“Hi Brenda, it’s me….”

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Yesterday General Hospital celebrated their 13,000 episode! It’s an amazing accomplishment considering the turmoil soaps have gone through in the past 5+ years.

Not much in the way of spoilers or even rumors about our girl as of yet, really…. Well, okay, possibly a few tidbits but nothing concrete.

First things first, there’s the ever constant rumor that Cartini are trying to get VM to come back for a longer-term return. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this happens. Don’t hold your breath, though… You may turn purple and pass out. 😦

Yesterday was an interesting episode and quite creative to work Brenda into the episode WITH Sonny in spite of the fact she isn’t on canvas. How did they do this, you ask? Carefully crafted, working in Barrett Enterprises into the Corinthos/Jerome storyline… In fact, I found it fascinating and almost genious…. It opens up another door for the Barrett family, including always our Brenda and now, Julia and possibly other Barrett’s we may not know about… I’d like to see more of Brenda’s past explored.

During the 13,000th GH episode, Shawn had come to Sonny with information as to who was backing the Jerome Family. He spilled the beans to Sonny that Barrett Enterprises was supplying the funds to Julian Jerome. Shawn inferred that perhaps Brenda was in charge but Sonny set him straight with the details of how Brenda was cut out of her father’s will and how Julia was in charge and offered Brenda half, but Brenda refused. Then the question was posed: Was Julia still in charge or was someone else? Shawn encouraged Sonny to call Brenda. It didn’t take much to get Sonny to speed-dial his soulmate and find out the particulars on Barrett Enterprises…… Julia sold B.E. to an unnamed person. Me thinks it’s Ric Lansing, in hopes to stick it backdoor style to Sonny! We’ll see! I also hear that Cartini want Julia back too, for a short stint, to go with Brenda’s longer stint… Again, NO BREATH HOLDING! We’ll see when we see it ON SCREEN, not one second before hand, please!

From Wubs:

**Someone else turns up in the “Barrett Enterprise” puzzle!

Who could that be?

From IMDb:

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Let’s just say that TPTB are trying to make it happen. They’ve been attempting to lock down Brenda for a long-term return for a while now, and Julia showing up for a brief visit around then isn’t totally out of the question.
Take EVERYTHING with heaping grain of salt……. I for one, LOVE the chase to when Brenda comes back. We always have fun and we spin our own stories, full of hope, optimism and we radiate positivity. It is a soap, someone elses’ vision, but as always, it continues our ride with S&B. Enjoy the ride, no matter where it takes us on-screen because as long as our babies continue above ground, there’s always the chance they’ll finally get themselves together to be on the same page and ride off into the sunset together! I’m always up for a Brenda return… Long is prefered but short can be interesting, too. I just hope that whenever we see Brenda next, she’s strong, sassy, in charge of her life, happy and whole.
Have a happy week, S&Bers and remember, this is the 20th anniversary of the Car Dealership and the beginning of S&B’s courtship. We are celebrating on Twitter for the year…. Happiness is loving our babies through thick, thin and one-sided phone calls…. “Hi Brenda, it’s me…..” eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
TTFN xoxo~ Ro 🙂