1 year ago…

Last August 10, we at the Sonny and Brenda Forum were so excited! A year ahead full of promise, intrigue, passion, adventure and love. We had it all as a fanbase last year and we were so excited! From the very first promos, media net images and the Brenda filled GH episodes aired in anticipation of her return; we were on cloud 9.

How do you describe one of your fondest wishes coming true? How do you articulate the feeling of euphoria when it was let out that Brenda was coming back to be with Sonny? As a fan base, all we could do was EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I know it isn’t a word but we have made it into our favorite Brenda squeal that we use when we are very excited!

At this time last year we could barely contain ourselves… We posted pics everywhere, along with YT vids where ever we could. We did the daily countdown to Brenda along with ABC. We had huge hopes but a black rain cloud was hanging over our heads, called Guza. So, we took everything with a grain of salt, and enjoyed what we were given.

We spent the majority of last summer so excited and most of us (I included!!) wished the summer away so it could be August 11 already! It did fly by and soon it was the eve of the episode we were long waiting for.

So, tomorrow, on the anniversary of our girl’s comeback, I’ll blog about her return and maybe touch upon some of the high points on Vanessa’s visit.

TTFN xoxox~Ro



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  1. Can’t believe a year has come and gone already. Will look forward to reading your blog tomorrow and reliving one of the best year’s in a long time albeit under Guza’s pen. We are SnB fans and we can take anything and wait for as long as it takes, ride any wave, because we know the truth. SnB, MnV, are, endgame.

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