Brenda 101

Brenda Barrett 101
~Courtesy of Soapnet, Edited by Karen Thayer (kartha29)


Bad seed Brenda Barrett came to Port Charles to live with her sister Julia.

It wasn’t long before Brenda threw herself into a love triangle with Jagger Cates and Karen Wexler. 

In an attempt to straighten her out, Julia sent Brenda to live with the Quartermaines.


In an encounter that would pretty much change her life forever, Brenda met charismatic underworld operator Sonny Corinthos.


Brenda’s relationship with Sonny led to her making the two closest friendships of her life with Robin Scorpio and Lois Cerullo.
Brenda found professional success by getting into the music industry. Partnered with Lois and Ned Ashton, and featuring the talented Miguel (Ricky Martin), L&B Records was a big hit.


Working with Miguel led to him developing quite the crush on Brenda. They may have had a few moments like this, but Sonny still had her heart. 

Brenda got caught up in the chaos of Sonny’s mob life. These were dangerous times, but also sexy. Remember this fateful trip to Puerto Rico?

In order to prove to her friends that Sonny was on the level, Brenda wore a wire to record him. Sonny discovered it, however, and felt terribly betrayed. He dumped a tearful Brenda on the spot.

Still reeling from the breakup with Sonny, Brenda met charismatic billionaire Jasper Jacks — who was immediately smitten with her.


Brenda was still not over Sonny, though, and it started to look like they were going to get back together. But Sonny’s rebound girl Lily got pregnant! Sonny refused to abandon a child, so he married Lily instead. (SN got it wrong. Lily’s father, Hernando Rivera blackmailed Sonny into marrying Lily. Lily then got pregnant during the marriage. It was when Sonny decided to leave her for Brenda, all danger be damned, Lily announced her pregnancy. Sonny wouldn’t allow a child of his to be abandoned so he told Brenda about the baby and his intent to stay with Lily. He left her standing in the rain after Brenda told him to make this worth it and to be a good father.)

Brenda was crushed about the Sonny/Lily thing, so she ran back to Jax — and they got married! At the very same moment, Lily was exploded by a car bomb intended for Sonny.  Clink Boom!


In the aftermath of Lily’s death, Brenda was kidnapped by Sonny’s disgruntled henchman Harry. He blamed her for Lily’s death. Sonny tried to save her, but they got trapped in a cave. Thinking they’re about to die, they had sex.
Brenda and Sonny survived, but in the wake of the cave sex, Brenda felt she had to break up with Jax and figure all her stuff out.

Brenda ultimately chose Sonny and they decided to get married. Only Sonny freaked out about plunging Brenda into a life of violence, so he left her at the altar!

After Sonny left her at the altar, Brenda had a mental breakdown. This image isn’t from the breakdown, it’s from the Nurse’s Ball 1997.

Jax, because he’s kind of the greatest man ever, helped Brenda through her breakdown. They got back together… and she proposed to him!

Of course, Brenda’s happiness was short-lived. Her mentally ill mother, Veronica, came to town — and Brenda tried to help her out. But in a particularly manic episode, Veronica drove her car off the side of a cliff … and took Brenda with her! Brenda was presumed dead.

But Brenda didn’t die… She was saved by Luis Alcazar, a criminal enemy of Sonny’s. He convinced Brenda she was dying, but he returned to Port Charles so he could kill Sonny and Jax.

Brenda managed to escape Alcazar’s boat, and she planned to meet Sonny at the church. They had a dramatic first look at each other… but then Sonny was taken down in a hail of gunfire!  Amazing Grace!

Jax was also shot in Alcazar’s rampage, and Brenda tried to help him through recovery. She assured Jax’s wife, Skye that she was no threat to the marriage, because she was dying.

Still, Brenda could not seem to stay away from either Sonny or Jax. The solution? Marry Jason!

Skye learned that Brenda was actually not dying… but she kept it to herself. Fearful of losing Jax, she worked with Alcazar to kidnap Brenda. Sonny went after her. And, Jax totally dumped Skye when he found out.

Alcazar ended up dead, and Jason and Brenda were the prime suspects. They stayed married through the trial, so they wouldn’t have to testify against each other. They were both found not guilty, eventually — and even though they grew to appreciate one another, they got an annulment.

Brenda decided to marry Jax — again — but she couldn’t stay away from one last kiss with Sonny on the docks. Carly saw them, and she was not about to keep it quiet.

Jax found out, and he told Brenda “I don’t” at the altar. Brenda left Port Charles soon thereafter… out of Jax and Sonny’s sight, but never fully out of mind.