More pictures from Vanessa’s NY Launch of Baby Gagoo

Thank you again to Lisa, Mandy, Mandy, Nora, Rachel and Raquel for their images!

Thank you again for supporting Baby Gagoo!

Also, please check out the photographer’s Facebook page for more images from the event!


Random images from Vanessa’s NY Gagoo Launch

Thank you to my friends and family who took such great pictures and shared them with me. I wish I had been able to run around and take pictures of everyone. xo


More images here:

Images from Vanessa & Maurice’s events 7/23/11

Thank you to all my kind SnBers (I will be updating as I get more images so please check back) for contributing to the collection. I so enjoyed meeting you all and wish we could all meet up again! xoxo

TTFN ~Ro xoxo