Quotes, quotes and even more quotes! Fall 2010

A HUGE thank you to our Cece for typing these transcripts up and sharing them on the board! xo


Brenda: Whoo!
Sonny: We should be all right here. Nobody followed us. I paid the desk clerk extra so he’ll forget what we look like.
Brenda: Ok.
Sonny: I thought the days of you being kidnapped and threatened were over.
Brenda: Yeah, me, too.
Sonny: So who–who are those guys? Who sent them after you?
Brenda: Uh, Interpol thinks that some criminals are… sorry, I can’t believe you’re standing in front of me right now.
Sonny: It looks like I finally got the timing right.

Sonny: Robin says she saw you in Africa.
Brenda: Uh, yeah, I work for this organization. It’s called A.S.E.C. We work with–
Sonny: You visit kids who have nothing. You give them help and media exposure.
Brenda: Yeah. I’m so crazy, I’m walking through this hotel room and I hear robin’s voice in Africa. Then I didn’t really get to talk to her for very long because my people came and dragged me out to go do some publicity thing. I spent the last 8 years of my life in a hotel room. I’m always running. There never seems to be time for anything else.
Sonny: Robin said you asked about me.
Brenda: Uh, well, she actually insisted on giving me your email and your cell, so…
Sonny: Yeah. She gave me– she gave me your cell, email…
Brenda: She did?
Sonny: So, did she have your permission?
Brenda: I don’t even remember. It was so…fast. Everything happened so fast. My partner Suzanne–she’s my partner in A.S.E.C.–She was rushing me out ’cause we were running late, so…
Sonny: You were running late? That’s–I can’t believe that.
Brenda: I’m actually better at being on time now. I am.
Sonny: Maybe people are more patient with you showing up late than I was.
Brenda: Oh, maybe. Yeah.
Sonny: So who were those men?
Brenda: Uh…uh, Interpol thinks that, uh, some guy named Balkan is supposedly after me.
Sonny: Ok. I–I’ve never done business with Balkan, but I hear he’s very dangerous. If Interpol knows that you’re a target, do they know why he’s coming after you?
Brenda: Sure, yeah. Because of the work that I do with these kids, you know. I shut down these big shots who exploit children, so I’m sure he has something to do with that.
Sonny: Why are you out here alone? I don’t get that.
Brenda: What do you mean, alone?
Sonny: Well, if Interpol–
Brenda: You know I don’t like guards. You know that better than anyone.
Sonny: Yeah, but I’m just– I don’t want to get back into this whole thing again.
Brenda: I’m sorry, are you gonna give me a lecture? We haven’t seen each other in 8 years. Is this lecture time, about why I should have guards around me?
Sonny: What if I hadn’t been there?
Brenda: You were.

Brenda: Why were you outside my hotel?
Sonny: I…I wanted to see you.
Brenda: Why didn’t you call me?
Sonny: I tried, but your line was busy.
Brenda: When did you try calling me? Today?
Sonny: No. It was a couple of weeks ago.
Brenda: A couple of weeks ago. You tried calling me once and I didn’t answer. And then, what, you decided you should jump on a plane to Rome, to just–
Sonny: It’s a little more complicated.
Brenda: Of course. Everything’s complicated with you.
Sonny: But that’s why we made such a good fit, ’cause you like complicated.
Brenda: I do? No, I used to. I used to.
Sonny: I’ll tell you the truth. Robin told me she saw you in Africa, and I started remembering old times. Like, you know, when I first met you on the docks and I grabbed your suitcase and I introduced myself. That’s pretty much that.
Brenda: I should have kept walking that day.
Sonny: Well, you could have kept walking, but I would have found you eventually, ’cause, uh, you had me hooked and you knew it.
Brenda: What else do you remember?
Sonny: Uh, you know, like, uh… when we tried living together and you used to get up in the morning and do sit-ups.
Brenda: Ha ha ha ha!
Sonny: Sit-ups.
Brenda: Sit-ups? Ha ha ha ha!
Sonny: Right?
Brenda: Yes.
Sonny: And then you said you wanted to build a, you know, a fantasy home made out of all wood and glass and…
Brenda: I can’t believe you remember that.
Sonny: Our last unmarried date. You wore that red dress, and you had the flower in your hair. The way you’d drive me crazy and break my heart and make me the happiest man alive. I used to love, you know, the way you you kind of…I mean, the way you would look at me, and you’d smile. But then, you know, I’d say to myself, that was, you know, a long time ago. Those were just memories. And you went your way, I went my way. So I needed to come to Rome to just know what it would feel like…to see you again.
Brenda: What does it feel like?

Sonny: I figured I’d watch you for a while and see if, you know, you were happy. And then go away.
Brenda: So if those guys hadn’t shown up, those bad guys, I wouldn’t have seen you at all?
Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, you knew how to reach me even before robin gave you the cell number. You knew how to contact me. I just thought that maybe you wanted distance.
Brenda: You know, I’ve been walking around with your number on a post-it. Remember post-its? I’ve been carrying it around in this old datebook. No more datebooks. I tried to call you. I tried to call you, too, a couple of weeks ago. Do you think maybe we were trying to call each other at the same time? You know, like, what’s that? Uh, serendipity?
Sonny: I don’t know. Anything’s possible.
Singer: Can’t you see this was meant to be
Brenda: Yeah? You really think anything’s possible?
Singer: …Where we’ve been, we’ll carry on, the ties that never end will bring us home again heartbeat.gif


Brenda: [Chuckles] I’m engaged.

Sonny: So you’re married.
Brenda: I’m engaged.
Sonny: To that movie star?
Brenda: Mm-hmm. Yeah, Murphy. He’s great.
Sonny: He better be if he gets to marry you.
Brenda: You married, sonny?
Sonny: Robin didn’t tell you?
Brenda: No.
Sonny: Carly and I got divorced a long time ago.
Brenda: Right. [Clears throat] Carly also had a baby with Jax, right? Josslyn.
Sonny: Yeah. You and Jax keep in touch?
Brenda: Mm-Mmm. He sent me a birth announcement. He donates to A.S.E.C. But I don’t see him.
Sonny: No, I’m not married to anyone at the moment.
Brenda: Ha ha ha ha!
Sonny: But I, you know, it might be a good thing since… I jumped bail, and I had to flee the country on a charge of attempted murder.

Brenda: Who did you try to hurt?
Sonny: I know I’ve been involved in a lot of killings. This was self-defense, but my lawyer doesn’t think that she can prove it.
Brenda: Why not?

Sonny: ‘Cause I hate this man, and I’ve openly threatened to kill him on many occasions. Even to a federal prosecutor, god bless her little heart, who was wearing a wire. I know I’m stupid.
Brenda: What are you talking about? You’re not stupid. You’re not stupid. I mean, you’re–you’re a little self-absorbed, and you have a bad temper, but… Sonny: Yeah, well…
Brenda: You’re not stupid. Why did you try to hurt him?
Sonny: Because Johnny made me believe that he was sleeping with my teenage daughter. Kristina’s 17. Johnny’s 30.
Brenda: No.
Sonny: And he wanted to hurt me for other reasons that ain’t worth talking about.
Brenda: Ok, so, she’s your daughter. Your daughter is 17 and he’s 30? That’s disgusting. How’s Kristina?
Sonny: I’m not the–you know, I’m not a fa… I’m not a great father for a daughter because I can be distant, I can be controlling. I love her to–to death, but she scares me to death. [Sighs]
Brenda: She scares you to death. Yeah. So then she runs around and destroys everything in her path to try to prove to everybody that she doesn’t care who loves her and who doesn’t love her, but she does. You know what she wants is your attention, right?
Sonny: She got my attention. She–she got me to believe that she was sleeping…she was sleeping with Johnny, and, uh…
Brenda: Oh, my god.
Sonny: I don’t know. And I started believing it because of what I’d done in my own life, you know? With Karen, with you–
Brenda: What are you talking about?
Sonny: Well, I mean…
Brenda: I’m completely different. Why would you even put me in that category? I grew up fast and by myself with no parents. I mean, I may have been 18 when we met, but I was already in college.
Sonny: Can you–doesn’t that sound crazy to you, that you were in college and I was running a strip joint?
Brenda: No, no–well–whoa. I didn’t even want to know about that. Technically, your club was closed by the time you started dating me.
Sonny: Yeah, that makes all the difference.
Brenda: Yeah. I mean, it sounds like you’re, you know… love your daughter, you’re worried about your daughter. You’re thinking that she’s going through all these struggles because of you, some punishment for all the wrong things you’ve done in your life. That’s not true, sonny.
Sonny: I don’t know. Maybe. But you know what? All I know is I wanted it to stop. And I did something that I’m gonna regret for the rest of my life. I tried to kill Johnny by putting a bomb in his car. The same way lily died. You feel bad now ever being with me?
Brenda: No. I don’t.

Brenda: Yeah, I remember the first time I saw you after lily died. And you were drunk. And you were in so much pain. You were just…Destroyed, and I saw what it cost you, how much everything cost you. There’s no way, sonny, that you would ever be involved with a car bomb ever again unless you had to be, unless you were desperate, you were a desperate father trying to protect his daughter.
Sonny: Car bomb didn’t kill Johnny. He wanted payback, so he caught me on the street, pulled a gun…He was gonna pull the trigger, said he was gonna kill me. So, I shot him first. Left him there, went home, called my lawyer. Somehow, Johnny’s gun disappeared, so they charged me, you know, with shooting an unarmed guy.
Brenda: No, no, no, you wouldn’t shoot someone who had no chance of fighting back, ever.
Sonny: I wish you–I wish you hadn’t said that. I did that.
Brenda: No.
Sonny: I shot–listen–I shot… my son. He’s a cop.
Brenda: What do you mean, your son’s a cop?
Sonny: I got his mother pregnant when she was in high school. She never told me, and she never told him. Years later, he’s assigned to take me down. It’s a small world, ain’t it?
Brenda: You shot him?
Sonny: I shot him the day he was gonna arrest me. I liked him. I was impressed by him. But when I found out he was an undercover cop and he was playing with my kids and working my family, I had–I had to get rid of him, and I did what you said that I would never do is shoot a man who has no chance to fight back. The door opens, I hear his mother screaming… “you shot your own son.”
Brenda: I’m so sorry. It must have been awful.

