SKater’s Paradise!!!

 made a HUGE decision and we’ve weighed this very heavily for the past few days.

As of today, The S&B Haven will become SKater’s Paradise.

The reasons we have are these….

SKate ROCKS (Have you seen their connection? WOW)! SKate brings in AWESOME ratings (ok, they are working on this), SKate are ENDGAME and SKate are LOVE. SO AMAZING!!! We are LOVING SKate and SCONNIE!

We know some of you are confused and have questions but, we assure you, this is the right direction for all S&Bers! We hop on the bandwagon, we toot the horns of others who have tried in vein to get us to come over to their dark side and we have some fun! Maybe take up some trumpet lessons or learn to ice skate this year! It will be FAB!

Sonny has inspired us tremendously to just go with the flow and take whoever comes our way and change the board as he changes true loves! Why not? We keep hearing about how Kate came first, so now we can honor that!

It will be great! We can campaign and gush over the hotness! Which character do you like best? Connie or Kate? Who do you think Sonny would love more? Safe Kate or WILD Connie? Should Sonny persue the trumpet again or take more ice skating lessons? These are things we can discuss on the board in GREAT detail! I can’t wait!!!




Still with me?……….






Don’t worry, everything will remain the same…This was a JOKE…. The Sonny and Brenda Haven will continue for as long as you all are still interested in our beautiful couple and for as long as you all wish to talk about them, remember them and gush about their chemistry. We will never, ever become any type of SKate anything. Happy April Fool’s Day a day early and we hope we didn’t give anyone a heart attack! 🙂

TTFN xoxo~Ro and Lo…. #RoLoForever


hahhahahahhahahha… We know it was not nice but we couldn’t resist! hahahhahahhaha


#TeamLA part 2

*Disclaimer: I may be out of sequence about how some things happened, only because the day was SO overwhelming & beyond my expectations! So please forgive me, #Team!! 🙂 xo

We were expected at Prospect Studios between 11:00 and 11:30am. A few of the girls arrived early and were waiting in the green room. Those lucky girls were treated to Maurice, Jason, Dominic and Ronnie stopping by for a quick “hi.” We walked into the studio building and were directed to the green room where we were told that we just missed those guys. BUT Ronnie happened to still be around so I introduced myself and my friend, Alberta, the lobster. Now, Ronnie has met Alberta before and he recognized her right away. Dominic has walked back in to say hi and we walked over to where I was standing with the lobster and asked them to take a picture with it. They were happy to do so and decided to be fresh with her. I’m sure Alberta was amused. 🙂

Here Ronnie is wearing Melissa’s bangs! He was such a great and amazing sport! We thank him from the bottom of our heats! So funny!! haha

Nancy had come in dressed in a gorgeous black, dressy suit. She looked classy and smart. We were quite happy to see her as she was happy to see us. I’m sure the sight of 15 of us was a bit overwhelming but she managed us quite nicely. we took pictures with Jason Thompson, Kelly Sullivan, Laura Wright, Chad Duell, Maurice Benard and Nancy Lee Grahn. They all posed with the lobster, posed with my friends and were all so, so gracious and kind to us. We were kind and open with all of them and it was so refreshing to see them in person.

Nancy and Maurice sat and talked with us about the show and it’s status, what we like and don’t like. Honestly, folks, even though we are S&Bers, we did not harp on that nor did we continually say we hated Skate. We spoke about the show on a whole. :::In my opinion, we are so lucky to have something we like and dislike. We have something to talk about on Twitter and the boards. If something should happen to our show, then… no more anything to argue about or have fun with.::: When I met Kelly, I did say that I was not a Kate fan, but I do enjoy Connie. Which, I do. I’m interested in Connie where I have had no use for Kate in the past. She was super sweet and I enjoyed meeting her. I must say, meeting all the actors I did, was a truly wonderful experience. It was fulfilling in a way I couldn’t ever imagine before.

Oh, and can I just say Jason Thompson is hot?! Wow! All of our GH men are HOT as HELL in person!!

Michelle Henry (I hope I remember her name right!) stopped by to meet us. She’s one of the producers from the show and she’s been there for 14 years. I must say she was so sweet to us and spoke to all of us, answered questions and was an all around great person. What was so fantastic about her was the way she was interested in us, our viewing habits and how we loved the show. I’m definitely a Michelle fan!

