It’s okay to be…. thinking about giving.

Thinking about the holidays that will be fast approaching and about making a difference in someone’s life.

This past year I have been very busy in various projects, namely, Vanessa Marcil’s Jammie Project, which has been very near and dear to my heart:

I’d like to take a moment to kind of “relaunch” the jammie project we all worked so hard on last year, again this fall. Vanessa has developed a full website of FANTASTIC, beautiful, emotionally nutritious clothing for children. The clothing is all well made (mom & pop business: when you place your order, the clothing is made), soft, organic materials and just as cute as can be!

With that said, if you have any children you buy for during the holidays or any upcoming celebrations, Baby Gagoo is a wonderful place to start for any child. If you buy a pair of jammies, another pair is automatically made and sent to the children of Nkosi’s Haven. (You may also donate directly to NH on their website) The jammies themselves are adorable, soft material, durable and classic.

The place to view the adorable clothing is:

To learn about Gagoo & Fat Kat’s journey please visit the main site:

I had the pleasure of seeing the clothing first hand in the beginning of August, at the East Coast launch of Baby Gagoo in Staten Island. (To read more about the launch: ) I LOVED seeing the kids’ reactions to the cute clothes, beanie hats and Gagoo & Fat Kat! The kids LOVED the characters, loved the clothes, in fact one little girl said that she loved the jammies that she had on and “They made her feel like she was at home.” SO CUTE!

I’ve learned so much during this past year about truly giving back. Whether you have a lot to give or maybe just a little bit, if everyone gave what they could, you can make a difference in someone’s life and possibly change their course. Kindness comes in many wonderful shapes and forms… How about in a beautiful, soft pair of jammies? 🙂

So, when you’re working on your holiday shopping list, maybe throw in a pair or two of jammies.. Even if you just donated both pairs… I promise you’ll feel great in doing it and be happy to know there’s a child wearing them who will appreciate the gesture more than you’ll ever know.

Please give yourself about 4 weeks lead time when you place your order (if you’d like it under your tree or to give as a gift for Hanukkah or a birthday), remember, everything is made when you place the order. 🙂

It’s okay to be…. thinking about the holidays!

xo~ Ro