Sonny: You’re the first person who hasn’t called me a monster after I told them that I shot a cop.
Brenda: You’re not a monster. Don’t ever call yourself a monster. If you were a monster, it wouldn’t cost you. Sonny: You know I never would have done it if I knew he was my son.
Brenda: Of course.
Sonny: But the truth is, I should have never done it at all. That’s something I just realized. [Sighs]
Brenda: Did he die, sonny?
Sonny: He made a full recovery. He joined the PCPD. He testified in court that I wouldn’t be a flight risk.
Brenda: Wait. So your son, the cop, helped you run away?
Sonny: My son believed that I would stay and prove my innocence.
Brenda: So why didn’t you?
Sonny: Because I’m s–I’m starting to feel like my kids are better off without me. They’ve been hurt because of me. What I say, what I don’t say. What I do, what I don’t do. I would lie down and die for my kids. But at this point, I think they’re…they’re better off without me. Brenda: No, no, no, no. Trust me, they’re not. They’re not. You’re their father. They need you.
Sonny: I just told you, I shot my oldest son. The only one of my kids who hasn’t been in the hospital is Morgan. I mean, and eventually he will be.
Brenda: I’m the girl you left, you remember? You left me. I know why you left me. I know why you left me. To protect me. Right? Did you think about asking me what I wanted? Did you think about asking me if I wanted that? Because if you would have asked me, I would have chosen to stay with you. I would have stayed with you. I would have given up my life for you. And I’m some girl you almost married. I’m just some girl you almost married. These are your kids, you know. These are your kids. They need you. And you need to go after them always. You need to go back for them. I don’t care what you’ve done to them. You need to go after them, and you need to never give up on them.
Sonny: Maybe I shouldn’t have left them. I don’t know. I’m so confused at this point, but I’m glad that I came, ’cause I got to see you. [Sighs]
Sonny: Come on. I’m gonna take you to your hotel.
Brenda: Yeah.
Sonny: Hold on.
Sonny: What are you doing? Come on.
Brenda: Nothing.

Brenda: Well, the door guy’s here, so…
Sonny: Door guy’s not enough. You need guards.
Brenda: Yeah, I got it.
Sonny: Guards, right?
Brenda: I got it. Guards.
Sonny: UH…it’s–it’s amazing that forever you wanted to be free, away from the guards, and now that you’ve built a life for yourself, so successful and everything, you need guards more than ever.
Brenda: Yeah. Hilarious.
Sonny: Uh, well, you know what? Um…have a great, uh, life with your husband.
Brenda: Yeah. Thanks.
Sonny: ‘Cause you deserve it. You deserve the best.
Brenda: Thanks. Will you do me a favor?
Sonny: Hmm?
Brenda: Because I deserve it. Will you tell me why you came here?

Sonny: On the flight over here, I, uh, I told myself that you were…sad, lonely, and you needed me, and that when I saw you and I would hold your hand and all of the years apart, all of the choices we made would just disappear. But those, you know, choices and years don’t just disappear. They make you who you are. And you’re right. I gotta go back. I gotta–I gotta face it. Not just for my children, but just, you know, for me. And maybe…that’s one of the reasons why I did run into you, because I knew that you would give me…the right answer.
Brenda: Ha ha ha! I think you’re giving me too much credit.
Sonny: No, I don’t think I gave you enough credit. And I–I loved you from the start. Bye.
Brenda: Bye.


Sonny: What are you doing here, sweetheart?

Kristina: I heard you came back. And I wanted to know why. Michael said you jumped bail because no one believed that you shot Johnny in self-defense.

Sonny: That was part of it.

Kristina: So why risk coming back now?

Sonny: Because I wanted to prove my innocence. I didn’t want my kids to think I was a coward for shooting an unarmed man.

Kristina: You didn’t say good-bye. It’s weird. I thought I’d be glad that you were gone. No more fights or forced family dinners. But when it really started to sink in that I might never see you again, I regretted all those months that I spent hating you, making you so crazy that you went after Johnny.

Sonny: This was not your fault at all, sweetheart.

Kristina: I’m glad you came back. Michael needs you.

Sonny: I’m gonna do everything I can to be the best dad I can be to all you guys. And don’t you ever forget that I…I love you, ok?

Kristina: Where did you go?

Sonny: Tsk. Uh, to get some perspective.

Kristina: I guess it worked. Y came back.

Sonny: Yeah, I got some good advice.

Brenda: A knife to my throat. That’s how good your security guys are. How did they get past security?

Suzanne: Probably the same way the paparazzi did. Someone got paid off. Look, Interpol is searching the whole building. They’re talking to all the Cartullo employees. They’re probably gonna want to talk to you, too.

Brenda: I just want this to be over.

Suzanne: We agreed that if there was another incident, you would leave Rome.

Brenda: It’s very complicated.

Suzanne: Let me uncomplicate it. The Balkan isn’t going to stop until he shuts you up for good. You forget about your career, and you start thinking about self-preservation. This is serious, Brenda. If you don’t call Murphy, I will.

Jason: A truce is the only logical way to end this war before anybody else gets hurt.

Sonny: You’ll set up these terms, you and Dante?

Jason: No, it’s not up to us. It’s up to you and Johnny. You get in a room, you work out the details.

Sonny: I’m willing to negotiate with Johnny. I’ll meet him halfway.

Jason: Ok, you can’t agree to the deal just to get the charges dropped, sonny. You have to be committed to keeping the peace.

Sonny: All right, you know what, the drive-by changed everything. If Michael had died, I’d have blamed myself because I’m the one who set the Lopez family up.

Jason: Michael shouldn’t have been there.

Sonny: Yeah, but he was. Just like the night that Kristina was there when I had the person set the car bomb. I could have killed both of my kids. And for what? A stupid vendetta. Yeah, yes, I got to end this thing with Johnny ’cause it’s gone way too far. I’m done. Let’s do it. ‘Cause I’m better than this.

Brenda: You know he’s already in trouble with his director, right? You call him, he’s gonna get upset, he’s gonna jump on an airplane.

Suzanne: He’s your fiancé, he should be here.

Brenda: It doesn’t matter. He can’t do anything.

Suzanne: Yes, he could try and talk some sense into you. My god, Brenda, you were almost killed.

Brenda: I’m fine.

Suzanne: Yeah? For how long? How long before the Balkan tries again? You need to leave Rome.

Brenda: This is my life. I’m not gonna let anybody tell me how to live it.

Suzanne: Mm-mmm. It’s not just your life anymore. As soon as you accepted Murphy’s proposal, it became a partnership. That’s what marriage is–2 people helping each other, looking out for each other. Murphy would want to protect you. I want to protect you. But you’re not making it easy.

Brenda: I got it. What would you like me to do? Do you want me to cancel the costume gala? What if they pull my contract? You realize that means no money, right? Is that ok with you?

Suzanne: Brenda, you’re not just the face of a charity. You’ve become a good friend. I don’t want to lose touch, either.

Brenda: I’ll be careful. I won’t go out without guards. And I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t call Murphy. I don’t want you to call Murphy, please.

Suzanne: Ok. I won’t call Murphy. I promise.

Brenda: Thanks.

[Knock on door] Murphy: Brenda. Oh, my god. puke.gif

Brenda: Hey. Hi.

Murphy: It’s ok, it’s ok. I’m here.

Brenda: Come inside. Wait, wait. Wait, what are you doing here? Suzanne’s lying to me now? I told her not to call you. Murphy: No, no. I had to find out from my publicist.

Brenda: Oh. Sorry. I don’t want to upset you. Murphy: It’s too late for that. I saw the pictures of those guys that you were struggling to get away–how the hell did this happen? You’re supposed to have security.

Brenda: These photographers showed up, and then I hit one of the guys and got away. Murphy: Did they hurt you?

Brenda: Look.

Murphy: Oh, baby.

Brenda: That’s my bruise.

Murphy: Oh.

Brenda: They pulled a knife on me.:

Murphy: Ok, I’m not letting this happen to you again. All right, there’s a car waiting downstairs. We’re gonna pack some of your stuff. We’re getting on the next flight to london.

Brenda: I can’t go.

Brenda: Murphy.

Murphy: Look, if you’re worried about security, the studios have got it covered. I can hire another bodyguard. We’ll have someone on you around the clock.

Brenda: You don’t need to do that..

Murphy: Brenda, I love you. And I’m not gonna let anything like this happen to you ever again. It makes me sick that I wasn’t here when you needed me.

Brenda: No, what are you talking about? You can’t just drop your whole life for me. You have commitments.

Murphy: The most important commitment is the one that we’re making to each other.

Brenda: I don’t think I can marry you. Remember I was telling you how I felt like it was unfair to you?

Murphy: What are you talking about? laughinatyou.gif

Brenda: I have these unresolved feelings. S%26BAlways.png heartbeat.gif


So I guess your life is completely different now. You’ve evolved. Sonny doesn’t give orders, and you don’t follow them anymore.
Jason: Sonny didn’t send me.
Brenda: Wow. You’re such an incredible liar.
Jason: Why would I lie?
Brenda: Is that a serious question, why would you lie? Well, because I know that Sonny is facing murder charges, and he knows that I want him to focus on that and not worry about me. So he sent you to keep me safe.

Sonny to Dante: Your opinion of me wasn’t high to begin with. Now I tell you that I’m using Claire to get over somebody else.

Brenda: Look, I know about Sonny’s attempted murder charge, and I’m sure he heard that I’m in more trouble. So he sent you, right?
Jason: No. Charges were dropped.
Brenda: Oh. Well, that’s great. That’s great. But he told you that he saw me? cray.gif
Jason: He didn’t say anything about you. comfort.gif
Brenda: No? cray.gif
Jason: No.
Brenda: Oh. Well, it’s good that the charges are dropped. His kids need him.
Jason: And you need more security, and we need to figure that out, because I really want to go home, so–
Brenda: So, is Sonny seeing anyone? sad-smiley-004.gif
Jason: He’s not married, if that’s what you’re asking me.
Brenda: I mean, is he involved with anyone?
Jason: Uh, I don’t–I don’t think it’s serious.
Brenda: Hmm.

Carly: There are plenty of men that can line up to help Brenda. Jason doesn’t have to lead the charge. He’s the one guy her magic never worked on. I mean, what is it about her, anyway?
Michael: How would I know? I mean, dad and Jax saw something special in her somehow. I– laughinatyou.gif
Carly: Yeah, but Jason never did, Okay? Jason never did. He always thought that she was a spoiled brat. He never had a problem telling her that. So why didn’t he tell her this time?
Michael: Mom, why does it bother you so much that Jason’s seeing Brenda?

Brenda: So as far as you know, Sonny’s free? S%26BAlways.png
Jason: I already told you, the charges have been dropped.
Brenda: Yeah. I’m talking about he’s not living with anyone or anything is what I mean.
Jason: No.
Brenda: He really didn’t say anything? lipquiver.gif
Jason: No. I’m here because I know you’re in danger.
Brenda: Well, that’s sweet. But how do you know I’m in danger if Sonny didn’t tell you.
Jason: Suzanne told me–
Brenda: Oh, my God. This woman. Suzanne’s telling you? Why is she talking to everybody about it? And what’d she call you for?
Jason: You listed me as your emergency contact.
Brenda: That’s only if I die, and I don’t want to upset anyone. You’re the only one who doesn’t care.

Sonny: You know that woman I was telling you about? Our love was–I tell you, it was just… strong. Scared the hell out of me when I figured out I was completely falling for her. thud.gif
Dante: Yeah, I know that feeling.
Sonny: But it was never easy, you know, because the deeper we fell in love, the harder we fought. And I had to accept… that it wasn’t going to work. But don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’ve been pining away for her. I’ve been in love with other women. I’ve started a family, I’ve had a great life. I know I can live without her. smack.gif
Dante: Yeah, but she’s always right there in the back of your mind. You know, as scared as you were falling for her, you’re just as afraid of losing all those memories.
Sonny: But that’s all they are. I know that now. It’s time to move on. And for me, it’s always been easier to lose myself in someone else. God knows I’ve had plenty of practice.