Frank Valentini stopped in and spent about 20 minutes or so with us. He asked us about how we felt about the show and flashed his sexy smile at us several times. This is the thing about Frank, he’s young, hip, embraces social media and is really trying to save the show. He is curious to see what we think (all of us, all fanbases) and is genuinely trying to make the necessary changes to make the show work. ::My opinion:: Everything takes time. A lot of us, fans of GH, are impatient. Things/changes can’t happen overnight because so much was previously written & needs to play out. There’s only so many tweaks and changes that a writer can do to a story that is already in motion. A lot of the time, just the endings can be changed .:: Anyway, Frank is super, love him, I think he’s smart and pretty sexy. Go FRANK!! 🙂

Oh, and Maurice? That sexy, hot man? He spent some time with us but had a fairly busy shooting schedule that day. He joked around with us and hung out with Nancy as we all chit chatted. He is so gracious, funny, sweet and kind to his fans. I think I fell head over heels in love with him again. It’s the third time this year! I’m sure Paula falls in love with him each day when he flashes those sexy dimples at her! Lucky woman!!

We took a walk over to hair and make-up and saw all the stations, which are decorated with a zillion pictures of past and current members of the cast. It was like taking a walk down memory lane! I loved seeing John Stamos on the wall, along with Luke and ALL his Lucky’s, The old GH posters, our Vanessa, Amber, Lindze, Stuart and on and on. That room is such a special place! The make up artists were so nice and friendly toward us. I’m so happy we met them and saw that room. It was amazing!

We went back into the green room for a moment and Deb, Vanessa’s assistant arrived with pizza and the news that Vanessa couldn’t make it, due to Kassius’s birthday. We all spoke with Deb, who is FAB, by the way! So sweet and so nice to us. I can see why Vanessa would want her as her assistant, she’s a kind person. Anyway, while we were talking to her and we all sat to start eating pizza, Maurice & Nancy sat down to talk to us  about the show, when Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo and Suzanne Whang, our Queen Cockwaffle, arrived and surprised us! We were so happy to see them and Maurice was quite happy to see her, he kind of stepped over his chair in a hurry to properly greet Vanessa. It was AWESOME!! Huge bear hug and kiss. 🙂 (For us S&Bers, that move right there made our day complete!)

I was quite happy to see Vanessa again. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. There is just *something* awesome and peaceful about her spirit. I am thrilled for my girls to have met her and had the opportunity to speak with her. Personally, I’d love for all my friends to experience what I have experienced already. I love to see people happy, so I stepped back and watched the happiness on their faces. It filled my heart with joy!

Vanessa and Suzanne hung out with us for a bit, chit chatted and were gracious and kind to each of us. Kelly Sullivan poked her head in again to say hi and she and Vanessa hugged. It was really nice to see that the actors DO like each other. Laura Wright stopped in during this time and she was so sweet and gracious with all of us. She is tall and beautiful in person. I loved her as Ally Rescott on Loving so it was really great to finally meet her in person. She and Vanessa hugged, too and were happy to see each other.

Suzanne Whang is a true inspiration and not only because of her illness but made our whole journey meaningful and special. Seeing her again made everything we went through worth it. We HELPED her. We made a difference in someone’s life and it was an empowering, beautiful moment. I wish her good health, much success and I pray I see her again someday. She is such a strong, powerful presence. I know I love her and am thankful to have been part of helping her.


After some of the girls had taken pictures with Vanessa and Laura, Nancy took us around to look at all the dressing room doors. Which were awesome by the way! Some doors were decorated more than others but just to see the names on the doors were AMAZING and kind of mind-blowing.

The energy in the building was a good, high energy, happy and creative feeling. People were happy to be at work and happy to be around each other. It was a GREAT time and we were having a blast… AND, we really hadn’t left that green room!! Hahaha… easy to please, I tell ya!

We came back to the green room and Nancy’s scene was called so we had to promise to be quiet and we followed her up to the studio. We went in and the sets are amazing! I can’t tell you much about what we saw or anything like that but I can say that the group of us sat in Jason’s Penthouse for the scene we saw. Everything is laid out smaller in person. The camera makes all the sets seem so much bigger! The crew were so professional and did such a great job. I was in awe of their work and the sheer amount of people who make our show happen! Honestly, they do a fantastic job to make everything seem seemless and the actors are quite talented and it was so interesting to see what they do best, live right in front of us. hands down most interesting day of my life.

