Here’s to a New Year and hopefully S&B!


Hi S&Bers!

Long time, no post. Well, honestly there’s not much going on in that department. Rumors are rare, but still insistent that we will have our beloved Brenda Barrett back this year but, as I always say, don’t believe anything until you see it….. Or I announce it. 😉


Anyway, we had a short tease this year with a 3 week, about 7 episode stint by Vanessa this year for the reboot of the Nurses Ball. It was an interesting, fun and head scratching run. First, we had our beautiful B show up at Sonny’s door, We saw them “reconnect” and start their dance, clearing up misunderstandings, discussing the torn up & thrown away letter, Sonny’s meds and Robin/Jason’s deaths. Then, Brenda dropped the bombshell that she was going to marry Jax. Fortunately for us S&Bers, she was doing it to make Sonny jealous and want her back. Unfortunately for us, it was childish and blew up in her face. Then some insanity with Michael took place that was thankfully cleared up. They left things a little bit better at the end of her visit but left us wishing Brenda would grow up & stop groveling for Sonny’s attention and love and we were very curious about the continued secret Brenda continues to carry.


I know the visit wasn’t exactly made for growth of a character onscreen but, S&Bers hoped that Brenda would have come to her senses during the last 2 years (was hopping for Sonny to wake up and realize EXACTLY why she left, but… uh, NOPE!) with her son(s)/daughter in Rome. All we heard about was Alec, but most S&Bers are convinced there’s a baby Barrett-Corinthos out there.


Sonny lost the love of his teenage years this September. ConKate died in a bullet to her heart. No S&Ber cried that day. We cheered that ludicrous story was now finally finished. I pray never, ever to hear about those ice skating, trumpet playing days ever agin. Thank you!

Those new, insane rumors about Lily Rivera Corinthos returning are still just rumors. Not saying it’s in any way true, but I hear she is out for revenge against Sonny for moving on, having more children and basically not killing himself after her demise. She apparently is the big bad of the mob scene. Have no clue if this is fanfic or true. I also have heard that Sabrina is their daughter. *HUGE GRAIN* of salt, peeps… Or drink a margarita. Being drunk for a undoing of Clink/Boom might be best if this all happens. (BTW: Carlos is supposed to be adopted brother of Lily, no blood relation between him and Sobby.)

I’m hoping during the year ahead TPTB drop the Sonny/Olivia angle as lovers, just continue them as friends and allies. I’d like them to explore more of Sonny’s business side and show us a heartfelt REUNION WITH ROBIN!! HELLO!! We need a Robin/Sonny reunion. I need him to be sorry for how he treated her, sorry for shooting her and to man up about his mistakes. Robin has always been loyal to him. Her loyalty and love for him runs deep…. Stone deep.


The new year promises new beginnings, possible happy times. I hope we hear some exciting news soon, I miss all you girls (and guys!) on the board, having fun on Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully in the next month or two, Lisa and I can find time to freshen up the board… Maybe the chat box will reappear? hehe

BTW, the show isn’t that bad right now. Of course, everyone has their opinions on this subject but I have been pretty engrossed in the show since ConKate died. It’s been pretty good! Check it out if you haven’t for a while. I hope you’ll be pleasently surprised.

Happy New Year, best wishes for good health, happiness and much success in all your endeavours!

Here’s to hoping I’ll be a more active blogger in the coming year. I miss it very much…. Need some GOOD scoops here! 🙂


Ro xoxo