Jason: Balkan’s come at you three times. Any idea what you did to make yourself a target?
Brenda: What do you mean, what I did? Why do you assume it’s my fault?
Jason: Well, I’m not saying you did it deliberately–
Brenda: Does it ever cross your mind that I could possibly just be a victim in this situation?
Jason: I’m just saying there’s a reason he’s coming after you. If I could figure out–
Brenda: I don’t want your help, so forget it.
Jason: Well, you need my help.
Brenda: You’re not here by Sonny’s orders, right?
Jason: No.
Brenda: So you should just go. Go now.
[Jason sighs]
Brenda: Or you could make a phone call. What–who are you calling, Suzanne? What are you doing?
Jason: Spinelli, it’s me.
Spinelli: Gracious greetings. Hold on. Have you seen–
Carly: Let me talk to Jason.
Jason: Spinelli, just tell her to wait. I need you to get to work on something for me right now.
Carly: Spinelli, give me the phone.
Spinelli: Yes, of course. How may I be of service?
Jason: I need you to run a check on a guy who–
Brenda: Whoever this is, tell Jason you need him to come home right away.
Carly: Give me the phone.
Spinelli: [Grunts] Valkyrie, patience–
Carly: Jason?
Brenda: Hi, Carly. giggle.gif
Carly: Brenda? moon.gif
Carly: I want to talk to Jason.
Brenda: Um, you–you know, I think he’s busy. He’s going to have to call you back–
Jason: Give me the phone.
Carly:Doing what?
Brenda: Apparently, protecting me.
Carly: You know, if safety is such a concern, why don’t you ask your movie star boyfriend to hire a fleet of bodyguards to protect you? Or better yet, you could have the flippin’ U.N. put their peacekeeping forces on duty. I mean, it’s the least they could do for a humanitarian like yourself.
Brenda: Well, that’s an interesting idea, but he insists on guarding me himself.
Jason: Just give me the phone.
Carly: Jason has a family here, and he has a life here, people that need–
Jason: Carly, just please, put Spinelli on the phone.

Spinelli: Stone Cold is assisting the fairest of faces, much to the distress of the Valkyrie.



Brenda: Murphy’s amazing. But, uh, you know…[Sighs] I don’t know. He would gladly take me to any gala, unlike some people I know.

Jason: Well, then be with him.

Brenda: He doesn’t make me happy.

Jason: Because of Sonny.

Brenda: Look, you know that I would do anything for sonny. All right, I don’t happen to have that feeling in my gut about Murphy, so if I married him, I’d end up leaving him eventually, in one way or another. And there’s nothing worse than being left. So I am not gonna do that to him.

CarSlore: I guess you’ve heard that Jason’s in Rome with Brenda? Their picture’s all over the internet.

Sonny: Oh, yeah. And that’s a problem for you?

CarSlore: Yes, sonny, it’s a problem for me. When Brenda manufactures a crisis to get attention and drags Jason to Rome, that’s a problem.

Sonny: She probably called him because he probably has a cell phone.

CarSlore: Michael needs Jason. It’s not fair to have him in Rome doing your business and dealing with your drama queen.

Sonny: What do you want me to do?

CarSlore: I want you to go over there.

Sonny: You want me to go see Brenda?

CarSlore: She’s only doing this to get your attention. She got Jason on the red carpet at some party knowing that you’d see the picture, assuming whatever danger she’s in is serious. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. I don’t care, ok? She wants you to save her. GO. What are you waiting for?

Sonny: Whatever is going on with Brenda, I’m sure Jason can take care of it.

Carly: Michael needs Jason. He’s having problems in school. Isn’t your son more important than your old girlfriend?

Sonny: Of course he is. But that’s not why you came over here. You want me to go after Brenda so your husband Jax doesn’t.

Carly: Yes, you’re damn right I do. Jax and I finally got back together. The kids are settled. I have everything I want, and Brenda Barrett isn’t gonna mess it up.

Sonny: What makes you think she’s gonna mess it up, anyway?

Carly: I walked into Jax’s office and he was talking to Sam and he was asking her questions about Brenda. Which means Brenda is on his mind, and that’s not good for me, Sonny. giggle.gif

Sonny: OK. So you’re saying Brenda’s welcome to have me, is that what–

Carly: Oh, come on. I’ve watched the sonny and Brenda show for years. You guys will get together, you will enjoy the dysfunction, it’ll blow up in your face, and you’ll swear you’ll never do it again because you’ll be devastated.

Sonny: And that’s what you want for me?

Carly: No! No. But I can’t keep you from Brenda. I’m not even gonna try. But she’s not gonna have Jax. laughinatyou.gif

Jason: Well, you didn’t want me here in the first place, and now I’m leaving, you should be happy.

Brenda: I’m fine. Jason. I just want you to know I appreciate you dropping everything and coming here.

Jason: I–I think the work you’re doing for the kids, it’s important. Just be careful.

Brenda: You should go, right?

Jason: Yeah. I just wanted to say that I don’t think the Balkan’s actually trying to kill you. I think he’s trying to take you for some reason.

Brenda: Look…if Sonny asks you how I am… lipquiver.gif

Jason: Yeah?

Brenda: This is what I want you to tell him.

Sonny: You know what? I never get to see you, so I don’t want to spend the whole time talking about Brenda.

Michael: No, dad, please. It beats talking about school or prison or my future, so go ahead.

Sonny: Do you remember Brenda at all?

Michael: UM…The last time she was in port Charles, I was too busy being a kid.

Sonny: You ok?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, dad, I’m fine. So, what’s the deal with you and Brenda?

Sonny: Well, it just wasn’t the most, you know, the healthiest relationship. The good times were great, and the bad times nearly got us killed. We’d go back and forth, you know, getting back together, you know. It never works.

Michael: Well, why do you keep going back to her?

Sonny: She’s special. She was very special to me. I don’t know how to explain this. It’s like, uh…Brenda was the most unrealistic person that I’ve ever known. She dreamed big. She was spoiled. But she was very kind, and she believed that things were gong to happen because that’s what she wanted, and… 9 out of 10 times she broke her own heart. But you know what? It doesn’t really matter, ’cause she doesn’t fit in my life now. We–we said goodbye. bye2.gif

Michael: Yeah, well, dad, what if you’re–what if you’re wrong? And what if Brenda still loves you? clap1.gif

Brenda: I want you to tell sonny I’m doing great. cry.gif

Jason: But you’re not.

Brenda: I want you to tell him that I’m doing great, and that I’m working with these kids who need me and that my life has purpose, so that he can go on without me. cray.gif

Jason: If he asks, I’ll… I’ll tell him something.

Brenda: Jason…

Jason: Well, you have all my numbers, so if you need anything, you just, you know, call me.

Brenda: Hey–uh, hey. Um… you know I want Sonny to have a good life, right? rainyday.gif

Jason: Yeah, I’ll tell him.

Brenda: All right. Bye.

Jason: Is it really goodbye?

Brenda: Yes. Goodbye.

Jason: Goodbye.

Brenda: Goodbye.

[Brenda sighs] FLASHBACK BEGINS!!!

Brenda: Did you ever take Karen to this place?

[Tires screeching]

Brenda: Sonny, I–

And Sonny kisses the HELL out of her!!!

[Doorknob rattling]



Sonny: It’s pointless to speculate, ’cause even if Brenda broke up with that actor, there’s probably a thousand other guys just waitin’ in line to pick up the slack.

Michael: Yeah, but, Dad, you’re still not answering my question. If Brenda were available, would you want her back?

Sonny: I don’t even know if I can give you a satisfactory answer, because I have mixed feelings about Brenda. The joy of having her back would be exceeded by the pain of losing her again.

Michael: Well, Dad, maybe you wouldn’t.

Sonny: Well, I mean, it never worked between us, because no matter how much Brenda and I loved each other, there was just so much stuff goin’ on.

Michael: Stuff. Like what? What stuff?

Sonny: I don’t even know where to start. Brenda loved with everything she had, but she didn’t know how to sustain it, and as much, as deep as she loved is how much love she needed back. You know? And if she didn’t get that, she would shatter. And I hurt her more than once, and I hate myself for it.

Michael: How did Brenda feel about you, Dad?

Sonny: I don’t know. For a long time, you know, she loved me. It was written all over her face. Even when we were apart or, you know, with other people, I know she would stand around and say that, you know, she hated me and she didn’t want anything to do with me, but all she really wanted was for me to tell her that I loved her. And I did. It was a crazy relationship. One thing you gotta understand, no matter how much you love someone, you ca–it doesn’t mean you can get through not being good for each other. And as much as I loved her, as much as she made me feel alive, there’s no place for me in her life anymore.

Michael: Look, Dad, I get that you and Brenda didn’t have an easy relationship, but, I mean, that was a long time ago. You guys are–you’re completely different now.

Sonny: Well, not so different. I run the business the same way. Your mother was able to adapt. Brenda couldn’t. It was always a constant struggle trying to find the balance between what she found acceptable in her love for me. She wore a wire on me once.

Michael: You’re kidding me.

Sonny: I wish I was. Um, she thought that if she could get me to say something incriminating on tape, that somehow that would force me out of the life.

Michael: Dad, that’s crazy.

Sonny: No. It’s naive. It’s a– Brenda, that’s the way she was. She would just convince herself or something. Anyway, you know what? I let go of Brenda years ago for her own good. We’ll leave that at that, okay? I just hope that you never wind up in my position to find love, to know it, and not be able to keep it because you followed in your dad’s footsteps.

Sonny: Is that your roundabout way of asking for an update on my personal life?

Carly: Oh, I don’t have to. Claire was a wealth of information. She went to her bosses, and she told them that she was sleeping with you and you conflicted her interests.

Sonny: Why would Claire tell you out of all…

Carly: I have no idea. Maybe she’s staking her claim. Maybe she’s afraid the ex-wife wants to compete for your affection. I don’t, by the way.

Sonny: I’m devastated.

Carly: Oh, yeah. I bet you are. Jax, on the other hand, well, he didn’t like it much. He loved how determined she was to put you in prison, and he’s very upset that you lured yet another woman over to the dark side.

Sonny: Does it bother you a little bit that he’s so concerned about me? Like it’s like an obsession…

Carly: Don’t act like the feeling’s not mutual. You guys started fighting over Brenda years ago, and you haven’t stopped. laughinatyou.gif @ CarSlore… you’re so stupid!!!


Brenda: Will you stay and talk to me?

Jason: What do you want to talk about?

Brenda: How’s Sonny?

Jason: Why don’t you try to rest?

Brenda: I’m too cold. Oh, I’m so cold.

Jason: What are you–

Brenda: How is he?

Jason: I can’t speak for him.

Brenda: Well, how does his life seem?

