A Simple Twist of the Pen

Bob Guza made a huge mess of things for S&B. He made such a mess, we couldn’t imagine what or how the repair could be or happen. Thank goodness that Guza is gone because instead of a recovery story, we’d have Sonny sleeping with Carly and, or every other available female, all the while not caring about Brenda. While this is painful and full of hurt, we know now, without a shadow of a doubt that Sonny loves Brenda with all of his being and that’s all thanks to the twist of Garin Wolf’s pen. He was a God-send for this destructive storyline started in April.

Yesterday and today clued Sonny and Brenda fans into the fact Sonny has been off of his meds for 3 months. Sonny trashed their bedroom and smashed their wedding picture. That happened to be around the time Robin had stopped by to see Sonny and drop off Brenda’s note. Sonny was none too pleased to see her & he had it out with her. She remained calm and tried to talk to him. She explained why Brenda left and that Jax was her friend, too… Then Sonny asked her to choose.. Jax or him.

After commercial, we came back to them and it turned even more serious if you can believe it when Robin found his full bottle of pills, unopened from 3 months ago. She became Dr. Robin for a moment and advised him to take his meds again and to get help. Then she left.

 Those were quite powerful scenes yesterday. They made some of us cry because we all love Sonny and he is hurting. He doesn’t understand WHY Brenda left because his head is clouded in illness and jealously, along with a huge dash of hurt. This isn’t one of the only times where Sonny has been destroyed by loss, but this time is quite significant. Because this is a loss of his own making.

It started 3 months ago was when Lucian came to live with Sonny and Brenda. Things were still good, Brenda came first for Sonny, not Carly and her daughter but his wife. He was happy and content… Probably happy and content enough to stop taking the pills. It was a mistake. His demeanor changed, we knew he loved Brenda but his passion for her changed slightly. We noticed a difference and that was around the time we saw Brenda detaching herself from Sonny. She was detaching because she sensed something was wrong with Sonny, she even called him out on it a time or two. But, Brenda didn’t have knowledge of the depth of Sonny’s illness. She wasn’t aware of the warning signs.. Honestly, neither were we. We were just as hurt and blindsided as Brenda was with Sonny’s behavior.

Today, Jason stopped by to see Sonny. He brought up Brenda and Sonny called her a “Bitch.” He also asked Jason to not mention her again. He spoke about his hurt, how much he loved her and how his life was meaningless without her. Sonny ranted about how Brenda left with Jax and how they were together. Jason stepped up to the plate and told him, “No Sonny, you may not want to hear this but, Brenda did not leave with Jax… She just left.”

Jason also realized that Sonny was having an episode and needed his meds. Jason advised Sonny to get back on track, take your meds and it’s over. The threat of Anthony Zaccara is looming in on Sonny’s business and he will use Sonny’s illness and a weakness and go in for the kill. Sonny is very vulnerable right now. Such a bad spot! Jason was so kind a patient with him. It was beautiful to see the two friends together. Even though Sonny wasn’t quite receptive to Jason’s help, the fact Jason could sit through Sonny’s painful, destructive behavior and remain calm, caring and his friend… was amazing to see. Most powerful Sonny and Jason scene in a long time.

After Jason left, Sonny looked at Brenda’s envelope and considered it for a moment.. Then he tore it up & threw it away. He then took a pill with a bottle of water & left the bedroom.

Sonny’s true love left him. Brenda is gone, in Rome with her little boy. The move she made was out of love both for her son and her husband. If she sensed there was something wrong, her instinct would tell her to run. She left because she was put last & wasn’t allowed in to Sonny’s life. He allowed her in until April. She knew that the business is dangerous. That was not a shock but the fact that Sonny dismissed her fears until the end and chose power over love was it for Brenda. Brenda was fuming over what Sonny did to Jax and Sonny choosing Carly instead of their marriage. Again, Brenda was not always right. She allowed her fears and insecurity to get the better of her. This allowed the rest to manifest itself & for distrust on both sides to grow.

Now is that hard part for Sonny, Sonny fans and SnBers… Sonny has to hit rock bottom and then scrape himself off the floor and help himself. It will take more than today’s start of taking his meds. He needs to get treatment and discover about himself why he felt Brenda’s love could cure him of this illness. Love can’t heal anything but its a start. Let’s hope Sonny learns to love himself and accept he needs the help of meds to balance him before he decides to love anyone else, including Brenda. If he doesn’t love and respect himself, he can’t have love and respect in a relationship.

The road for our Sonny and Brenda has never been easy. There is ALWAYS a curve ball. But, now we have an explaination to help us through. Our next hurdle after we start Sonny’s recovery process, which should take some time, will be Kate. I believe she’ll be a bump in the road and nothing more. Brenda has Jax as her friend and Sonny, well… he will have Kate. She will help restore Sonny and help him to be better, better for himself and better for Brenda. We just have to get through it without throwing up. hehe We can do it… It’s what SnBers do. We remain positive and look for rainbows in the storm.

TTFN xoxo Ro

Hang in there!



13 responses

  1. Beautiful as always Ro.. You put into words what we are all thinking and feeling. We are all hurting now. Thank you so very much.

  2. As always your Blog is right on the money! I was sickened to hear Sonny call Brenda a bitch! Now that we know he hasn’t been on his meds I can understand it a little better! I noticed he didn’t tear the letter into little pieces! Hope this means he will be able to piece it together! Thanks Ro for making me feel a little better!

  3. omg!!!!!!!!!!!That is a such a wonderful explanation of what the eeffff happened. Thank God for Garin. I was sooooooooooo disgusted how Guza wrote my S&B had to stop watching. I haven’t watched GH since July 21 but I will be tuning in now. Thanks for bringing me back to S&B…. She always comes back….. On the S&B bus till the wheels fall off.

  4. Great Blog Ro… GH writers, take note: This is how you write when you are passionate about something. Beautifully thought out and even more beautifully written Ro. I felt your passion.
    Thank you,

  5. Ro, we are going to be needing you!! Checklist for getting by until Brenda comes back: 1. Ro’s blogs 2. Pepto-bismol for Sonny’s whores 3. Voodoo doll for Sonny’s whores 4. Tweets from VMG.
    We are going to make it through!! 🙂

  6. Another great blog Ro! The reveal about the meds was huge & now makes sense regarding Sonny behavior. I feel much better now knowing this & have great hope for SnB. They are endgame as always!

  7. Thanks Ro! I follow you on Twitter and sonnyandbrenda.com. I was so happy to read about your experience meeting Vanessa and Maurice and fellow SnBers. It’s amazing how you connected with Vanessa and how she made your dreams come true. You’re a lucky gal!! I have been a fan of GH and most importantly SnB since the beginning. I was young when I started following them, (not so much now) but there love story will go down in record books. It fascinates me as it does to so many us fans. You write a great blog and I always agree with everything you say and you’re comical, too! I’m a Carly hater also! Thanks for keeping us updated and always on top of GH. Here’s to hoping for a Brenda return soon!!! 🙂

  8. Ro, you are simply amazing. I love your blog including your in depth analyses of sonny and brenda’s relationship and its unfortunate (temporary) ending. I can not bare to watch sonny with a new love because he and brenda were perfect for each other including flaws. Though I was very unhappy with Guza’s storyline for sonny and brenda, there were some great scenes that I will always cherish. Please keep up the great work for the sonny and brenda forum.

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