It’s okay to be…. thinking about giving.

Thinking about the holidays that will be fast approaching and about making a difference in someone’s life.

This past year I have been very busy in various projects, namely, Vanessa Marcil’s Jammie Project, which has been very near and dear to my heart:

I’d like to take a moment to kind of “relaunch” the jammie project we all worked so hard on last year, again this fall. Vanessa has developed a full website of FANTASTIC, beautiful, emotionally nutritious clothing for children. The clothing is all well made (mom & pop business: when you place your order, the clothing is made), soft, organic materials and just as cute as can be!

With that said, if you have any children you buy for during the holidays or any upcoming celebrations, Baby Gagoo is a wonderful place to start for any child. If you buy a pair of jammies, another pair is automatically made and sent to the children of Nkosi’s Haven. (You may also donate directly to NH on their website) The jammies themselves are adorable, soft material, durable and classic.

The place to view the adorable clothing is:

To learn about Gagoo & Fat Kat’s journey please visit the main site:

I had the pleasure of seeing the clothing first hand in the beginning of August, at the East Coast launch of Baby Gagoo in Staten Island. (To read more about the launch: ) I LOVED seeing the kids’ reactions to the cute clothes, beanie hats and Gagoo & Fat Kat! The kids LOVED the characters, loved the clothes, in fact one little girl said that she loved the jammies that she had on and “They made her feel like she was at home.” SO CUTE!

I’ve learned so much during this past year about truly giving back. Whether you have a lot to give or maybe just a little bit, if everyone gave what they could, you can make a difference in someone’s life and possibly change their course. Kindness comes in many wonderful shapes and forms… How about in a beautiful, soft pair of jammies? 🙂

So, when you’re working on your holiday shopping list, maybe throw in a pair or two of jammies.. Even if you just donated both pairs… I promise you’ll feel great in doing it and be happy to know there’s a child wearing them who will appreciate the gesture more than you’ll ever know.

Please give yourself about 4 weeks lead time when you place your order (if you’d like it under your tree or to give as a gift for Hanukkah or a birthday), remember, everything is made when you place the order. 🙂

It’s okay to be…. thinking about the holidays!

xo~ Ro


Change for Charity Fundraiser


 This is a project run by our #TeamSnBer, Britni, these are her words about her fundraiser…. 🙂

I am launching a “Change for Charity” drive at my school for the deserving charity: Nkosi’s Haven. After joining twitter and following a true mentor of mine (since I was 14) Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, I decided I needed to do more for others. Vanessa has really encouraged me to open my heart up and assist others who are less fortunate. I took to Vanessa’s charity Nkosi’s Haven right away. I am a teacher in a high poverty urban district in which approx 99% of the students receive free or reduced lunch. After researching Nkosi’s Haven, I noticed a correlation between my students and the children at the Haven. I felt like this would be a great opportunity for my kids to help other kids, to see that there are children who are less fortunate than they are, and they could make a difference in their lives by donating. My students, as well as other classes in my school, have really taken to this charity drive. They made posters and put them up around the school to advertise. They wrote pen pal letters to the children at the Haven and are so excited to send them! They are bringing in bags of change each day and telling their parents to “Empty their wallets for Nkosi’s”!! I really want to thank Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo for inspiring me, to inspire others, to take action in helping those in need. “Children Helping Children”= POWERFUL. I would really appreciate any donation that you can make. In addition to my students, your donations will really make a difference in the lives of these beautiful angels at Nkosi’s Haven! Every little bit helps!!

My school name is P.F.C. (Private First Class)WilliamJ.GrabiarzCampusSchool#79 (Buffalo Public Schools)

 Britni’s Twitter name is @TeamSnB4ever If you and she are already following each other, please dm her for her address to mail her a donation. If you don’t follow each other, please @mention her so you can follow each other & send dm’s. Thank you. 🙂

If you have any questions, please leave them here in the blog or DM/Tweet @TeamSnB4ever (Britni) on Twitter. She will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Also, whatever you are able to give as a donation is fine. Even a small amount, like a dollar is a lot for those in need in South Africa. Every little bit helps a mother with babies or a child in need. Let’s do our best to make wishes and dreams come true this holiday season.

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Nkosi’s Haven Wish List

Please help the women and children of Nkosi’s Haven! We need these items filled by the end of the month (December), sorted and shipped overseas before the ladies head out to South Africa at the end of February. Please see if you can help us reach our goal.

Please email with the items you have and wish to send. You will get a return email with the P.O. Box.

Please click on each image to see what is needed. Thank you.

Jammies for Nkosi’s Haven

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo is involved in a charity that is very dear
to her heart. Nkosi’s Haven is a residential care center in Johannesburg,
South Africa that shelters Women and children infected with HIV/AIDS and
as well as orphans who are infected or not with HIV/AIDS. This year, she
is doing a project that will warm our hearts and put smiles on the faces
of these beautiful angels.

