Rumors, rumors and more rumors!

Hi S&Bers… Long time, long dry spell…


Our girl is not back and there’s CRAZZZZZZZZZY rumors afoot right now about a return in the works.

First off, I FLOVE the rumors of VM’s return. All rumors of her impending return sets my S&B lovin’ heart aflutter with renewed hope and passion for our favorite couple. Plus, it helps greatly that GH is AMAZING right now! I look forward to it each day, of course you have filler days that suck ass, but over all, 3-4 days out of the week has been kick ass!

The rumors are aplenty and I have them posted on the board: In the “Spoiler Whore” area, Waiting for Brenda’s Return thread to be precise.



And… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck….

First up: The Lily doozy.

I’ve thought about this for some time. If Frogface is alive and we must suffer thru her holierthanthou ass for any period of time, she better be an evil, crazy baddie who is out for all kinds of revenge! I want Sonny or Brenda to finally shoot a cap in her ass and call it a day. Then my S&B better get married on a beach, barefoot and happy in the sunset and make sweet, HOT, CRAZY love on the beach… OH and we better see that shit on air this time!!

Okay, now that other rumor about Brenda being sick….

Ugh. 😦

Our girl could be sick. It would make for an amazing storyline and give VM a lot to work with that doesn’t require crying over Sonny. It would bring heart to the show and connect many characters. There better be a cure, she better triumph over the odds and we better get our S&B wedding and honeymoon I mapped out in the last paragraph. haha


Anyway, there’s so many rumors out there, please be cautious and take them all with a HEAPING pile of salt. I don’t know what’s true or not. I love speculating and sharing ideas, its creative and fun but usually far different from the reality of the show that is onscreen daily.


What I can do right now is encourage you all to watch, the show is really excellent right now. A lot of old school characters in major storylines. There’s drama, intrigue, love, friendship, many people in scenes together and a lot of nods to history along the way.

Maurice has been doing an amazing, mind-blowing job with Sonny these days! He is out of couple-hell with Connie and is with his family and acting like a mobster almost everyday. Today he looked UBER hot and I caught a glimpse of Sonny of the 90’s. It was awesome!

Well, that’s about it from me for today. I hope we’ll know more soon about our girl’s status and what’s happening next. Please keep checking the board or with me on Twitter. @sonnyandbrenda

TTFN~Ro xoxo