That’s what I call this visit of Brenda’s…. Bittersweet. From start to finish her visit held promise and we had very high hopes from the start.


What I loved, absolutely adored was how Brenda burst back into Sonny’s life and gave him a meal and a half to think about… Not like the looney tunes happy meal in Shadybrook, but a real meal fit for the man he is. First, Brenda scolded Sonny about not reading the letter. THANK GOD that was addressed! I swear, if they left that out, I think S&Bers everywhere would have had a fit! So, it was covered and Sonny felt like a dumbass for not reading it. Then Brenda had asked him to be with her…. Oh, Brenda. But, hey, it wouldn’t be S&B if they didn’t have this push/pull, I’m ready/you’re not thingy going on between them. As for Sonny, he had a lot on his plate when Brenda showed up. The week before ConKate was breaking mirrors and screaming at herself while Sonny was in a coma up stairs sleeping. Now, she was in Shadybrook, finally getting treatment for her crazy personality disorder. Sonny was kind of expecting her or one of her alters when he opened the door to Brenda. Sonny was knocked for a loop when he saw his beautiful & very sexy Brenda on his doorstep. This kicked off a whirlwind of emotions between S&B and all their fans. Our fire for them began to burn once again.

I’m not gonna recap the whole stint, I’ll be here for days, analyzing the nuances and every little beat that passed between S&B and everyone in between.


Loved the Nurses Ball red carpet with Sonny, Brenda and Carly. I loved how feisty Brenda was and how she wasn’t gonna let Carly win this time. I do think the red carpet could have been a little better but I loved it and it’s cheesiness anyway. I won’t get into the Nurses Ball on a whole because I did it already here:

I didn’t love what happened between Michael & Brenda but I thought that it was fun and interesting. Brenda’s motives were not to hurt Michael. She tried to help him. Then came in the Carly factor and it was too tempting for Brenda to pass up. While it was a little juvenile, it was much better than Brenda sobbing in a corner over both Sonny and Jax. Right?

The truth came out and Brenda left with her head held high…. Then she ran into Sonny at the airport.

Sonny was still at the airport after Dante/Lulu/Luke/Laura came back from Greece. Olivia disappeared and Sonny was just still standing there. In walked in Brenda. It started out like they were walking on eggshells but then it blossomed. Yes, Brenda did tell him she loved him. She said she thinks she’ll always love him. They talked about her loving him but how he still had Kate. Sonny replied with, “There is no Kate.” Then Brenda said “How is it we always wind up here? Running into each other? Maybe it’s a sign we’re meant to be together.”  She talked about trying again and even asked him to join her in Rome.. All the while at this point. they were standing close to each other, so close they could feel each other’s breath on their faces. In hushed, sexy whispers she spoke of all the wonderful things they could do together… Sonny was torn, still confused and reeling from the last few weeks of mind-blowing information. Honestly he’s in no position to go anywhere, imo. But, he said this lovely piece: “Maybe someday we’ll have a shot, but in order for us to have that shot we need time to heal.” Yes!! I’ve always said since she left last time that they need to find a common ground again to start their healing process and here it is. The healing from their broken relationship will begin and he can heal from being dumped by ConKate.


Finally, Michael remembered what happened and that Brenda wasn’t lying.

As Brenda gets called to board the plane, Sonny reaches out, grabs her arm and pulls her into a hungry kiss and full embrace.


How do I feel about our Brenda’s visit?

Honestly, I had a lot of fun with it for a few reasons…

  • She was not weepy B sitting in the corner crying her eyes out.
  • She was not on the run.
  • Brenda didn’t need protection.
  • Brenda showed up right away, not hidden away for a few months in a forgein country.
  • Brenda was strong, knew what she wanted and had a lot of spunk!
  • She didn’t let Carly win. I chalk this one up for a win on B’s side for getting one over on that bitch, Carly.

I didn’t love every second of it. The whole Michael thing was a bit squicky and I tried not to focus too much on what it all really implied. Perhaps I really just knew in my heart that Brenda would never touch him. Thank God that feeling was right!! I would have loved more interaction with Sonny, maybe a scene or 2 with Lucy, Patrick, Emma and maybe Max & Milo. But, I can’t nitpick too much about anything. I am way too happy that she came back and Vanessa really looked like she had fun this time and that’s what matters. The next visit I think will be more about our S&B journey.

Bye B… Safe travels!! 163913_642401615787014_122158807_n

With this all said, this has been very bittersweet for me in many ways. I know some S&Bers have hopped off the bus along the way this time. I can’t help that but what I hope is that you’ll all come home again when Brenda comes back to Port Charles again maybe this summer. Tune in and see their story unfold again, perhaps you’ll like what you see, maybe not… Who knows but you’ll never know if you don’t check it out.

Thank you all for coming along for the ride during this short stint. I had an amazing time with you all and love you girls & guys!! #TEAMS&BALWAYS

Here are the SnB scenes only from today! …

TTFN xoxo~Ro


9 responses

  1. i love sonny & brenda together they belong together to, there my Fav couple on gh to along with some others to brenda brings alot out in sonny to they have alot of chemistry together always will have eachers heart to for sure i hope that sonny goes & see’s brenda to

  2. Once again Ro, you summed up this latest chapter of Sonny and Brenda’s romance brillantly! I admit, this go around I was kinda peeved about some of the things the writers had Brenda doing but they made it up to me with the final Sonny and Brenda scenes. Everybody said it before but now I’m convinced… Sonny and Brenda are definitely ENDGAME! Right now Sonny can go play with ConKate, Livia whoever. The important thing is that he knows, eventually, Brenda is the one he’s going to be with. I cannot wait to see if Brenda comes back this summer.

  3. Ro,

    This was an excellent blog! I didn’t like the Michael and Brenda part either, however I loved Brenda sticking it to Carly!

    I loved today’s show because its a new beginning for our couple! Healing is going to take place, and they will find themselves together once again, and I look forward to that day! Sonny will now have it in his head of how he wants to be with Brenda in Rome, and one day he will be!

  4. Well said Ro. I wholeheartedly believe that S&B are the endgame. I really enjoyed their final scenes together in the airport. They were honest and open. And although Sonny did not verbally tell Brenda he loved her, I think the kiss in the end told her he did. But he was right, they have to heal and work through some things. It sets up Brenda’s return and the continuation of this fascinating and beautiful lovestory perfectly. I did not like the stuff with Michael and believe the writers could have done a better job with it given the quick change that needed to be made, but I do like Michael and Brenda as friends. If anything would piss Carly off, it’s Michael confiding in Brenda over her. I am glad that Brenda was strong, independent, and did not beg and plead for anything. She owned up to her lie, felt bad about it, and wanted to make it right.

    Until next time.

  5. Wow! I wish I found this blog before now! I love S&B, in fact Vanessa Marcil was the reason I started watching GH, so I def believe that they have to be together. I found out that there is a lot of YouTube videos that go back to 1994 when they first met all the way to now ( the channel is called JasonCarly) but its cool because you can watch the whole love story of only S&B! Great blog!

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