Jason: What do you want to know?

Brenda: What happened between him and Carly?

Jason: They got divorced, which is the best thing for both of them.

Brenda: And Carly moved on. What about Sonny?

Sonny: I don’t have to tell you what my kids mean to me. That’s why I turned myself in. I didn’t want them to think I was a coward.

Carly: OK. So if you didn’t have your kids to think about, would you have ever come back, or would you be with Brenda right now?

Jason: Why do you wanna hear all this? I mean, you’ve moved on. You’ve made a life without Sonny. What’s it matter who he’s been with?

Brenda: It’ll help me to know that he’s happy. It’ll help me to move on. And I need to know if someone else has ever made him happy.

Jason: Well, he’s had a lot of girlfriends.

Brenda: I don’t care about that. Has he ever been in love?

Jason: He says that he was.

Brenda: What does that mean?

Jason: I don’t know. It’s none of my business, Brenda.

Brenda: Can’t say it, can you?

Jason: Say what?

Brenda: That someone else has made him happy.

Jason: Why don’t you get some rest?

Brenda: Does he ever talk about me to you?

Jason: I don’t know.

Brenda: Yeah, you do.

Jason: He used to, yeah.

Brenda: What’d he use to say?

Jason: He said that he would die remembering your face.

Brenda: Heh.

Sonny: Brenda’s made a different life for herself in Rome, and she’s happy.

Carly: Who wouldn’t be, with that gorgeous movie-star boyfriend? So hot.

Sonny: Yeah, he’s amazing, but it’s not, you know, who she’s with. It’s about she’s passionate about this charity work with children.

Carly: If you tell me she’s a saint, I’m gonna need a stiffer drink.

Sonny: I’m sayin’ I admire the work she’s doin’ with kids.

Carly: Ok, do you think she would have given it all up for you?

Sonny: It doesn’t matter. I came back for the kids, and now it’s time to, you know, work on bein’ a better father and give them the kind of love and support they deserve.

Carly: You’ve done a great job of protecting yourself. Now that you’re sleeping with Claire, she can’t prosecute you.

Sonny: That’s not the reason I’m with Claire, not the only reason. I’m home.

Carly: Ok, just admit it.

Sonny: Yes.

Carly: Claire’s main attraction is that she’s here and she keeps your mind off Brenda.

Brenda: I mean, what are the odds that Robin and I are gonna be in Africa at the same, exact time? I guess it was inevitable.

Jason: What?

Brenda: Well, I knew I was gonna have to face Sonny again someday, and I just wasn’t ready to do it, and there’s Robin handing me his e-mail. And then Murphy proposes to me right after that, and all I could think about was the night that Sonny asked me to marry him and how I felt, how alive I felt and happy and excited. And then there I was again. When I just saw Sonny, I felt the same way. He didn’t tell you he saw me? Really?

Jason: He didn’t tell me.

Brenda: And he saved me and pulled a gun on those 2 guys. This time, he was amazing. It was like a dream.

Brenda: You ever think about the fact that Sonny actually sent you on my wedding day to tell me that he wasn’t gonna marry me?

Jason: Yeah, I do. That was tough, but I know Sonny did it to protect you.

Brenda: Oh, right? Well, you could have mentioned it that day. You could have mentioned that to me. Look, I know the reasons why Sonny and I don’t work. I mean, I understand, you know, the dynamic between us, but he could have tried harder. I mean, there was that one moment in our relationship that he could have pushed through, and he just didn’t. Oh, you know. You were there. What do you think?

Jason: I think you and Sonny don’t seem to make each other happy for very long.

Brenda: (laughs) I guess that sums it up, doesn’t it?

Brenda: Sorry. I know you hate it when I make you speak, you know, talk about stuff. That’s why it was such a nightmare to be married to me, right? ‘Cause I talk, and I cry, and I love, and I laugh, because I’m alive.

Jason: Are you happy? Are you?

Brenda: Well, I’m happy that I’ve been able to accomplish the things that I’ve been able to accomplish. I’m happy that I’ve been able to help kids who can’t help themselves.

Jason: I know that your work is important to you. It’s not safe here. And until the situation’s taken care of, you’re coming back to Port Charles with me.


Jason: You’re not safe here.

Brenda: Yeah, I am safe here. I have you to protect me.

Jason: No, I feel like I can keep you safer in port charles.

Brenda: I don’t want to go to Port Charles. Do you understand what I’m saying? I don’t want to be in Port Charles. I understand you can keep me safer there from Balkan and all these other bad guys, but I don’t want to go there.

Jason: You don’t want to see Sonny. Then stay away from Sonny.

Brenda: Why are you talking about Sonny? I’m not saying– I’m just saying I don’t want to be in Port Charles, ok? Sometimes you do things that are not good for you, and you don’t plan on doing them. Remember when I was addicted to painkillers? Have you ever been addicted to anything? You wake up everyday and you say, “this is the day that I’m going to stop.” And then the hours pass, the thoughts start creeping into your head, and before you know it, you are doing something that is not good for you.

Jason: Do you want me to tell Sonny to stay away from you?

Brenda: No, I’m saying that I just don’t want to go to port charles.

Jason: It doesn’t matter–

Brenda: Why are you changing this into something that I’m not saying?!

Jason: It doesn’t matter what you want right now because the attacks are escalating. So you gotta ask yourself, is it worth risking your life just to avoid Sonny?

Brenda: So are you pretending like there’s nowhere in the whole entire wide world that we can hide other than in port charles?

Jason: I’m not pretending. I’m just saying that I have the advantage in Port Charles–

Brenda: Oh, you know what, we can go to africa. I have that trip planned for asec and you can just go to Africa with me.

Jason: Africa’s not going to work, ok?

Brenda: Why not?

Jason: I don’t have endless time to spend on your personal safety. I actually have a life to get back to.

Jason: The balkan wants something from you. Why don’t you just tell me–

Brenda: I don’t know what he wants.

Jason: Yeah, you do know what he wants. And I can’t track this guy down, that’s why I can’t protect you, and that’s why I have to take you back to port charles.

Brenda: Let me explain to you, for the last time, how I’m not going to Port Charles. It’s no good for me there. I don’t trust myself there. It’s my past.

Sonny: Well, not just nice… look, sometimes life takes a different turn, right? And you fall deeply in love with someone. And it’s just, it doesn’t last.

Molly: Like you and carly.

Sonny: No, that’s a whole other story. Carly’s going to be in my life because of our children. I was talking about… somebody else.

Molly: Well, then it must be Brenda Barrett. Kristina told me you dated her.

Brenda: Listen, you don’t think that I should be going to Port Charles either. That’s the truth, isn’t it? You don’t think I should be there. Remember, this is why you married me. You didn’t want me to break up Sonny and Carly’s marriage.

Jason: Well, Carly’s married to Jax now.

Brenda: Yeah, let’s not talk about that, ok? Do you think I’m good for Sonny? Do you think it’s good for me to go–

Jason: It doesn’t matter what I think. You can choose to deal with Sonny or not, but you’re coming back to port charles with me.

Brenda: All right, well, the truth is that my heart is not safe there.

Jason: Your heart? That’s not my problem.

Brenda: I can’t do it again. I can’t do this again, don’t you understand? I don’t want to go there. I can’t put myself in that position again. I can’t be around people who I really love. I don’t want to be around people who have the power to hurt me.

Brenda: Can you just please find another way for me?

Jason: I’ll make you a deal. As soon as the Balkan comes to port charles, I will kill him, and then you can leave.

Brenda: No, you’re not listening to me, because–

Jason: No, I’m just not saying what you want to hear. I’m not agreeing to let you go to africa. I’m not agreeing to let you stay here.

Brenda: What do you mean, agreeing? What are you, the boss of me now?

Jason: Ok, if I hadn’t stopped those guys, you’d be dead or with the balkan right now, right?

Brenda: Ok, yes. It’s true–

Jason: Ok, so then why don’t you just stop talking? I understand why you don’t want to go back to port charles. I really do. But I’m sorry, I’m taking you anyway.

Brenda: All right, so, if we go, then I should just call him. I should just call sonny and talk to him about this. No. No, I–I should have called and talked to him about this, right?

Jason: What you do with sonny is totally up to you, ok? I have to take you back to port charles. And once you’re there, what you do is all on you.

Brenda: I just don’t want to fall into any old behavior. I just don’t want to do anything to hurt anybody.


Jason: Brenda, think about this.

Brenda: I did.

Jason: You told me not to let you do this.

Brenda: I changed my mind.

Sonny: I didn’t know you were here.

Brenda: Well, I almost didn’t come.

Sonny: I’m glad. I’m glad you’re here.

Brenda: You are?

[Gunshot] Brenda: Sonny? Sonny? Sonny! Sonny! Sonny! Aah! No!

Jason: It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok. It was just a dream.

Molly: Spinelli! Spinelli, open the door. Come on! I’m gonna drop these! Spinelli! Spinelli! Open the door, please! Spinelli!

[Vacuum stops]

Spinelli: The blossoms have arrived!

[Molly laughs] Didn’t you hear me yelling?

Spinelli: I apologize. I’ve been a bit absent-minded in my anticipation. How did you end up with the blooms that I requested?

Molly: My friend trinity’s mom runs the shop. The delivery van broke down, and I just happened to be there. Plus, she said it was a rush.

Spinelli: It is. Oh, gracious thanks! They are splendid.

Molly: So what’s going on here?

Spinelli: She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies, and all that’s best of dark and bright meets in her aspect and her eyes.

Molly: That’s Byron.

Spinelli: A romantic of the first order. Heh.

Molly: Are you getting back together with Maxie? Oh, I think that’s just great. You and Maxie belong together.

Spinelli: Maximista is no longer an option. Heh.

Molly: Oh. Well, then what’s going on?

Spinelli: Well, Stone Cold is winging his way from Italy as we speak with the Divine One by his side, and she will reside here until he threat of danger passes.

Molly: The Divine One?

Spinelli: Yes. Stone cold’s luminous ex-wife Brenda Barrett.

Molly: My uncle’s supermodel ex-girlfriend?

Spinelli: The very same. She will find a safe harbor here with stone cold keeping a watchful eye and the jackal attending to her every need.

Molly: I cannot believe Brenda Barrett will actually be living here.

Spinelli: I’ll be sharing my home with an angel, a shining light of patience, kindness, and generosity. [Sniffs]

Brenda: I hate that you’re making me do this. You know, I’d rather go anyplace in the world than port Charles. And now everyone’s staring at me like I’m a weird. Hello.

Jason: They’re not. Just what’s your problem? You fly all the time for a.S.E.C.

Brenda: It’s ASEC. It’s different.

Jason: Why is it different?

Brenda: I’m not with you.

Jason: You said that I make you feel safe.

Brenda: Hey, listen. You don’t make me feel safe when we are on our way to port Charles.

Jason: Is there any way that you can go back to sleep?

Brenda: No. I’m awake now, and I’d love to turn this plane around.

Jason: Port Charles is the safest place for you right now.

