Sonny and Brenda Clip Party




So, as so many of you have seen, I have been posting clips on our Sonny and Brenda Haven Facebook page. Sonny and Brenda Haven Go click that link and watch the clips I’ve already posted. While I’m not posting every single scene, I am posting enough so the newbies can get a good idea of our couple, and enough so my seasoned S&Bers will get that love-bite for our couple and send themselves down that inevitable S&B YT Vortex.

Why am I doing this you ask? Well, the answer is somewhere between simple and complex.

I blogged recently about Giving Love to my Fandoms and in there, I of course paid my homage to my S&B and beautiful S&Bers. We have been together, whether we knew it or not since 1993. 23 years later, we still want the same thing. We want our beloved couple to be together and someday ride off into the sunset together. Until that “sunset” day, our Ride is Far from Over.

In June, we found out that Jax was coming back to #GH for a short stint, concerning Joss and her kidney. His first airdate, as far as I know, is July 29. I will be tweeting & blogging his return. Let’s hope it’s gonna be good! (I know, I know… It’s Jax—– welp, I’m bored & this will be a way to pay homage to the era that created him. #LabineRiche)

That made me start to think. Thought about when Jax first arrived in PC and what followed from that fateful day. It kicked off the very best triangle in the history of soap operas! The dynamic between Maurice, Vanessa and Ingo was so fiery, passionate and raw, they made you feel and understand all sides in this love triangle. You knew what made each of the players tick, why they wanted what they wanted (Brenda :D) and you saw her genuinely torn between her two lovers. We felt her joy and anguish. We cried many times along with our Brenda. We still do, it IS that powerful of a story!


As a full-fledged adult now, not a young 20-something with her head in the clouds like our Brenda, I understand the value of Jax and why Brenda needed him as an alternative to the chaos of Sonny and his life. I still think Jax was always her safety net and #2 in her heart, that’ll never change. Sonny was that endless, fiery passion for Brenda…. S&B always burned for each other. B&J were more conventional, Jax was more of a domestic, traditional type— Yes, Sonny has “traditional” values as well, but he brings much danger with him.. Sometimes exciting, sometimes too chaotic and out of control. How do you choose between exciting/passionate and safe?


Anyway, these thoughts sparked that endless vortex on YT, looking at S&B images and actually visiting my board (which is currently like a ghost town– sigh). I started mulling over my options. Not many of them since it isn’t our Brenda coming back, but Jax. I had thought perhaps I would just do a clip party of JUST the triangle. So, I searched and somehow came across the First Meeting on the Docks. I watched the cute and mad Brenda carrying her heavy suitcase and Sonny brooding on that bench. He went to help her– “Hi, I’m Sonny Corinthos.” “And, I’m leaving!” was Brenda’s sassy response to him. LOL! Well, that inspired me to just start our ride over from that epic moment!

FWIW::: As far as I know, Vanessa Marcil is NOT returning to General Hospital to reprise her role as Brenda Barrett Corinthos at this present time. (Yes, I’ll leave that Corinthos there, because I can.)


General Hospital right now is just a shell of what it used to be. Watching the clips has really shown a spotlight on that very real fact! Brenda spent SO much time on the phone! Just like we did in the 90s! Getting to know Sonny, talking to Lois and getting to know her! Back and forth! Having a sleepover at Karen’s house with Robin– the 3 were flopped out on Karen’s bed eating and drinking soda, all the while dishing about their men! I so related to B back in the day! Scenes like that, scenes of Brenda on the phone and then having fantasies about mostly Sonny– all relatable as a 22 year old girl! I did all those things! Now, what do we have? There’s no romance or real friendships– everything is a plot point and you can’t even keep track of the stories at this point. I think I counted that we have somewhere in the vicinity of 30 open stories running now. Too many!

So, yes, please do come with me on the Sonny and Brenda Ride on Facebook and Twitter. Come play with the S&Bers, we always welcome new players in our threads! The more the merrier! Another thing that I love is the continued love both Vanessa and Maurice give to their most successful coupling! Every now and then Vanessa tweets/Instagrams S&B images 😀

One day she will come back. One day we will all hop back on that gorgeous S&B bus and savor the ride once again! Sonny and Brenda are not cut and dry… They are messy, passionate, fiery, angst ridden, they understand each other and are just meant to be (sounds like S&Bers, too!)— They are Moths to a Flame, just like we are.