Once the scene was done, Nancy took us around to see the other sets, I saw Sonny’s house, which was awesome and incredible to see in person. Not only as a S&B fan, but a GH fan on a whole, this experience made my year. It made dreams come true, not just for me, but for each person in my group. Some of them had never met any of the cast before. Some did. But, no matter how you looked at it, dreams happened that day, they came true, happiness was abounding and a renewal of love for the show that started it all for us, was renewed! The day was glorious and for a few, it was about to get better!

Nancy took us out a different door and we saw the commissary entrance, we walked outside a bit and she took us over to the Grey’s Anatomy set. There, things got VERY interesting, especially for Melissa. (By the way, Melissa was the most outspoken of our group!) We there saw McSteamy and Karev outside on a break! Needless to say, I think they were a little afraid of the pack of us. We really were a huge group. haha

We went back inside where we said good-bye to Vanessa and Suzanne. They again, were so sweet to my girls. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I was for all of my girls on this day! It was an amazing experience for all of us. We had a blast, met some AMAZING people and had a lifetime memory created. They left and Maurice came in, wearing his street clothes. He took a couple more pictures, thanked us for coming and then left. 

We were leaving the studio and Nancy took group pictures with us outside in front of the GH sign. (I will have that pic tomorrow or Thursday… JUST WAIT until you see some of the Team’s pics I’ll be posting this week!! eeeeee) We all said thank you and good-bye to her. I personally think she is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I cannot say enough about Nancy! I could go on and on about how fantastic she really is for a very, very long time and it still wouldn’t cover it! My only suggestion is to go to one of her events and please meet her in person! She is a DOLL and when I finally grow up, I’d like to be Nancy Lee Grahn. She is smart, funny, sexy, out going and over all, fantastic!

Nancy waved Bye to us as she walked back into the building.

We had an amazing day at General Hospital. We had dreams come true, new dreams that started that day and left the studio with hope, faith and better understanding of our favorite show. It was a gift, not just for Suzanne, whom we helped with our donation/raffle win, but for us, we were part of something special at the studio that day. I learned that we are part of something special as viewers and fans at home. We help make the show happen. If it isn’t for us, watching, loving, supporting… Even bitching, hating and having fan wars, what they do each day wouldn’t be WORTH it. We are all part of a circle. We have a powerful voice and are all so loyal… Gosh, even the haters because once we stop talking about the show, there’s no reason for it to continue. So keep talking, support the show in any way you possibly can. Be nice to the actors, they have feelings just like the rest of us and don’t deserve any bashing (characters are a different story), but they ALL deserve our support. They work hard, entertain us and are over all, amazing people. I for one, am so glad I met everyone I did. I think they are all wonderful people, just like us.

HUGE Thank you to Nancy, Frank, Maurice, Vanessa and everyone else we had the absolute pleasure to meet on that AMAZING Thursday in LA. We think all of you are beautiful, smart, funny and fantastic… Thanks for making dreams come true that day. We love you all for everything!! xo

Part 3 will be tomorrow or Thursday… Stay tuned!! Look for a huge picture post coming soon, too!! I also hope that any of the girls who were with me would write maybe some of THEIR memories in the comments section for me… 🙂

TTFN xoxo~Ro

#TeamLA part 1

My journey this time started with a DM on Twitter from my friend Sue, who asked me if I’d like to come back to L.A. for a GH set tour. It was a very early Sunday morning and I didn’t hesitate with my response, it was an immediate “EEEEEEEEEE and YES!!” I then embarked on raising the funds so I could go and because of my #Team and many of you, I was able to join 14 of my friends, who are now like sisters to me, on a trip of a lifetime. I cannot even properly express my gratitude to any of you who helped me go. I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. It was an incredible few days and my memories will last forever. xo

Our road was not always easy but looking back on it, with everything we went through to get there, we had fun planning, the time flew by and we bonded in a unbelievable way. I also realized through these past 5-6 months that no matter how you plan and want things to go, things rarely work out that way, especially when 15 people are involved! But, everything happens for a reason, even if we are never to know or understand the reasons behind things.  Our trip was worth it in so many different ways. It was amazing!

I decided that I would only be gone 4 days. 2 days of travel and 2 days there. I’m never in LA long enough to REALLY experience it or even see any of the touristy things. But, it’s all good. I’m usually on a mission! Because of all my work with the board, twitter and my blog, it almost feels like a business trip. Weird, but true!  

Almost 2 weeks ago I received a package in the mail, a very precious package mind you, from my friend, Karen. You all may know her as The Wub Queen, @Wubsnet or maybe just Wubs.  I opened the box to find a marvelous lobster, named Alberta, who has had many GH adventures in the past. My trip was finally becoming real now that my travelling companion arrived!

My husband took the week off from work and his parents arrived from North Carolina on the Sunday before I left for reinforcements. You know, some men just can’t be alone for too long with their own kids… Makes me wonder how I survive some of my endless days.. Oh well! Anyway, everything was falling into place and I just had to pack. I took a few shirts and pants along with me and packed a small duffel bag. Ready to go!

I left Newark Airport at 10:30 am on Wednesday, March 14 and flew across country, very few clouds in the sky that day. I could see land almost the whole way! Crazy, right? It was really quite surreal to see all that I did along my way. Almost always when I get to travel,  it’s cloudy and there’s some sort of weather everywhere or it’s dark.

I landed 30 minutes early and met Samara at LAX. We had met one other time at Vanessa’s FCW Gagoo Bash over the summer. Can I just tell you all this, I absolutely ADORE all my girls. I just LOVE them and I felt that way BEFORE I met them.. So, anyway, before I continue the love fest, Samara and I got to her rental car and drove to  Hollywood where our hotel was located. I had stayed at the same hotel last summer

We met up with some of our friends who arrived earlier or just after us and drank some wine in our room. The energy of everyone, all my Twitter friends (well, not all.. I think we’d all fill the hotel and maybe a second one if ALL my Twitter friends were there, hehe… We should try that one day!) had a fantastic time getting to know each other in person. One of the BEST things was the fact we did know so much about each other and we behaved as if we were all old friends who get together once or twice a year. I suppose it’s the same type of feeling sorority sisters must feel when they get together. Also, I must say it is quite exhilarating to be with a group of people and talk about GH/S&B from morning until night and all over again the next day with not one person rolling their eyes or having their eyes glaze over due to the subject! Yes, we spoke about other things, too but somehow, we always got back to GH and of course, our FAVORITE topic, S&B. ❤

We all went out for dinner to Saddle Ranch Chop House, where after many drinks and celebrating Britni’s birthday, both Melissa and Britni rode the bull. hahaha… This bull was featured in Desperate Housewives and in Sex and the City. Our Twitter friend, Michelle, aka, @Dimplesfan, lives out there so she met us out! It was really great to see her again, too. We all had an amazing time together!  I must say, those two on the bull had to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life! Well, ok, there is something funnier, actually and I’d have to say it would be about my friend Melissa and her crazy bangs. FYI, they are removable and hysterical. Someone famous we met during our trip even wore them! haha

I must tell you all about my girls! They are all unbelievably beautiful, smart, very funny, creative and just simply amazing! They just blew my mind with how incredible they all are. You know, we all get to know each other through the gift of Twitter but, to be with everyone in person is special for sure. I hope each one of them knows how much I love them and appreciate the time we spent together. I look forward to seeing them all again! I will never, ever forget our time together and cannot imagine experiencing what we did with anyone else. We worked very well together as a huge group and it was great!! So proud of every one and very honored to call them my friends. xo

I bet you’re wondering when I’ll get to the “good” stuff.. Don’t worry, it’s coming. You always have to start somewhere and I chose the beginning. Sometimes it’s really good to look back to see where you’ve been so you can see how far you’ve really come, especially after just a few days of mind-blowing experiences!

Tomorrow’s blog will be all about:

TTFN xoxo~Ro


#TeamLA consists of: Nikki, Mandy, Benal, Sylvia, Amanda, Melissa, Rachel, Samara, Sue, Anna, Michelle, Lisa, Julie, Britni and me. 🙂

I will also put up our pictures through out the blog(s) and in a separate just pictures post later in the week. 🙂

L.A. Bound!!

Finally, the time has come and on Wednesday, I’m joining a #Team of S&Bers for a fantastic, whirlwind trip to L.A.!! We are going on a set tour and having a few days together! I’ll be full of stories, a recap and tons of pictures next week for you all to enjoy… I also have a stow-away with me and her name is Alberta Wubs! You may know her if you ever check out the Wub Queen’s web page: Be sure to click on her spoiler page and hit one of the ads, you needn’t buy anything…. Just so you know, Karen is giving proceeds to Gagoo Jammies this month.