Brenda: It’s not gonna matter after we crash.

Jason: We’re not gonna crash.

Brenda: You know what? I actually hope that we crash.

Jason: Why would you hope–

Brenda: This is my hope now, that we crash and drown together. But you know what will happen with my luck? We will crash and end up on some island, the two of us, together for the rest of our lives.

Jason: Can you stop?

Brenda: No. [Sighs]

Jason: Do you want a drink?

Brenda: Yes.

Jason: Great.

Brenda: I hate you forever.

Jason: It’s fine. The plane’s fine. We’re almost to port Charles. Ok? It’s been a smooth flight. Just try to sit back and relax.

Brenda: Where’s the key?

Jason: Just knock on the door.

Brenda: Just give me the key. Where’s the key?

Jason: Just knock on the door.

Brenda: Is the key in your pants?

Spinelli: Gracious greetings. Oh. Please enter.

Jason: Yeah. Enter. Go.

Brenda: Go?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Go.

Brenda: Hi.

Spinelli: Hi. Welcome to the safe harbor of the master and his faithful grasshopper. Benvenuto a casa di stone cold.

Brenda: Hello. I’m Brenda.

Spinelli: Yes. Yes. I’m the jackal, the assassin of the internet. Well, I rule cyberspace while faithfully serving my master, stone cold.

Brenda: Oh, you’re the computer guy. I think we almost spoke on the phone.

Spinelli: Yes. That is correct.

Brenda: Oh. Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Spinelli. Or do you like to be called–what is it? The jackal?

Jason: No, people call him Spinelli.

Brenda: Oh. Well, then nice to meet you, Spinelli.

Jason: So he has your old room, so you take the guest room, ok?

Spinelli: Actually, I would gladly vacate my former quarters. In fact, I restored it to the original configuration in honor of your presence.

Brenda: Oh, you don’t have to do that. Actually, I don’t–

Spinelli: It’s my honor. I would happily sleep in the weight room during the course of your stay. And I will dispatch your baggage forthwith, but first, would you like a refreshment?

Brenda: Oh, seriously? Yes. I’m starving. There’s refreshments at Jason’s house now?

Spinelli: I have prepared strong coffee to ward off the jetlag.

Brenda: Oh, gosh. You are the greatest human being ever created by God. Thank you. Oh, where’d you get this biscotti?

Spinelli: From an excellent local Italian bakery. Since the Divine One was residing in Rome, I had hoped to make her feel more at home, as it were.

Brenda: I’m the Divine One? giggle.gif

Jason: Spinelli, why don’t you take the bags upstairs?

Spinelli: Yes. Of course.

Brenda: No, you don’t need to take the bags upstairs. I’d love for you to have coffee with me, actually. Where’d your pool table go and your ugly leather couch?

Spinelli: The Divine One is pleased?

Brenda: Yes. I am. Come and have coffee with me and biscotti. Here. So where’d you come from? You should call me Brenda. Please call me Brenda.

Spinelli: Brenda.

Brenda: Hey, Jason, is Spinelli around? Hi.

Michael: HI.

Brenda: Who’s this?

Brenda: Are you Michael?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, I’m Michael.

Brenda: Oh, wow. Wow. You were a baby when I left. You were obsessed with the Yankees. You’re huge.

Michael: Yeah. Well, I still like the Yankees.

Jason: You know what, Brenda? We’re kind of in the middle of a conversation.

Michael: That’s ok, Jason. It’s fine.

Brenda: So are you– you’re in high school.

Michael: Yeah. I’m a senior at Madison.

Brenda: Oh, senior year can be torturous. Or it can be a lot of fun.

Michael: Yeah. It’s all right, I guess.

Brenda: So Josslyn is your baby sister.

Michael: Yeah. She’s great.

Brenda: Mmm. I bet you’re great with her.

Michael: Josslyn? Yeah, she hardly ever cries. She loves to be held. I’m teaching her how to play catch. Well, it’s more so me rolling a ball back and forth with her, but she kind of goes crazy for it.

Brenda: Oh. Well, she’s a lucky girl to have you for a brother. How old is she now? When was she born?

Jason: Hey, you know what? Brenda and I actually have some things to talk about.

Michael: Yeah, it’s fine. We’ll talk later, all right? It was nice meeting you, Brenda.

Brenda: Really nice to meet you.

Michael: You, too.

Brenda: What? What’d I do?

Jason: Nah, you didn’t do anything. Sonny was married to a woman named Claudia Zacchara. It was a business arrangement, and she was crazy. Michael killed her.

Brenda: What?

Jason: Claudia kidnapped Carly at gunpoint. Carly was in labor. She had the baby. Claudia tried to steal the baby. Michael came through the door, hit Claudia with an ax handle, and killed her. He went to prison for it…

Brenda: Wow.

Jason: And he’s out on parole right now.

Brenda: I’m speechless.

Jason: You asked why I went to prison. I went with Michael to look out for him. Just be careful with him, ok? He’s goin’ through hell.

Sam: Oh. Hello. Hi. Brenda?

Brenda: Yeah. I’m sorry. Who are you?


This is awkward. [Chuckles]

Brenda: Oh, are you Jason’s– you’re Jason’s friend.

Jason: This is Brenda. This is Sam. She’s my…

Brenda: Girlfriend?

Spinelli:It’s only the most bodacious game ever created, next to “Saga of Stone Cold”, of course. And as it turns out, the inspiration for “Ariel” is none other than Stone Cold’s ex-wife, the divine Brenda Barrett. And now that I’ve met her, it’s…most apparent why. She is, without a doubt… the most captivating woman on the planet.

Brenda: It’s really nice to meet you.

Sam: You, too.

Brenda: I’m so sorry I didn’t realize who you are. Because he never told me what you look like or anything. He actually has never told me anything about you because he doesn’t really like to talk. Not to me, anyway.

Jason: Yeah, well, no, I don’t see any reason to tell you about my personal life.

Brenda: What are you talking about? Why wouldn’t you tell me about your personal life? We’ve known each other forever. You have no problem taking away my choices!

Jason: Taking away your choices? I just thought your choices were wrong.

Brenda: Oh, now you’re going to tell me how wrong I am in front of your girlfriend? That’s really nice behavior.

Jason: Sam!

Brenda: Sorry.

Sam: No, are you kidding? It’s okay. It’s actually kinda funny to see you like this.

Brenda: Forgive me. We’re acting ridiculous. It’s really nice to meet you. Uh, so, how is everything?

Sam: Where do you want me to start?

Brenda: Well, how’d you meet Jason?

Jason: You don’t have to say anything.

Brenda: What are you talking about? I’m being polite to your girlfriend.

Sam: It’s okay, he gets a little overprotective sometimes.

Brenda: Oh, yeah, that’s so nice of him. He doesn’t have to protect you from me, though.

Sam: Well, I’m a private investigator.

Brenda: Oh. That’s a cool job.

Sam: Yeah.

Brenda: Wow. What kind of cases do you handle?

Sam: Well, just about anything that comes along, actually. You probably met my partner Spinelli. He lives here.

Brenda: I love him. He’s adorable.

Sam: He’s a cyber genius. You probably know my mom, Alexis Davis. I’m sure you know her.

Brenda: Sure.

Sam: Yeah.

Brenda: That’s your mom?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Brenda: Wow. Did you live at Wyndemere?

Sam: No. Nope. Finding her was just a little bit more recent.

Brenda: Oh. So did you come here looking for your mom? For Alexis?

Sam: Okay, um, full disclosure here, I suppose. Um, yeah, before I came to Port Charles, I was a con-woman, and I actually arrived here with Jax. And… I guess since we’re putting it all out on the table, I’m just going to get it over with.

Brenda: Okay.

Sam: Yeah, so after Jax, I was with Sonny.

Brenda: Oh.

Brenda: Wow, you were with Jax and Sonny. That’s…amazing.

Sam: Yeah. Look, Jax is the reason why I landed in Port Charles. And then I wound up with Sonny. I don’t know how that happened. But it didn’t last very long. He went back to Carly.

Brenda: Right, Carly.

Sam: Yeah. So, anyway, as soon as they kinda got back together, I found out I was pregnant.

Jason: You know, you don’t have to–

Sam: No, Jason, I kinda want to just get it out on the table, you know? It was a good thing, because I moved in here. And Jason took care of me. And we fell in love. We were really happy. We were going to raise the baby together. But that didn’t happen. I lost her. She was stillborn.

Brenda: I’m so sorry. That’s horrible.

Sam: It’s okay. You pick up the pieces and you move on.

Brenda: I kinda wish you would have told me about some of this. You know, I’m really sorry that he had to come to Rome. I feel–

Sam: No, are you kidding me? He needed to be in Rome. You were in danger, right?

[Sam and Brenda chuckle]

Brenda: You know, I– I shouldn’t stay here. I’m sorry. This is ridiculous. I don’t want to make you feel weird.

Sam: No!

Brenda: Port Charles was my home. So, you know, I can find a safe place to stay that’s not going to put you guys out.

Sam: Absolutely not, I wouldn’t dream of it. You stay here. Jason is going to protect you. He will take care of you. I promise you that. I have to go to work, though, so it was very nice meeting you.

Brenda: Yes, so nice to meet you.

Sam: See you again.

Jason: It’s okay. Ahem.

[Door closes]

Jason: You’re staying here.

Brenda: Why don’t you ever tell me anything?

Jason: Because it’s none of your business. She just told you everything.

Brenda: What are you talking about, you just gave me an order. I’m saying, why don’t you have a real conversation with me, tell me what’s going on in your life?

Jason: Because I don’t want to talk to you.

Brenda: You know, I’m here in the middle of your life and I would love to know what to expect while I’m sitting in this place.

Brenda: Do you love Sam?

Jason: That’s none of your business.

Brenda: Are you embarrassed to answer the question?

Jason: No.

Brenda: Then why don’t you answer the question? Do you love her?

Jason: Yes, I love her.

Brenda: You do?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Brenda: Will you marry her?

Jason: That’s none of your business, either.

Brenda: Why, I’m your ex-wife.

Jason: What does that mean?

Brenda: It means that you should tell me stuff. I’m your ex-wife, I’m your friend, tell me things. Why do you act like you hate me so much?

Jason: I just want to do my job so you can go back to Rome!

Brenda: Okay, well, good.

Jason: Good.

Brenda: Great.

Jason: Fine.

Brenda: Come on, let’s go.

Jason: Go where?

Brenda: I need to talk to Sonny.

Jason: Okay, that makes no sense. At all.

Brenda: Well, it doesn’t need to make sense. Trust me, I don’t need to make sense to you. I just need you to understand that I have made a decision.

Jason: Okay, hold on, before we got here you said Sonny’s bad for you. The whole plane ride over, Sonny’s bad for you.

Brenda: I know that I said that to you on the way over, but I changed my mind.

Jason: No, I’m not going to take you to him, he’s bad for you!

Brenda: I don’t want to go see Sonny but I need to go see Sonny!