Hopefully, I’ve answered some questions for those who have them but have not asked me personally. I have really been overwhelmed by the response of my clip party, pic parade(s) and tweets over the past week! Thank you all for your support, thank you for providing me the platform to be able to share in our love for this very special pairing. I do what I do because of each and every one of you S&Bers. Even after all this time, for so many of you to come out of the woodwork to get sucked right back in to where we were 20 years ago is just so unbelievable to me! It truly has made my day and inspires me to keep the bus rolling.. I hope you all continue to enjoy our ride, sometimes it’s incredible, sometimes painful, always interesting, always a journey of 2 AWE-INSPIRING souls who not only set their world on fire, but our world, too.


Again, a HUGE thank you to Wendy Riche and the Labines for creating such a story to capture our hearts & imaginations in such a timeless way! After 23 years to still have the same feelings, emotions and reactions (after seeing the same clips hundreds of times, too, mind you)— It’s like seeing it all for the first time, every time. It’s just beautiful. We love you, Wendy and the Labine family… S&Bers hold you all in the utmost of esteem, ALWAYS.

Of course, we love our Maurice and Vanessa— They hold the key to the magic of Sonny and Brenda. Their intense connection makes the viewer believe what they see on screen, ALWAYS. Acting soulmates is what they are and thank you to both of you for all you do to honor Sonny and Brenda! xo

TTFN~~Ro xoxo


Vanessa and Ingo’s event 6/9/13

Hi there everyone!! Long time, no write and I’m sorry about that. Things have been quite slow in the Sonny and Brenda universe and there just hasn’t been anything noteworthy to write about. But, I went to an event and would LOVE to share my experience with you all. 🙂


Yesterday, I went to a Vanessa Marcil and Ingo Rademacher event in Point Pleasant, NJ. I know, I know, J&B… yuck… BUT I left that feeling at the door and was very open to meeting Ingo. If we really look back to the triangle of the century and really looked at the magic of what made it stick and resonate with us, it was the magic that happened between Maurice, Vanessa and Ingo. We cannot deny that and I was really curious to meet him and see what he was all about. I can say that I was not disappointed and very pleasantly surprised with my feelings!

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I got VIP tickets for the event some time ago and was looking forward to event day very much. My cousin, Mandy, joined me and unfortunately, Lisa-Lo couldn’t make it, so I invited a local S&Ber, Bianca to join us. We arrived a little early and were there in time for when the doors opened at 9am. Uncle Vinnie’s is a small venue in Point Pleasant, NJ and such a great place to see a comedy act or a meet and great such as this. Dino is the man in charge. He’s a great guy, very accommodating, friendly and I liked him very much. Anyway, we scoped out our table, next to the stage and made ourselves comfortable. More info about Uncle Vinnie’s Follow him on Twitter @UNCLEVINNIESCC

Vanessa, Suzanne and Ingo arrived around 11am. They walked in to a very excited crowd. In fact, the place was filled with very eager, excited fans! Vanessa saw me and came over to greet me, Mandy and Bianca. Following her was Suzanne, who showed me her very gorgeous engagement ring!! (Congrats again, Suzanne!! eeeeeeeeee) They both went back in to the private area and then Suzanne came back out and entertained us with an introduction of herself. She spoke about her struggles with cancer and how she became friends with Vanessa on the set of “Las Vegas.” Suzanne told us about how she came to do her part of Polly (a one day part) and how Vanessa encouraged her and the writers to continue the role. During the time Suzanne was appearing on “Las Vegas,” she and Vanessa became best friends. So, after a few minutes, Suzanne introduced Ingo and Vanessa. They entered into the room to the still very excited crowd and took their seats.

