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Hey S&Bers!

How’s it hanging? Yeah, here, too. Disappointed in the writing for our guy, Sonny and wishing things were different for him and us. I won’t get too wordy about him because it makes me angry to see this destructive road he’s going on. All I can see for an ending for him is prison or the funny farm… or possibly death but, I can’t bring myself to really think about that. Our Brenda can’t even save him right now, he is his own worst enemy and he is in very desperate need of help.

Okay, so Scrubs…

Ugh.. I hate the way TPTB wrote out Kimberly! It was quite uncreative and left a lot of us scratching our heads. None of it makes sense! While yes, Robin WOULD go help a frozen Jason during a normal time, she was separated for almost 2 years from her beloved little girl and her husband! She missed them and missed out on so much during that time! I honestly don’t see her packing she stuff up 2 months after her reunion and high tailing her butt back out of Port Charles, even to save Jason.  She could have been shipped off in an entirely different, in character way… Like work at the CDC in Atlanta. We could hear about phone calls and weekend visits, at least the HER CHARACTER NEED NOT BE DESTROYED!! As a writer, you could eventually still have Patrick move on if need be. He came on canvas as a horndog and eventually he could grow weary of a long distance relationship but still love Robin, thus creating a triangle if and when Robin were to come back full-time. That type of story would allow Kimberly to do her few days stints, longer or shorter depending on how her schedule is. It would have created drama, rather than sick, twisted plot points.

Yesterday, we saw a one-sided phone conversation between Patrick and Robin. It went from a sweet catch-up on events to a sickening, tummy churning, heartbreaking moment where Patrick hung up on Robin. That phone call made Robin seem a bit heartless not to dump her work and come running to help Patrick, Sabrina and their preemie. But, Sabrina and the baby aren’t her responsibility. There were NO SCENES for any of them to have a bond where Robin would even remotely feel connected enough to even TRY to come home! Honestly, this is just an impossible position for Robin to be in. She’s in deadbeat hell! She can’t leave to see Emma or Patrick, she’s not allowed contact of any kind (which I don’t get, it’s completely stupid!) and she comes across as a bitch, when we know she is not. She is kind, compassionate and filled as the heart of the show for many years!

Robin Soltini Scorpio Drake is a legacy character. We watched her grow up onscreen. Robin had many trials and tribulations…. Loss of her beloved grandmother, loss of her parents, loss of her beloved boyfriend to AIDS, discovery of her HIV status and so on and so forth. She grew and we loved her with all of her challenges, triumphs and finally joy. She is not a perfect character, she has flaws. Her parents were/are spys, it’s in her blood to thirst for adventure and risk her “normal” life, so that part I get if the writers really PLAYED UP that portion of her life but the fact they had her come back to PC but stalled her reunion, only to have her leave again 2 months later for a really outlandish reason… Why can’t she visit or at least email or make a phone call here or there?

Look, I know this is a soap opera, I understand the comings and goings of characters BUT, my problem is the complete disregard to legacy, veteran characters! I wish the writers would take care with characters like Robin, Frisco, Brenda, Ned, Sonny, Anna and all the others who come and go through the years. You can write them true to character all the while telling your story. Keep it soapy, keep the spark about WHY the fans fell for the character in the first place. As you ruin a character’s existence, either on canvas or off, you kill the feelings the viewer has for the once beloved character and for the show as a whole.

It’s a sad day/week when two of your favorite characters become destroyed by a simple swipe on a keyboard. Perhaps they should have deleted and started over again…. in many stories currently playing out on canvas right now. The past cannot be changed, just as this past week/month cannot change. Wish some writers had the foresight to understand the feelings of the viewers and the emotional attachment they have of their characters they have watched and loved for years.

TTFN~ xoxo Ro




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  1. Ro, I always look forward to your blogs because you tell it like it is which is something the new writers of GH seem to have forgotten from the very start. Their version of our Soap and especially our beloved characters is overwhelming. They continually rewrite the past and reframe Vets in such a way that is degrading not only to the fans but more importantly to the actors who have created them. With a swipe of a pen they have completely taken GH out of contention for the best soap award. RC has turned it into a mockery. Our Sonny…my Sonny is but gross imitation of a mobster. I only hope TPTB come to their senses in light of the recent snub of the writing and make an effort to bring it back to it’s glory days. Robin sweet Robin will always be the beloved character she has been no matter what story they spin. I agree she would never have left like that…Ever.
    Let’s keep all of our favorites (especially SnB) alive and well by remembering them fondly and spreading the TRUTH.

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