Spinelli: Stone Cold, if we could refrain from using such loud voices in front of–

Brenda: I’m sorry, but this is the only way that he knows how to communicate. So I need to go see Sonny, and I would like you to take me since you are my bodyguard.

Jason: Fine. I don’t care. As long as you’re breathing, I’m doing my job.

Brenda: Good. Let’s go do your job at Sonny’s.

Jason: You know what, I’m going to have guards meet you downstairs, take you to go see Sonny.

Brenda: Perfect. I would love that.

Jason: Great. Let’s go.

Brenda: He’s just mad because I made him admit he has feelings for someone.

Brenda:Hey. Sorry for the surprise.



Brenda: Aah! Dr. Scorpio, please!

Robin: You’re here! Oh. You’re here.

Robin: What are you doing here? And I wanna–

Brenda: Look at you. Oh, my gosh. You’re so beautiful.

Robin: What’s Max and Milo doing here?

Brenda: Oh, Jason did that.

Robin: Oh, so you’re here because of Jason?

Brenda: Ugh. I would like to hear everything about you.

Robin: Really?

Brenda: Yes. Tell me everything. What’s going on?

Robin: Ok. Well, there’s this doctor, this crazy doctor, Lisa Niles. She drugged me. She took me to this cabin. And– well, I tried to get away, and I fell into this well, and I trapped myself. And that’s why I’m here. Sounds crazy, right?

Brenda: What are you talking about? You don’t end up in the bottom of wells. I do.

[Robin and Brenda laugh]

Robin: And, um. Yeah. Lisa and Patrick dated in college, and when I was in Africa, they slept together.

Brenda: I’m so sorry.

Robin: I don’t know if it makes it better or worse that she’s crazy. I mean, she wanted to kill herself. I guess I should feel sorry for her, but I don’t.

Brenda: I don’t either. Where is she right now?

Robin: Shadybrook, getting a psych evaluation, probably on her way to prison for the criminally insane. Anyway, when I was in the well, I saw Stone. I mean, I talked to him. I know that he wasn’t really there, but I had him back for a little while.

Brenda: Well, I understand that, you seeing Stone. I mean, there’s never anything or anyone like your first love, ever.

Robin: Yeah. I don’t know if Stone was a vision or a dream, but he helped me. He helped me hold on for Emma. And he also made me realize that blaming Patrick for everything isn’t necessarily a good thing, that I need to understand what went wrong.

Brenda: Well, sure, but what went wrong is some crazy woman seduced your husband.

Robin: Yeah, but let’s be honest. Patrick was not marriage material. I knew that from the beginning.

Brenda: Yeah, but he’s still responsible for what he did. Anyway, who cares about Patrick? Just tell me, I wanna hear how you feel.

Robin: How I feel?

Brenda: Yeah

Robin: I’m sad, I’m confused. Before I went to Africa I spent a lot of time thinking about Stone and I shut Patrick out.

Brenda: Yeah, but it’s still his fault too.

Robin: I know but, there’s always 2 sides to every story.

Brenda: Well I can’t stand him already.

Robin: I couldn’t stand him at first either, but you know what? Patrick is a good father but just because we love each other doesn’t mean that we should spend the rest of our lives together. Can we just not talk about this right now?

Brenda: You know, I have a really really good idea. Let’s talk a lot about me!!

(the girls laugh)

Robin: That sounds good. I missed you alot.

Brenda: You know I’m so sorry I didn’t stay in touch. You know I’m so bad at that.

Robin: It’s ok it’s fine you’re here now I just don’t know why and I don’t know what that has to do with Jason

Brenda: It doesn’t have anything to do with Jason it’s just I had some security problems in Rome and you know my partner Suzanne that woman that runs ASEC, she uh panicked so I still have Jason down as my emergency contact.

Robin: Well that’s sweet that you still depend on Jason in that way.

Brenda: No, it’s not sweet. He came to Rome and he dragged me back here against my will.

Robin: Well then you must really be in trouble because Jason doesn’t over react.

Brenda: It doesn’t matter. I’m gonna be fine, Jason’s gonna catch this guy and I’m gonna go back to Rome. I can’t stay here. It’s too many memories. Well you met Suzanne in Africa, so you know what she’s like.

Robin: Yeah I just met her while she was stearing you out to the car. She seemed pretty reasonable.

Brenda: She isn’t.

Robin: Were these incidents, were they attacks?

Brenda: You know what it’s nothing for you to worry about. Jason’t protecting me it’s gonna be fine.

Robin: He’s good at that.

Brenda: Yeah, I’m just, I’m staying with him and I’m not allowed to go anywhere without bodyguards and uh, he says he’s gonna get this guy and then I can go back to Rome. I do love living there. Can you come visit? You and Emma, please?

Robin: Yes

Brenda: Or you can come live with me

Robin: We’ll come visit , but I’m so happy you’re here. I’m worried about you though.

Brenda: No, no don’t worry about me. Jason is the best… bodyguard. Don’t tell him I said that.

Robin: Believe me. I would never get involved in your relationship with Jason.

Brenda: Oh oh wait, I’m sorry. There’s no relationship with Jason. You, remember this… you cannot have a relationship with somebody who never listens to you and orders you around all the time.

Robin: Ok well then I just have one more question

Brenda: What?

Robin: Have you seen Sonny?

Sonny: Well, who do we have to reach to get the case closed. Just find a way, Diane. Thank you.

Jax: Well, well, well. I see it’s business as usual.

Sonny: I’m sorry, Jax. I’m busy right now.

Jax: Well, I’ll keep it brief.

Sonny: OK.

Jax: Brenda’s in town. Leave her alone.

Brenda: I saw Sonny in Rome.

Robin: How did that happen?

Brenda: I don’t know. How did that happen? He said he got my email and my phone number from you.

[Robin chuckles]

Brenda: You know, when I saw him it seemed like we’d been away from each other for hours rather than eight years.

Robin: So you got along?

Brenda: It was really good. We talked, and we said good-bye, and that was it. I actually didn’t think I was going to see him again.

Robin: But here you are. You’re back in port Charles.

Brenda: I went over there right away to tell him I was going to be here for a while, and that I was gonna avoid him for all the right reasons. And Sonny pops a bottle of champagne and tells me that he thinks that we can get it right this time.

Robin: Well, maybe you can. I mean, is that what you want?

Brenda: I don’t know what I want. I know what I don’t want. I don’t want to get hurt again, and that’s what always ends up happening.

Robin: That’s what happened before, and for reasons that no longer apply. You’re free now. So is he. Maybe it will actually work out this time.

Brenda: Do you know how many times I’ve cried over Sonny? I mean, strung out, curled up in a ball, can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t move, and then, finally just–I don’t feel anything, over anything.

Robin: Maybe he was too much for you before. Maybe you actually needed time away to grow up, figure things out. You’ve done so many wonderful things with your life. Maybe you’re ready now.

Jax: Brenda’s built a good life for herself. Have the decency not to dismantle it.

Sonny: You see, here’s what happened. I got home yesterday. Brenda was in my home, ok, waiting for me. And we had champagne. We chatted. And– very nice.

Jax: Yes it’s always nice until the bullets start flying, isn’t that it?

Sonny: What are you doing here? Aren’t you married? Off again? On again I don’t know, whatever. Does Carly know where you’re at?

Jax: Oh, I’m a fool.

Sonny: Yes, yes.

Jax: Because here, I thought that, you know, with everything your kids have been through lately, that maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to take some responsibility, to realize that you are an ongoing threat. I thought maybe you were willing to put Brenda’s welfare first.

Sonny: Let me give you a word of advice. I know this is hard for you, ok? But you go home, and you take care of your wife, and I’ll do my Brenda. [Sighs]

Brenda: Hi.

Suzanne: Hi.

Brenda: What are you doing here?

Suzanne: Checking out your accommodations. Not too shabby, a little eccentric.

Brenda: Himm. Did something else happen?

Suzanne: Well, it’s a good thing Jason got you out of Rome when he did. Your entire apartment was trashed right down to the light bulbs, and the same with your hotel suite. I hate to think what would have happened if you had been there.

Brenda: Did I lose everything?

Suzanne: I’m sorry. These people mean business.

Brenda: Is it Balkan?

Suzanne: Who else? You have to be extra careful, even while you’re here in port Charles. You follow Jason’s rules, and you don’t go anywhere without a bodyguard.

Brenda: Yeah. Well, I guess there’s no rush to get back to Rome now, is there?

Suzanne: I’m really sorry, Brenda.

Brenda: No, no. Don’t be sorry. I mean look, if it wasn’t for you Jason wouldn’t have dragged me back here, and apparently I’m safe here.

Suzanne: Where are you going?

Brenda: Um, I have to go visit a friend. I’ll see you later. You look hot, by the way. Jason will be happy to see you.

Sonny: You ok?

Robin: Ok, yes. Almost fully recovered. I was actually just on my way home to see my daughter. I plan to spend the rest of today being grateful for Emma and my family. Grateful for old friends.

Sonny: You saw Brenda?

Robin: I did.

Sonny: uh-huh.

Robin: She stopped by the hospital when I was leaving.

Sonny: She doing ok?

Robin: Well, she’s troubled. I mean, she’s in Port Charles with Jason.
Sonny: Well yeah, Jason’s dealing with her. Brenda’s gonna be under 24-hour guard.

Robin: Yeah. And I know she’s be still in love with you.

Sonny: Are you having second thoughts about us reconnecting? That’s why you came here to talk to me, to tell me to stay away from Brenda?

Robin: No. I came here to tell you the opposite. I think you should go for it. .

Robin: You and Brenda are both dear friends of mine. I love you both. I want you to be happy. and you were never happier than when you were together.

Sonny: When we weren’t destroying each other.

Robin: Sonny, that was before. That was before your bipolar disorder was diagnosed. And I have to say, looking back, Brenda was pretty immature. She’s a lot stronger now.

Sonny: Yeah, ’cause I’m not in her life.

Robin: You still love her. And I’m telling you she is not over you.

Sonny: So you think I should go for it?

Robin: Love doesn’t always last forever. Sometimes, it falls apart.

Sonny: Yeah.

Robin: But you and Brenda have a chance. Don’t assume that you’ll have another one.




Sonny: You’re the first to tell me to try with Brenda again.

Robin: Well, I’m a big believer in following your instincts.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, my instincts are kinda tellin’ me to try again.

Robin: Well, this is me cheering you on.

Sonny: Right. But, you know, Brenda is afraid of opening that door again, and I gotta tell you I’m terrified, too, because we weren’t always good for each other. There was a lot of pain on both sides, and I don’t wanna go through that again. So maybe it’s best that I just do what she wants and just, you know, leave her alone.

Sonny: When I was in Rome, I got a glimpse of Brenda’s life when she’s on top of her profession, using her celebrity to give, you know, these kids a voice that–you know, wouldn’t have one if it wasn’t for her.

Robin: Yeah. That’s very admirable.

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah. I’m very happy that she’s doin’ that, but I’m not surprised, because, you know, Brenda was always a lot more than how she looked, but not everybody thought that.

Robin: You did.