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The three of them bantered back and forth and created a very comfortable, inviting atmosphere between them. They took some questions from the crowd. There were questions to Ingo about DWTS and he even showed us some moves. I must say that Ingo is such a stunning man in person. TV does not do him any justice! He is very funny, open, honest and at ease with himself. People asked him about his son, Peanut; how did his name originate (they called him Peanut in the womb and when he was born, he fit his nickname with how he looked and the nickname became his permanent name.), they asked about SUP boarding (Ingo has a huge meet to train for that is in about 2 months, July 28, in Hawaii), then we got on to what were your favorite scenes and such. Ingo loved the magic of the ’90’s and wishes that they could go back to that style of writing. His favorite was the triangle between S/B/J. He also loves his banter with Carly/LW. He told us about his passion for sports and especially now, SUP boarding. For more information on what he does check out here: @IngoRademacher

8906_10201048986283923_1143943475_n 941551_10201048986763935_2018966806_n 943093_10201048987043942_625673217_n 1003257_10201048987443952_46448471_n

Vanessa spoke about her last stint and how she wasn’t able to talk about it and spoil anything. She said that she loves playing Brenda and whatever the writers write for the character is okay with her because that is who the character is at that time. She then told us the story of when she first started working with Ingo and how he ggot fresh with her after their scene and he slapped her on the ass and when along on his way. She then went up to Wendy Riche’s office and said she didn’t want to work with him. Wendy said to her that once Vanessa sees the scene on-screen and sees the magic, she’ll change her mind about him. VM said it took about 6 months for her to change her mind and fall in love with him. She also said that Steve Burton took her to her prom. You can follow Vanessa on Twitter @VanessaMarcilG. She is funny and interacts with her fans. Check her out if you haven’t already. You can also visit her website:

The question of if they were coming back soon came up and the both said that if they were asked and their schedules allowed, they would be back. Ingo told us to continue tweeting RC &FV that we want them back and that was our best tool in expressing what we want.


They finished up their Q&A and took pictures with the fans. Always gracious, fun, kind and very patient with the approx 100 people in the venue. Then they took a break, the regular ticket holders left and the 45 of us VIP’s stayed for a longer meet and greet with V,I & S going from table to table. Ingo came and sat with us with a cup of coffee. We spoke about Hawaii and pretty much stuck with that. He and his family raise chickens and have an amazing island life. I loved to see how passionate he was about his family, Hawaii and his life there. It’s really nice to see a person comfortable and happy with his life.

Vanessa came around and took pictures of Ingo and me (hehe, she took about 10 of them. :)) and then we took pictures with her. V looks very healthy, happy and there’s a luminosity about her that is very evident. It was a pleasure to see her as always and she is absolutely one of my very favorite people to see. She’s so giving, joyous and lovely. She chit chatted with us for a moment and went along to the other tables.

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Suzanne came by and we talked about cancer, her engagement (she is beyond happy and excited) and she is just very inspiring. You can follow Suzanne and learn more about her journey on Twitter @SuzanneWhang or on FB

It was time to go and unfortunately, in the rush to go, I forgot to say good-bye to Suzanne and Ingo. (bad Ro!!) I thank them from the bottom of my heart for a fabulous day and for being so amazing with everyone. So patient and kind!! I did say bye to Vanessa and she is just so sweet to me. I just love her to pieces.

Upshot on my feelings for Jax/Ingo. Ingo>Jax. I am totally TeamIngo but anti-Jax. hehe Still and always a S&Ber but I think that Ingo is the BOMB!! Now, just to get Maurice, Vanessa & Ingo into one room and have a pic with all 3… It would be amazing!! haha It also would keep this S&B fan of the 90’s VERY HAPPY and inspired!!

I didn’t see any S&B/J&B competition. It was a very nice event in that way. Everyone was accepting of each other with no eye daggers anywhere. There was one moment where Ingo was telling us how he was tweeting how Maurice wasn’t verified, so he was joking that he wasn’t sure it was him. He then encouraged us to tweet Maurice and get him riled up. hehe, reminded me of the time at Vanessa’s event in 2011 where we knew that Maurice and his family were coming and Vanessa & Nancy told us not even acknowledge that Maurice entered the room. He is very accustomed to fanfare. It was really very funny! I also saw the guy who was at Maurice’s NJ/SI event in 2011 who  joined Maurice onstage and acted out a S&B scene. The guy played “Brenda.” We laughed so hard that day, we were all in tears! He’s such a good sport! I then saw him in LA at The Sportsman’s Lodge and then again, yesterday. I told Vanessa about it and she thought it was hysterical. She then at one point during Q&A asked him what it was like to play Brenda and act opposite of Maurice!! HAHA …. I then found out later that night that his name is Tim and he went to school with my cousin Frank! What a small world!


Okay, so that pretty much concludes your newest installment of the Adventures of Ro and hopefully something fun will come down the pike and I will have more soapy S&B goodness to share soon. I hope so!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro