and I will never, ever buy that so many stupid, fucked-up women fight over him other than the ONE and ONLY character who has the true LOVE STORY with him. Case closed.

  5. First let me say, Ro, you are a terrific writer! I love reading your blogs.

    Second, I am beyond disappointed in this so call “Nurses’ Ball”. Truthfully, I haven’t watched it fully (mainly I fast forwarded to see Sonny and Brenda scenes). But what I have seen made me realize that I’m not missing anything. (I really wasn’t expecting much anyway because, like Sonny and Brenda, once you’re had and seen the best, how can you accept anything less.)

    I agree with all of you. Why wasn’t there more reference to Robin and Stone? What happening to the Stone Cates Memorial Wing that Sonny donated money to establish? Did they even bring in the AIDS quilt?

    What’s the point of bringing back alot of these vets just to show all of these new characters that really have no connection to the ball? Why couldn’t there have been more interaction between the vets? I was really looking forward to seeing Lucy and Brenda reunite. “My face, my face.” I loved Lucy and Brenda’s friendship.

    Ugh! Don’t even get me started on Brenda’s return. Love when I heard that Brenda was coming back and I was prepared to accept just about anything. Just about…but even I have my limits.

    First day was terrific! Brenda looked incredible! We finally found out what was in the letter. Great scenes between Sonny and Brenda. I didn’t even mind that Brenda was engaged to Jax, just for Sonny’s reaction alone. (Love seeing jealous Sonny!) Went straight down hill from there.
    I know a lot of you all hate Jax, but I don’t believe Brenda would have lied and treated Jax like that. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not too please with Jax either! For the second time, he listened to that shrew Carly and threw Brenda to the curb. Yet Carly constantly put Sonny and Jason, not to mention slept with Sonny multiple times, when he was married to her and he did nothing!) Anyway the Brenda and Jax scenes didn’t seem true to Brenda’s character.
    What was the point of bringing them back engaged just to break them up? They could have came back as friends or something. The Brenda roll throwing scene was hilarious (even though I never got why she was at the same table as Carly)! Love the deleted Sonny and Brenda scene. That was a true Brenda moment.

    If the Brenda spoilers are true (to that gross extreme), I may not even watch it. (And that’s saying alot for a woman who has practically every Brenda scene on VHS tape.) I just feel the writers are just doing whatever they can to demean the character of Brenda and for the life of me, I don’t know why. What ….just to prop Carly as the queen of Port Charles? If all of this helps to lead Sonny and Brenda back together, of course I’ll watch but that’s not likely if Vanessa is leaving again.

    • I have been a huge fan of S&B from the beginning.. I am extremely disappointed with the spoilers..I wish that they can have Vanessa stay on permanently..They can undo Alec being her son by saying that when she got to Paris she realized he wasn’t her son and she returned him to his real mother..She returns to Port Charles and run a home for disadvantaged kids..I can go on and on…

  6. I have been so disappointed all I do is fast forward….I can’t believe they had Brenda removed from the Nurses Ball:( I knew I was going to be let down with Sonny and Brenda, but I really thought the Nurses Ball would have had ALL the vets there and Luke perform… But I did enjoy Rick Springfield. I hate to admit it but GH has disappointed me for the last time:(!!! I would rather see Sonny with Carly then that FREAK Connie/Kate (I don’t recognize that wonderful man I fell in love back in the day) Sorry GH you have let this LONG term fan down for the last time!!!!

  7. sonny & brenda belong together big time i love them together on gh they are my fav couple on gh along with some others to they have alot of chemistry together to so please please just put sonny & brenda together on gh, i have been along time big fan of sonny & brenda. so please gh put my fav couple together, & forever & always to. i pray that the whole micheal & brenda thing goes away to it better its been making alot of us fan”s of sonny & brenda up set to so please make that whole thing go away please. sonny & brenda together & forever & always

  8. I think 99% of fans were PISSED and grossed out when Sam slept with Ric Lansing (her MOTHER’S husband). Brenda possibly ending up in bed with Michael is 10x WORSE.
    Sonny and Brenda have known each other for 20 years and have been SO in love; Sonny raised Michael.
    Alexis and Ric weren’t even together that long and Alexis hadn’t raised Sam and had just got through with flipping out at Sam (fairly certain she called her a whore, etc.) – NOT that what Sam and Ric did was at all acceptable, but the circumstances were more “understandable” (???) I guess – this Brenda and Michael shit is disgusting and totally wrong. I, along with a lot of other fans (and friends and family who watch too) are all waiting in anticipation, hoping that it does NOT happen. If it doesn’t happen, I will keep watching, but if they put them together, I’m gonna be skipping over every Michael, Brenda, Sonny, Carly scene.
    Also, the writers need to fkn (sorry for the language) get Brenda a new friend: Stone’s gone, Robin’s gone, Jason’s gone, Lucy’s leaving soon, Lois is long gone, Ned’s not around, and Sonny won’t talk to her after this potential story line. She got a long with Spinelli last time she was here, so that’s a possibility but she needs a girl friend too.
    I’m not sure WHO exactly she should become friends with, but I’m thinking Sam (??) or Elizabeth (?). Sam needs some more friends too: Maxie has Lulu and the writer’s barely ever have Maxie and Sam interact anymore. And to be honest, I think that if they could get past their differences, Sam and Elizabeth could be good friends as well. Would love to see them make up 🙂 (especially now that Jason’s gone – 😦 )
    Just hoping the writer’s don’t ruin General Hospital for me. It would be a shame to piss off so many fans (Guza 2.0?) and ruin the 50th Anniversary and Nurses Ball for us!

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