Sonny: And you did, too. Anyway, you know what? She’s with this boyfriend now or not. I don’t know what’s goin’ on in that– what’s that guy’s name?

Robin: What’s…

[Sonny laughs]

Robin: Yeah, only you wouldn’t know. Murphy Sinclair. You know, he’s like a big movie star.

Sonny: Yeah, he’s an actor. Whatever.

Robin: Yeah.

Sonny: He seems like a nice enough guy who loves her, and even if they did break up, it wouldn’t take much to get ’em back together, and if this Murphy actor guy is who Brenda wants, then that’s who she should have.

Robin: What about you, sonny? What do you want?

Sonny: I want Brenda to be happy. I want to believe that I’m the man who can give her that.

Robin: I knew that when I told you I saw Brenda in Africa, you were more affected than you let on.

Sonny: Well, I’m not gonna lie to you, you know. It got to me.

Robin: Yeah. You tried to play it off, but you couldn’t fool me.

Sonny: Well, it’s like it opened up a lot. You know, I started thinking about her a lot, and I taught myself for a long time not to think about her. Then you bring her name up, and, you know, you got all these memories, good, bad.

Robin: You lived your life very big together.

Sonny: Very big, all-consuming, and it wasn’t always good, you know? But that’s what we had right from the start.

Robin: Yeah. It was obvious that you two would either become the greatest loves of all time or you would end in disaster. You know, no in between.

Sonny: Well, I’m thinkin’, you know, maybe this time, we got a chance to get it right, as long as we’re both brave enough to take that chance.

Brenda: Oh, there’s–trust me. I look back on my life here in port Charles, and I realize there was nothing bad about my past, so I have a whole new appreciation for the word “home” these days.

Robin: Stone and I always rooted for you and Brenda. I think he’d be happy to know there’s still a possibility.

Sonny: I don’t think there’s a possibility. I mean, Brenda turned me down last time I talked to her.

Robin: Look, I love Brenda, ok? I always will, but let’s be honest. She came to see you to tell you that she doesn’t want to see you anymore. That’s your cue to change her mind.

Sonny: And I tried. Look, I thought I put it away, the hope of us getting back together again, but I walk into my house. She’s there. She came back from Rome, and we still had, you know, the history and the spark and the whole thing. I just, you know, don’t wanna let Brenda get away again.

Suzanne: It’s Suzanne.

Brenda: Come in.

Suzanne: I just got a call from Cartullo. We have to talk about scheduling.

Brenda: I can’t talk about photo shoots right now. I’m kind of in the middle of something.

Suzanne: You’re sitting on a chair.

Brenda: I’m having a life-changing realization.

Suzanne: Have it on your own time. You have an obligation to the fashion house that keeps your face in the public.

Brenda: I know. I always work. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to have a life of my own.

Suzanne: Well, I’m all in favor of you having a life of your own. That’s why we’re here in port Charles, to keep you alive.

Brenda: You wanna know what’s going on?

Suzanne: Well, I’m afraid to ask. You haven’t been very predictable lately.

Brenda: Heh.

Suzanne: What is it?

Brenda: I have been hiding from myself for a very long time. I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but I just feel like it might be time for me to have the courage to face that.

Suzanne: I can’t keep up with you. First you don’t wanna come to port Charles. You’re kicking and screaming. “It’s an emotional trap,” you say. And now you’re rushing into something full speed ahead.

Brenda: No, I’m not rushing, and I wasn’t strong enough before, but I know what I want now.

Suzanne: Which is?

Brenda: I just want to be able to love who I love and know that I’m not gonna lose myself.

Suzanne: And is this an emotional philosophy, or is there a flesh-and-blood candidate?

Brenda: There’s a flesh-and-blood candidate.

Suzanne to Jason: Maybe not about her physical safety, but how worried should I be that she’s decided she loves sonny and she’s on her way to tell him?

Brenda: Sonny.

Dante: Heh. What the hell?

Brenda: What are you doin’ here?

Sonny: Oh, this is perfect. I wanted you two to meet. Brenda Barrett, this is Dante Falconeri, my son.

Sonny and Brenda Quotes :)

Sonny and Brenda Quotes:
Sonny: “Is danger what you’re looking for?” 
Brenda: “Why do you say that?”
Sonny: “Because ever since we met, every move you made has been flirting with danger.”
Sonny: “We don’t have a choice, like moths to a flame.”
Sonny to Brenda:  “ Is it enough to say that you make the blood in my veins so hot that I can barely touch my own skin?  “ I have never wanted another woman as much as I want you. Is it enough to say that I… that I think about your face, your mouth and when I do, I want to stop whatever I’m doing and make love to you?”
Sonny:” Because I can’t let my brain check out. Feelings start, thinking stops. If I don’t think sharp, they can put me in the cell.”
Stone’s Ghost: ” Great, so now Brenda’s dangerous? I guess if she had stayed, like you wanted her to, you’d be ducking bullets?”
Sonny: ” No, no, no, I’d be kissing her.”
Stone’s Ghost: ” Yeah.”
Sonny: ” The kinda kisses that lasts for days and all hell breaks loose.
Brenda wraps herself in red gift paper for Valentine’s Day: 
Sonny:”Is that all for me?”  
Brenda: “Well, I certainly wouldn’t make a fool out of myself for anyone but you.”               
 Sonny: “Babe, you don’t look like any fool I’ve ever known.”
Sonny: “I have always loved you, and I will always love you. No matter what happens, you have to know that.”
Brenda: “Do you know in my heart I never really left you?”
Brenda gives Sonny a love token (a gold pocket watch):
Brenda:  “A love token.”         
Sonny:  “I thought you were my love token?” 
Brenda: “I’m not a token anything. ”
Sonny: “I can’t say anything, can I?” 
Brenda:  “It’s so you can count the minutes we’re apart.”     
Sonny:  “I’d rather count the minutes we’re together.”
Sonny: “Because you can’t tear your own heart out, no matter how much it hurts. You can’t walk away from us.”
Brenda:  “Don’t you miss me? Tell me I don’t live in your dreams.”
Sonny’s toast to Brenda in front of everyone at the 21st Birthday party he threw for her at Luke’s Club:
“I’m not as good with pretty words as my partner and I can’t sing a note so bare with me. I want to make this official. Brenda saved my life. And she’s been going on saving it ever since. All the good things in my life I owe to her, one way or another. And I just wanna uh…I wanna be able to repay you someday. I don’t care, you know if it takes us the rest of our lives. Which I kinda sort of hope it will.”
Brenda to Sonny after he left her at the altar on their wedding day: “We were more than a great ride. And every single thing that you did, no matter how wrong it was, you did it because you loved me.”
Brenda: “Sonny, don’t you know that I would rather stay here and die than be without you for another day.”
Sonny: “But that’s what keeps our relationship so exciting sweetheart, one surprise after another!”
Sonny: “We’re real, this is real. It might be messy, it might be inconvenient, but it’s the strongest thing you’ll ever know.”
Brenda: “This irresistible force just keeps drawing me to you.”
Sonny: “You’re a part of me Brenda, and I love you.”
Brenda: “I need you, I can’t sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I see your face, I hear your voice, I feel your mouth.”
Brenda: “I want to make sure that you’re happy because I – I wanted you to know… that I am. And it’s because of you. And I finally get it. I finally understand why you left me, and what you must’ve gone through afterwards. And I just – I just want to say thank you for my life.”
Brenda: “You were right, it was a great ride.”
Sonny:  We’ve only just begun. Between us, we can make the angels sing.
Brenda:  You promise?
Sonny: Guaranteed, you’ll see.
Sonny:  I know my limitations and you’re not one of them.
Sonny (talking about Brenda): “You know to this day I’ll be walking’ by her billboard and see some guy staring up at her and I’m thinking this guy’s an idiot. W-what does he know? He doesn’t even have a clue to how beautiful she really is, not even Jax knows…only me.”
Brenda: I wish I could make you feel the way you make me feel.
Sonny: You know I love you.
Brenda: No, I mean what your mother wanted for you. To be safe. You’re so strong Sonny and I know that you are never going to let anything bad happen to me. That’s how I want you to feel. I want you to feel safe. And I can’t change all the bad things that people did to you in your life, but I want you to know that your heart is safe with me. 
Sonny: You know sometimes I look at you and I can’t believe you’re real, you know. I wonder what you’re doing with someone like me. 
Brenda: Oh, baby, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
Sonny: I’ll tell you what I want to make you happy, alright? I want to adore you and I want to make you happy.
Sonny: Don’t you understand? There is no L&B for me without you. If you walk away, I walk away.
Brenda: Do you know how much I love you?
Sonny: Probably not, but you can show me.
Brenda: We were something else together you know, we were like a force of nature.
Brenda: I felt so much for you, it affected me physically. I felt like I loved you so much sometimes I couldn’t even breathe.
Sonny: I can’t keep pretending I don’t want you anymore.
Brenda: Sonny don’t you know I would rather stay here and die than be without you for one more day.
Brenda: Sonny do you know what I want? 
Sonny: The same thing I do, God help us.
Sonny: Go to sleep sweetheart, dream about that castle.
Sonny: You make it hurt so good.
Sonny: Use a tourniquet. 
Brenda: Turn it?
Sonny: OOOWWW! No, a tourniquet!
Sonny: Are you giving up already?
Brenda: Are you going to tell me what you’re planning? 
Sonny: No, but I sure as hell don’t mind you trying to convince me otherwise!
Brenda: Sonny happened! See that’s right Sonny sabotaged my trip. Can you believe Mr. I’m so happily married to Lily went through all the time and trouble for no other reason than to keep me from another man? Isn’t it great!
Brenda: I know you want me and I know you want me as much as I’ve wanted you. I would have done anything to have you forgive me and take me back. I would have done anything to have us love each other the way Stone wanted us to..he got what was real, he knew what was important.
Brenda (to Lily who just told her how happy she and her husband are): 
If that’s so then why does he look so hungry?
Sonny: I’m not as good with pretty words as my partner and I can’t sing a note so bear with me, I wanna make this offical. Brenda saved my life and she’s been going right on saving it ever since. All the goods things in my life I owe to her in one way or the other and I just wanna, I wanna be able to repay you someday, I don’t care if it takes the rest of our lives which I kinda, sorta hope it will. So here’s to you sweetheart.
Sonny: When I found out your birthstone, it had to be this right, your blood runs through my veins.
Sonny: But that’s what keeps our relationship so exciting sweetheart, one surprise after another.
Brenda: I didn’t mean to be such a pain 
Sonny: I didn’t mean to cause you any.
Brenda: I love you.
Sonny: It goes both ways baby.
Brenda: Do you realize this is the first time we are going on a trip together. 
Sonny: What about Washington DC?
Brenda: Yeah, but we weren’t, you know.
Sonny (laughing): Well we weren’t when we left, but we were once we got there.
Sonny: Is this all for me? 
Brenda: Well, I certainly wouldn’t make a fool out of myself for anyone but you.
Sonny: You believe me when I tell you I love you, don’t you?
Brenda: Yes, I do.
Brenda: I’ve decided that no pride or saving face or anything is worth knowing I can’t be with you anymore and that I’ll never be able to make love to you anymore. Nothing is worth that to me.
Brenda: Sonny..I love..I love you and you know I can’t get past it, it’s just a fact of my life and I know you feel the same way.
Brenda: We should be together Sonny, listen to me, people hurt each other and they betray each other and they get over it and start again I want us to forgive each other.
Brenda: I just wanted to be with you so bad that I wasn’t thinking straight.
Brenda: I was thinking about Valentine’s Day two years ago the first time you ever smiled at me, remember.
Sonny: I’ll never forget we were in the auto showroom looking at cars and we kind of just looked at each other.
Brenda: I thought you were so cool you know I fell in love with you right then and there.
Brenda: That was the first night you ever kissed me it was, oh my God, do you know that 2 years later I still sit up at night sometimes and my mouth still burns from that kiss. 
Sonny: I understand. 
Brenda: Do you? 
Sonny: Yeah, I guess I do.
Stone: You’re gonna get back with her you know.
Sonny: Don’t start that again what are you gonna do pull strings somewhere? 
Stone: I won’t have to it will just happen.
Sonny: She’s dangerous.
Stone’s ghost: What, if she’d stayed longer, like you wanted, you two would be dodging bullets? 
Sonny: No, I’d be kissing her. The kind if kisses that last for days and all hell breaks loose.
Brenda: I need you I can’t sleep every time I close my eyes I see your face I hear your voice I feel your lips.
Sonny: You’re my drug Brenda.
Sonny: Tomorrow we’ll still be who we are except without the loneliness.
Brenda: Does it keep you awake at night burning like I do, because you burn don’t you, when your near me. I can feel it.
Brenda: Don’t you miss me, tell me I don’t live in your dreams.
Brenda: I want you out of here. I want you with me; I want you more than I ever have. Do you remember what Stone said to us when he told us to live in the moment, that’s what we need to do right now, we need to live in the moment, our moment is now, I want you to be with me.
Brenda: All I want is to be with Sonny..I just love him so much.
Sonny: I have always loved you and I will always love you, no matter what happens you have to know that.
Brenda: You don’t know how hard it’s been for me without you. 
Sonny: Yes I do.
Brenda: Because you feel the same way.
Sonny: I’m happy, God I don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy.
Sonny I love you. As God as my witness I love you with all my heart.
Brenda: Be a good father make it worth it.
Sonny: I love you Brenda.
Brenda: How could you ever doubt me?
Sonny: After everything I did? 
Brenda: You never did anything. You were so perfect and I was the one who ruined and I’m sorry. I’m going to be so much better honey, I’ll be different. 
Sonny: NO! Don’t be different.
Brenda: I’m scared.
Sonny: Than walk away.
Brenda: That scares me even more.
Sonny: I can’t let you walk out of here this way. 
Brenda: Are you saying that you want to share everything with me? 
Sonny: With you. yeah, I’ll figure it out. 
Brenda: Do you know how much I love you. 
Sonny: I know.
Brenda: You really can’t say it can you? 
Sonny: How many times do I have to tell you sweetheart? It ain’t the words that count it’s the actions.
Brenda: Yeah, but sometimes some words count a little more than others. But, it’s okay. It really is. Exactly what you’re doing is enough for me right know. 
Sonny: I’ll show you enough..I love you Brenda. 
Brenda: I know.
Brenda: (giving Sonny watch) So you can count the minutes we’re apart.
Sonny: I’d rather count the minutes we’re together.
Sonny: You’re the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I need you in my life. I’m going to take care of you and protect you always.
Sonny: I let you in places I didn’t even know I had I loved you more than I ever thought I could.
Sonny: I kept loving you and I couldn’t stop.
Sonny: I love you Brenda You know that don’t you. 
Brenda: I always knew that I was just afraid that it didn’t matter to you anymore. 
SonnY: No, No, No.
Brenda: Don’t you know I’d go anywhere to be with you?
Subtitles for their thoughts on the plane ride to Washington D.C.
Sonny: That perfume drives me wild.
Brenda: I can’t stop picturing him naked…)
Sonny-I wonder if she’s ever done it at 20,000 feet. 
Brenda: He never used to be able to resist me.
Sonny: How long can I keep this up?
Brenda: I should have jumped his bones when I had the chance.
Sonny: Resist, man. Let her think you can wait forever.
Brenda: Give me a chance and I’ll show you skills.
Sonny: You can talk me into anything.
Brenda: I know he wants me too.
Sonny: Why, why, am I letting her get to me?!
Brenda: If I’ve messed it up with him I’ll die.
Sonny: I can’t breathe.
Brenda: Shut up and kiss me.
Sonny: Shut up and kiss me.
Sonny: Why settle for the spark when you can set the whole world on fire?
Brenda: I want Sonny.

