Quick M&V news and a few thoughts

Hi S&Bers!!

One of our S&Bers went to Maurice’s event last night. Paula
Benard spoke about working on her next film, with Maurice and…… having
Vanessa in it, too!

Ok what Paula said was bc she
loves Vanessa and has great chemistry with Mo her next project will be with the
2 of them.

Vanessa confirmed it:

@VanessaMarcilG 8h
@TeamSleeves @slygirlSnBFTW
Yes Mo & I may be doing a movie together
soon. If the boss Paula Benard is talking about it then I must confirm

We also have a super pretty snappy of a pic Sylvia bought last night at Maurice’s event:

SnB 2013 fcw


There’s no other details about the movie yet, sounds like they are still working things out and such. When there’s more to share, I will let you know.


Things are very quiet on the S&B front, wish some of the rumors would pan out with a Brenda return. I know eventually she’ll be back, the question is just “when?”

Spoiler about GH….. ConKate bites the dust soon, kicks off a murder mystery and leaves Sonny with Bedwarmer Olivia for a bit… Hopefully Brenda comes back, disinfects Sonny and shows him the way back to glory days with his soulmate.

Rumor: Robin comes back for a bit. I heard from (taping) August to November with taping in 2014 again. As I prefaced it, this is a rumor. Perhaps more info will come out during Kimberly’s PA brunch tomorrow.

I wish tptb would showcase the vets instead of the newbie crowd. Sick of Nu-Franco/oldTodd/TumorJason, Kiki, Silas, Ava. They have all eaten the show with nonsense and the other stories are so choppy.


That’s all I’ve got until next time!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro 🙂