ANYWAY… Goin’ to L.A. and I’d like to thank you all for helping me out in going… It never would have happened without you all helping me. I really appreciate it and I will do my absolute best to absorb everything and share every moment with you. Love you all… xoxox

I hope Robin’s funeral is written with respect of history , compassion for the fans and gives everyone a sense of closure or maybe will open up a new storyline for the future. This may not be an ending of sorts, but may be a new beginning that may lead us to a happy ending down the road. You all know me, I’m an eternal optimist…

Have fun this week, I’m sure I’ll tweet some….

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Robin’s Death

“Hi! I’m Robin!”

I remember the very first time I saw Robin I was about 12 years old. I could not believe how cute she was with her brown curly hair, big brown eyes and how she just fit in without missing a beat on GH! I loved how Kimberly just worked with Tristan, Emma and eventually Finola.. So naturally, as if she truly belonged to these people. I watched this little spitfire grow up into a beautiful woman, poised, graceful, smart and respected by her peers.

One of the best parts of the character of Robin is the fact she was never recast, never replaced, always original recipe. For a soap opera character, that is amazing! The history Kimberly carries, as Robin, is a treasure trove of the very rich past she has had on the show. Not many people can carry all those memories with them of a show that has gone through many transitions, on-screen and behind the scenes!

The death of the character of Robin Scorpio-Drake was a turning point in the show. It marked the end of one regime; Kimberly’s exit was being planned for quite some time; and the beginning of another. Originally, Robin was to die of AIDS. Lisa had changed Robin’s meds and the cocktail was no longer working. That was what GW & his team wanted for Robin. But, when RC & crew took over, things were changed for Robin’s fate. Robin’s meds were working again, she was happy and healthy. She was working on a new drug protocol for Jason. Unfortunately, due to interruptions and a mistaken flip of a switch by Maxie, a tragedy occurred in the lab Robin was working in. Patrick had passed out because of escaping fumes and also knocked something over as he stumbled and fell. Robin came upon him and pulled him out of the room. Patrick came to and Robin told him she loved him before she ran back into the lab to rescue Jason’s completed protocol. Unfortunately, the door locked behind Robin, to contain the fumes and any fire that may happen with Robin, stuck in that room. We had a tearful goodbye between Robin and Patrick before Robin was overcome by the fumes, smoke and eventually, the fire.

We never saw Robin’s charred remains. We don’t know what happened in the few moments the room was filled with smoke. There could have been a switch of some sort. Maybe our brave, heroine is still alive somewhere, being held hostage by an enemy of her parents or maybe it’s someone else…

All I know is this, since Robin died, we have had amazing, powerhouse scenes from Anna, Robert, Mac, Sonny and, of course, Patrick. They have done amazing work with those fall out scenes! Finola, Tristan, John, Maurice and Jason have played their bereavement very realistically and their interactions have been as if they’ve worked together daily for the past 10 years. Bravo to the cast!

I did wish someone would have brought up Brenda in all of this, but I understand, this is not a Sonny and Brenda story. this is about Robin and her family. I hope at some point Brenda’s name is brought up, even just to say that someone spoke to her off-screen.

I have hope in my heart that in a few months, our Robin will be found, safe and sound… somewhere.. Maybe being held by Faison? Maybe Casey the Alien needed her again? Hehe, who knows… But what I do know is that Kimberly is an amazing spirit and will be missed tremendously by all of us who have loved her and the character of Robin, whom she brought to life all those years ago.

Thank you, Kimberly for all your amazing years. Thank you for helping to keep Robin true to her character. Good luck on your new ventures, good luck with your future! I know you will do great!

TTFN xoxo~Ro

It’s Maurice’s Birthday!

March 1 is a very special day! It is Maurice Benard’s birthday!

Stop by his Twitter page and show him some love and give him fantastic birthday wishes!


We, at The Sonny and Brenda Haven wish Maurice a very happy day full of love, happiness, great health and much success in the future! Thank you for all years as our loveable mobster, Sonny Corinthos. We have loved you for 18 years.. No matter who your pairing is with, we love YOU and we think you are one amazing, talented, HOT guy! Thank you for always being you, wonderful, funny, sexy and smart. We love you!! Happy Birthday!

TTFN xoxo~Ro