Quotes from Maurice about Vanessa


Maurice Bernard Quotes About Vanessa Marcil:
“There was something about working with Vanessa that was intangible – you could just feel it in every scene. There was a kind of energy there. She’s a real fireball and I miss her, but perhaps she’ll return and we can go at each other again.” –SOD
“Vanessa’s sexy, but the truth is, she’s also a nice person. You can be sexy and not be a nice person, and then you’re not sexy to me” Maurice Benard
On Vanessa’s return: Benard knows that even though Marcil has been gone for four years, many fans still want Sonny and Brenda together. “When I go on appearances, you mention Sonny and Brenda and people go crazy,” he relates. “To have her is an added benefit. She’s talented, she’s popular, she’s fun to work with. I haven’t been this excited in years.” SOW 8/02
“Vanessa has become such a wonderful actress. She’s always been a star in her own right, but she’s a wonderful actress and works hard at it. She’s feisty and we’re similar in a lot of ways, especially as far as that’s concerned. So there is always tension between us, and that tension is made for good acting.”
“There’s a lot going on in her eyes.”– SOD
“I’ll miss working with Vanessa because when you’ve got somebody that can do what she does, it makes the work fun. I get along with her. She’s a nice person. I’ve always felt like I was a big brother to her. It’s been a pleasure.” –2/03
“Vanessa and I have always had a connection,” observed Maurice Benard (Sonny), with his leading lady. “It was there for the first scene. It never ended and just kept going and going.” –3/03, SID (Maurice at Vanessa’s going away party)
Maurice on Vanessa winning the Emmy the same night he did: “I told her that I believed that she was going to win,” says Benard, whose words proved to be prophetic. “I truly did believe it. I knew she had the tape and the acting ability. It’s fantastic that she won. It’s well deserved; she busted her ass. When somebody leaves and comes back and is much better, that’s a lot of hard work.” –SOD ’03

Vanessa quotes about Maurice

Vanessa Marcil Quotes About Maurice Bernard:
“Working with Maurice has been a great experience, I’ve learned a great deal from him. He makes me feel safe as an actor.” 

Vanessa Marcil has been having a lot of fun working with Maurice.”He’s the funniest person on the planet”, says Marcil. He is always joking around, but it gets serious as soon as the scene starts. Before taping he is so funny though she says. She starts cracking up sometimes in their scenes together and they’ll keep the camera on him a little longer, so they don’t have to do the scene over. –SOD, 1/03

“Maurice taught me a long time ago to just be in the moment,” she says, sounding not unlike the showbiz veteran that she’s become. “So that’s what I do when I’m working.” –SID 9/02

“The truth is, I think my heart got a little broken with Maurice not winning an Emmy. Maurice has not only taught me, but generously taught a lot of actors how to act. I really believe that he broke barriers in daytime acting and that he and Tony Geary are the best actors on daytime. The fact that Maurice doesn’t have an Emmy makes the rebellious little kid in me go, “Well, who wants one then?!” –SID 2/03
Soaps In Depth: Maurice Benard (Sonny) wasn’t sure he was going to win… but he was sure about you.

Vanessa: “That’s what he told me. I told him he was crazy. (Laughs.) When I came back on the show for those six months, he went on and on about how proud he was of me. He said, “If you’re going to come back, you want to come in and take no prisoners.” Maurice has always been kind of a father figure to me. I look up to him and admire him. To see that he felt so proud of me meant a lot to me. We worked so hard together for so long. For us to finally win after almost 10 years -and to win it together- it was a very special moment.” -SID Aug. ’03

Quotes about Sonny and Brenda

Quotes About Sonny & Brenda:
In the past, Sonny and Brenda’s affairs of the heart were so heated that they needed only to feel each other’s presence to know that the other was near. The same will hold true this time around. -Soap Opera Update -7/02 on Vanessa’s return to General Hospital after Brenda’s death in ’98  
Why is Brenda Sonny’s true love?-Soap Opera News
Because she fights him and stands up to him -Maurice Benard
Sonny and Brenda are definitely soul mates -Vanessa Marcil
They were a great couple because they were so dysfunctional – and they did love each other greatly -Maurice Benard
“The sheer romantic chemistry between them is irresistible,” Guza says of Sonny and Brenda. “He (Sonny) just cannot fight it. -Soaps In Depth -9/02
“I think Sonny is the love of her life and always will be,” Vanessa chimes in. “I don’t think she will ever love anyone like she loved Sonny. True love is desperate. Brenda and Sonny are like Romeo and Juliet to me. I used to love our scenes (when the characters were together), because we had realistic arguments and realistic fears and we were really loving to each other. We worked through stuff together and we argued; that was healthy. The fact that he lied about what he was involved in was the big problem for them, but I think that lots of great relationships have problems because someone wasn’t honest about something.”  -SOD Apr 97 
“Everyone likes to watch a car wreck. I mean, you’ve got two very dysfunctional people who deep down, truly, deeply love each other but can’t be with each other- but you still want to watch them try. That’s the appeal.” -Maurice Benard
Sonny will always be in love with Brenda -Maurice Benard
“It’s unexplainable sometimes why two people are meant to be together, why they capture each other’s hearts.” -Vanessa Marcil
“When Brenda and Sonny broke up, they became more popular,” marvels Benard. “Its just amazing, the loyalty the fans have.” –SOD 6/98
Tony Geary (Luke):”Sonny & Brenda is the biggest and most talked about pairing since Luke and Laura.”

Tristan Rogers (ex-Robert Scorpio):”The passion and chemistry that Sonny & Brenda have on daytime television is more powerful than anything I’ve seen since the 80s with Luke and Laura.”

Ingo Rademacher (Jax):”They create pure magic on screen. The fans’ fascination with Sonny & Brenda together is bigger than both of their characters and any storyline GH has come up with.”

Michael Logan (TV Guide, 2002):”Sonny & Brenda: Talk about mob hit! Those GH doctors and their ER dilemmas suddenly seemed passe` in 1993 when underworld kingpin Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) showed up in Port Charles and took the town -and audience- by storm. Then he got hit by a little tornado named Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil). These maddeningly complex lovers -he’s a hot headed ill-mannered control freak; she’s a neurotic, disaster prone sexpot with “daddy” issues- were a match made in hell. But they sent us to soap-opera heaven.”