Vanessa and crew are sewing and making jammies made of organic materials
to help clothe them to keep warm and make their lives a little easier.
These kids depend on us to keep them safe and happy, thus, what we are
wanting to help, too. Vanessa asked us a couple of weeks ago, both via Twitter
and Facebook to email her at and be put on a waiting
list to buy one pair and donate the second pair, (or you could donate
both pair if you like, the more the merrier and the more these children
will be warm).

Take the time to give this season and give to those who really is in
need, like these children of Nkosi’s Haven. Every little donation helps
to bring us one step closer to making their dream come true. These
children’s smile will be the biggest reward you can ever receive…

Thank you to Amanda for writing this up for us a few weeks ago. xoxo

To get on the waiting list to order a pair of jammies for your child please email a second pair of jammies will be made for a child of Nkosi’s Haven.

Please follow @GagooJammies for more information or keep checking back to this blog. I will have pictures of the jammies as soon as they are available.

If you’d like to actively do something for Vanessa in light of her recent loss, this would be a perfect thing to do! You’d be putting organic jammies on your own child or a child you know and a child in South Africa who doesn’t have much, if anything. It will not only make you feel great for doing something sweet for your child but you will feel wonderful for making a little boy or girl you don’t know, warm and cozy at night with great jammies!

Thank you for helping out Vanessa in her quest to help those at Nkosi’s Haven.. Our goal is 10,000 jammies to be ordered. Please tell your friends and family. Once we reach 10,000 jammies, we will have a price for you. The more jammies ordered, the better the price. **** My understanding is the price of the jammies will be $25 – 30 each.****

I am happy to update this blog post with images of the fantastic jammies Vanessa made! This is not the finished product, but at least everyone will have a great idea as to what the jammies will look like:

The jammies are made out of all organic cotton and will feel scrumptious on the skin! Please help Vanessa achieve her goal of 10,000 jammies for the orphans of Nkosi’s Haven. Dress your child or a child you know and another pair will be made and donated to Nkosi’s Haven.

Website for BabyGagoo is

Thank you!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Vanessa’s Charities

Over the past few months, Vanessa has gotten her Twitter #Team very interested in helping with raising monies, awareness and donations for her favorite causes.

Here are descriptions of the two charities she is working with at the moment. Please go to their websites and learn more.


What do they do? Who do they help?

(excerpt from

SOJOURN provides battered women and their children a safe space to regroup, rebuild, and reestablish their self-esteem and lives.

 SOJOURN honors diversity, serving without discrimination clients of any class, culture, race, ethnicity, age, faith, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability or immigration status, including those who are traditionally underserved.

SOJOURN fosters solidarity among women and children, educates the community and society, and is committed to effecting political and social change through grassroots activism and a philosophy of individual empowerment.

Their website is:

 Nkosi’s Haven

The following is taken from the Nkosi’s Haven site:

Nkosi’s Haven is a recognized NGO in South Africa that has been in operation since 1999 offering holistic care and support for  destitute HIV/AIDS infected mothers, her children, and resulting AIDS orphans (infected or not).

 Nkosi’s Haven is named after Nkosi Johnson, the young AIDS activist who passed away on International Children’s Day on June 1st 2001, who dearly wanted a facility that would care for the mom and her child.  He had been separated from his mom because of the HIV diagnosis and he never wanted that to happen to any other child.  He also wanted HIV positive people to be cared for without discrimination or prejudice.

The website to donate funds and to learn more about this wonderful organization is: or to donate items: You can also follow them on Twitter: @NkosisHaven

I will be dedicating a few blog entries in this new section to both of these charities. Please look for the entries over the next few days. As things get moving along, I will be adding new entries with new information for how you can help these worthy causes.

There will be needed items lists added for both Nkosi’s Haven and Sojourn. Also, there will be ways you can donate, other than what I just listed.

One of the wonderful things Vanessa is offering are pajamas that she has designed herself & is working on them as I type. She is having them made for children from newborn to 10 years old, made out of organic materials. When you order one pair, another is donated to an orphan living with AIDS. If you’d like to order a pair & be on the waiting list, please send an email to: Once we have a price for them, I will be posting their price and I will also have pictures of the cute jammies once they are ready. **Update on prices: $25 to $30 per pair of jammies.. Remember, it’s buy one and one will be donated to the children of Nkosi’s Haven. Please follow @GagooJammies on Twitter.

Again, please look for new information, Tweets from Vanessa (@VanessaMarcilG) and me (@SonnyandBrenda) @GagooJammies

Thank you for taking the time to learn about these wonderful organizations and for possibly donating to such amazing causes.

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Please see: For all GagooJammies information!

*The Sonny and Brenda Forum supports both Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo & Maurice Benard’s favorite charities and causes.

*All images that are used, belong to Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo.